Dear ,

If you’ve made it here, then congratulations! Because this means that your archetype is the Caregiver! But what does this actually mean? Don’t worry, everything you need to know will be on this page. Stick to the end of it and I promise that you’ll experience something truly magical.

The Archetypal Identifier that you’ve recently used is designed to help you uncover your personality profile... Or, what we also know as your archetype - an in-depth examination of your entire being...

Your tendencies, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your innate personality traits.

You must have guessed it by now, ...

Yes, you can use this information to make astronomical changes in your life!

You can use it to leverage on your strengths to attain your goals and ambitions...

You can use it to identify and re-construct your weaknesses...

And of course, you can use it to embark on the life that you've always dreamed of...

But before we get into that, I want to share with you a little bit about your archetype, The Caregiver, and what it means...

, You Are The Caregiver - And This Is What It Means...

, you are an individual who posseses great capacities of love... An individual whose sole purpose is to give large chunks of yourself to others.

That being said, you truly are a unique individual, ... And needless to say, the world certainly needs more people like you.

And despite your seemingly simple appearances, you're definitely a whole lot smarter than you make yourself out to be. In other words, because of your archetype, there's no doubt that you possess a profound level of intelligence...

...A level of intelligence that is not merely limited to academics.

But... Because of your humble and mild-mannered nature, you'd very much prefer to hide that specific trait about you.

You'd very much rather be underestimated than overestimated, isn't that right, ?

You're also deeply sensitive when it comes to other's emotions - your emotional quotient amongst the highest in the archetypes... Allowing you to experience the pains, struggles, and happiness of others...

Your selflessness comes unparalleled, . You're always so ready to give to others - whether its in the form of time through volunteering, in the form of money through donations, or even in the form of simple acts of love through listening to another's sorrows.

And unlike others, you're not picky when it comes to who you choose to give to. It doesn't matter to you, does it? Whether it's giving to loved ones, acquaintances, and often times, even strangers.

You might not be aware of this, ... But your generosity does not go unnoticed. In fact, it inspires and encourages literally every one around you.

And that's why the world needs more people like you, ...

As A Caregiver, These Are Your Hidden Strengths, Unknown Tendencies, And Positive Attributes That You Wouldn't Expect...

, your archetype has a magnetizing personality... One that draws respect and admiration from your s and loved ones.

It's no wonder that people are always looking towards you whenever they need a listening ear.

And unlike other archetypes, you're not one to have massive circles of friends. But that does not mean to say that you have trouble with making friends, .

In fact, it's quite the contrary. The other archetypes often find themselves drawn to your calm and tender presence.

You are, however, a little bit selective when it comes to who you choose to let into your life.

You prefer to keep your loved ones close, and your circle of friends small.

Amongst the people who know you best, you're often seen as a parental figure... Someone that they look to for guidance and advice.

, this gives rise to your natural inclination to teach others, as you draw energy from imparting knowledge to those around you.

Caregivers often find the greatest amounts of fulfillment in careers that involve a lot of teaching and guiding, and nurturing.

Despite your mild-mannered character, there's a fierceness that resides deep within you. A fierceness that's only revealed when you have to protect the people you care deeply about - especially your children.

You're willing to give everything and anything it takes to keep them safe from harm.

But there are obstacles that stand before you... Obstacles that you must be made aware of...

Unfortunately, Not All Is Smooth-Sailing For The Magnanimous Caregiver, ... These Are The Shortcomings You Must Look Out For.

This portion of your Archetypal Introduction does not seek to scare you, ... But it's best that you be made aware of the potential challenges that lie ahead of you - or perhaps you've encountered some of these challenges already.

However, I have no doubt that with your strengths, resilience, and fortitude, you will overcome all that stands in your way, .

You see, because of your sympathetic and giving nature, your actions are highly prone to being misunderstood - misinterpreted, even.

At times, others might be cynical of your good intentions. At times, they might even tarnish your reputation by spreading false rumours about you.

Bullies have their eye on you, - cowards who have to rely on throwing their weight around to make themselves feel strong.

Don't let that discourage you, . You are far stronger than they are, and in eventuality, you will be recognized for the altruistic and giving individual that you are.

After all, you are the one who keeps the world grounded in sympathy and empathy, by spreading your kindness and joy to everyone around you.

In the face of wicked hearts and selfishness, your heart of purity and kindness will prevail, .

, As A Caregiver, This Is Your Calling And Direction In Life... And It's Beyond Your Wildest Imaginations.

