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Why do we make wishes at 11:11?

We’ve all done it. You have too. You glance over at the clock just as it strikes 11:11, you close your eyes and make a wish. You don’t even tell anyone what you wished for, because as you know, your wish then wouldn’t come. Have you ever wondered why we do this? Have... read more

5 Ways to Heal Your Soul Using Crystals

Using tools with your spiritual practice allows you to easily work with other dimensions and surrounding energies. Crystals are used for powerful practices and are applied for different needs. The makeup of crystals allows them to both absorb and reflect surrounding... read more

Releasing Energy Blocks from Your Aura

Maybe you can relate to a scenario in your past where you had a burning desire to achieve a goal or fulfill a dream. Short of finishing your task, something stopped you from the next steps. Many lose windows of opportunity or simply don’t feel complete through their... read more

The Power of Numerology

Is there synchronicity or coincidence in numbers and our lives? Many believe that we are given a name, birthdate and other information with no relevancy. More ancient cultures look at the deeper significance of who we are and how this relates to our soul purpose as... read more

Is Astrology A Guide To Your Life Path?

The greatest mystery to unravel is who you really are. Knowing your spiritual and soul blueprint also helps you to find happiness and peace in your life. Luckily, we are given guidelines along the way to assist with knowing more of who we are and what we are meant to... read more

Making Better Life Decisions With iChing

When you were a child, making decisions was easy. You took out a coin and guessed whether it would be heads or tails. That would give a clear indication of what you needed to do. This simple guidance is something which formulated from the iChing, an ancient Chinese... read more

How Spiritual Mediums Connect to Astral Spirits

The movie “Ghost” began the popular question of mediums and whether they could connect to the dead. Many believed the ability to deduct facts based on body language created the breakthroughs and illusion that someone speaking with the dead. However, beyond the known... read more

3 Methods Of Amplifying Abundance Through Meditation

Everyone has an infinite power and gift to create what they want and need in this lifetime. Learning to create and manifest what you want is dependent on your mind power and projection. It is also dependent on how you resonate and vibrate in relation to your initial... read more

How Your Chakras Influence Your Health

Too often, we become ill, believing it is the environment around us that changes our health. However, there are many people who have never become sick. Any illness is a dis-ease, meant that one is not in ease, or comfort, with their etheric body. Your chakras are the... read more

The Ancient Rituals of Hawaii: Rites of Passage

The most important thing you can do in this life when you are on a spiritual journey is to know who you are and what your purpose is. Understanding your blueprint and what you are meant to do in this life allows you to positively carry out your purpose and desires in... read more

3 Types of Vortexes for Awakening

The Earth grid offers spiritual tools from vibratory fields that you can tune into for realization, transformation and awakening. These power centers have accumulated energy to assist in re-aligning our etheric and spiritual bodies to our true self. However, not all... read more