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4 Unique Ways To Work With Your Archetype

So, you’ve discovered your predominant Archetype and the resemblances are uncanny, but how do you work with it to gain a deeper relationship? Here are four ways that you can work with your Archetype to broaden your horizons (who said you could only do that through... read more

Divination And Synchronicity: A Tale Of Two Differences

Harnessing the power of divination, or synchronicity can seem to be magical. But is it real? And what’s the difference? Here’s what we know; Whether it’s deja’vu, a chance encounter, or just life, there always seems to be some kind of force that keeps us where... read more

Conscious Versus The Unconscious Mind – The Lowdown

We receive ten to the power of eleven bits of information every second into our minds (this much; 10,00000000000) but our minds can only process around one hundred and fifty thousand bits of information every second (150000). To process this information, our mind... read more

Astrological Elements And Their Meanings

Most of us are familiar with a basic understanding of Astrology, we usually know what our astrological signs are, and how they relate to our personality, and experiences of life. However, there are some lesser known aspects in Astrology that enhance our understanding... read more

3 Ways That Unlocking Your ‘Self’ Will Bring You Peace

We all have hidden sides, aspects of our ‘self’ that do not create a smooth experience of life, or a sense of completeness for us. Aspects where, for an unknown reason that we are challenged, or in some cases driven to explore and expose. We all want peace,... read more

The Archetypal Stages of Life

Life, as we know it, is a process with no definite destination. It is essentially a journey of growth and development, and each of us will embark on different paths that lead to different outcomes.

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