, you tend to concern yourself with acts of sharing. You’re always happy to share your knowledge, wisdom and experiences with those around you. That is where you derive fulfilment from. The more you share, the more you express care for others, the happier you seem to be.

However, , that can make you dependent on others for your own happiness. And that is something that you need to be careful of.

At times, it might feel as if you’re living your life for others. That’s not what you want, . You want to live life for yourself. You want to love yourself. When you’re able to do that, success and the life of your dreams will follow. And that’s what Individuation aims to teach you.

, Here's A Glimpse Into Your Love Compatibility With Other Archetypes...

, do you see that chart on top? That little chart over there represents the archetypes that you’re most likely to end up with. Or if you’re already in a committed relationship, there’s a really good chance that your spouse is one of those archetypes.

, you’re not the kind of person that has trouble when it comes to love. Love interests find themselves drawn to your nurturing and giving nature.

You’re fiercely loyal, patient, giving, and emotionally connected. The relationships that you forge with potential lovers are always profound and deep.

That being said, you tend to be very selective with who you choose to date and who you choose to end up with – for good reason, of course.

You can use this little guide to determine potential life partners - especially since they're the ones who are far more aligned to your personal journey than other archetypes.

But don’t forget, , how you perceive yourself should not be determined by your love life. Your spouse or partner is meant to play a supporting role in your life; not the lead. It's always best to focus on your own personal growth, because that's the path that you must embark on to lead a rewarding and fulfilled life.

There Seems To Be Just One Thing Holding You Back From Experiencing Overflowing Abundance...

Now, , there's something really exciting that I'd like to share with you - something that I really think is going to interest you, and set you on the path of happiness and abundance. But before we get into that, it's important that we understand why you haven't experienced a true transformation in your life... And more importantly, why you've yet to attract abundance.

Based on the habits and behavioural responses of your archetype, , it's highly likely that you're someone who struggles with confidence...

At times, it feels like there's some sort of a glass ceiling hovering above your head... And it's blocking you from achieving of your dreams of enormous success. Wouldn't you agree?

You tend to waiver when it comes to making difficult decisions. You feel uncertain and unsure, and more often than not, you look towards others for approval and reassurance.

This clouds your instincts and clarity, leading to unfavourable outcomes and dire consequences for you... Perhaps in the form of negative energies, energy blockages, and imbalances in your archetype.

Think of all the missed opportunities that you could have seized for yourself... All the abundance you could have experienced, if only you had the foresight and confidence to take a leap of faith, to make something happen.

This tends to happen when you lack guidance and a strong flair for your true purpose.

But it is NOT too late to make a change, . In fact, your timing could not have been BETTER.

Right at this very moment, you have all the tools you need to make an enormous change in your life. When you really think about it, every decision that you've ever made in your life has led you to this exact moment...

...This is NOT a coincidence. You deserve to experience the true meaning of joy and overflowing abundance. You deserve to uncover your true purpose, and your true identity in this lifetime.

Before we end this miniature reading, , I wanted to let you know that there's so much left to explore in your Archetypal Profile...

...After all, we've yet to look into your Shadow, your Anima/Animus, your Ego, and your Life Path.

Your Shadow is the suppressed side of your personality. The dark, hidden side of who you are - where all of your innate tendencies, thoughts, and desires reside...

Your Anima/Animus is the imbalance between masculinity and femininity in your personality.

Your Ego is the centre of your consciousness - the part of you that needs to be controlled in order to discover your True Self.

As you can already tell, there's so much more to explore in your archetype, !

And YES, you CAN gain insight into EVERY little piece of the puzzle that forms the entirety of your personality.

That includes...

  • The reasons behind the choices that you've made in your life
  • A complete and unquestionable understanding of who you are, and who you were meant to be
  • An honest and open encounter with your biggest struggles and weaknesses
  • Insights into your concealed strengths, and how you can leverage on them to gain everything you've ever wanted
  • The perfect life partner or campanion based on your personality traits
  • The quickest path that you can take to attain extraordinary success
  • Foresight into the potential challenges that you have to overcome
  • Your personal path towards unlocking a rewarding life built around fulfillment
  • A remarkable breakthrough across all aspects of your life...

You Are About To Discover The Ultimate Transformation Tool For Opening The Floodgates Of Abundance, Joy, And Growth

, a dire period has come upon us - a period marking the commencement of your COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION... A period so dire, that your future literally depends on it. Because you could truly be experiencing all the joy, happiness, and abundance that the universe has to offer! And it all depends on the actions that you take in the next few minutes.

Remember what I said earlier about an exciting opportunity? Well, it's time you paid close attention.

Now, your archetype is one of extraordinary potential. And if you could just tap into a fraction of it, your life can completely transform... Whether you're struggling with financial difficulties, relationship problems, or even uncertain direction.

...Within this extraordinary journey, lies an experience like no other...

...An experience of enlightenment, wisdom, and life-changing insights.

You Will Encounter Miracles With This... Miracles That Will Change Everything You Knew About Yourself.

Your Premium Archetypal Analysis is a raw and unadulterated look into your personality and your true identity - as a lover, as a friend, as a colleague, and as a human being.

And it's all going to be presented to you in EXCRUCIATING detail.

Believe me, this is a truly rewarding experience, .

With your Premium Archetypal Analysis, you'll finally be able to muster the courage to confront your internal struggles.

You'll be guided through a liberating confrontation of all the trials, tribulations, and misfortunes that you've fought through.

You'll pick up all the missing pieces in your life, and plug all of those voids that you've always felt.

You'll piece every facet of your personality back together and witness the true beauty that it forms.

You'll realize the truth behind your inner strengths, and the reasons behind your weaknesses.

You'll be handheld through an affirmitive process that will diminish your weakest points, and turn them into your greatest strengths

...And this metamorphic opportunity is standing right before you right at this very moment...

, I want you to listen to your subconscious for a moment. Allow your mind to drift into a blank state...

...Now, I want you to think of your heart's DEEPEST desires. The things you've always wanted for yourself...

The things that you've never achieved because of a lack of opportunity, or a lack of direction.

Perhaps it could be wealth and success - having a fat bank account and more money than you can spend...

Perhaps it could be a blissful marriage with the partner of your dreams, waking up to that perfect someone every morning without a care in the world...

Perhaps it could be freedom of expectations, never having to answer to anyone - not your boss, your spouse, your friends, your family - finally being able to be your own person with no strings attached...

Or perhaps it could simply be a sense of inner peace - being able to defeat the monsters that plague your soul, and warding off all negative energies that seem to be hindering you.

Think of your heart's DEEPEST desires... And think about them very carefully.

Now, here's the good news, . As soon as you're equipped with this self-discovery tool, whatever your soul yearns for will be bestowed upon you... I'm absolutely sure of it, and here's why...

With your Premium Archetypal Analysis, , you'll discover two important revelations...

The first revelation you'll discover is what you really want in this lifetime - based on the configurations and tendencies of your archetype. In other words, your truest desires.

It sounds easy enough to figure out, doesn't it? But the truth is, it's often the direct opposite of what you'd expect, .

And no, it's not going to be about something that you can achieve in the physical world...

Instead, it's something you can only achieve within the domain of your own spiritual and psychological senses.

Now, the second thing you'll discover is your path to a fulfilling and rewarding life.

And no, this has nothing to do with fame and fortune. That's the beauty of Archetypes... As you can already tell, this is a journey that's far more profound than that.

The answers to all of your life’s questions, to all of your life’s complications, to all of your life’s encounters, failures, and successes, can be found within your Premium Archetypal Analysis...

If you’re unsure of the path that you’re currently on, your Premium Archetypal Analysis will be there to help you navigate your way towards your goals and ambitions.

If you’re wondering whether your actions are right or wrong, this analysis will grant you unquestionable direction.

If the people around you are holding you back, this report will give you all clarity you need.

All of that information is readily available for you... And it can all be found in your Premium Archetypal Analysis

The insights within it will give you the answers you need to make better decisions and embark on your true journey.

All of this... Everything I've just mentioned, WILL be handed to you on a silver platter.

, this is a journey that I'm more than happy to guide you through... But we can't move forward unless you take the first step.

...Are you constantly worrying about your financial situation?

...Are you constantly thinking about where you're going in life?

...Are you constantly pondering about whether your love life isn't as great as it you think it is?

Now, Tell Me This, ... Are You Eager To Take Back The Reigns And Choose Your Own Destiny?

Yes, I can see the eagerness that burns within you...

You see, your Premium Archetypal Analysis is the exact tool that you've been searching for.

That's because the Premium Archetypal Analysis is based on the process of Individuation...

A process that's taken THOUSANDS of years of in-depth analysis, and painstaking research.

A process that has been used, implemented, and improved by famous philosophers and psychologists... From the Renaissance, to the Middle Ages, dating all the way back to the days of Ancient Greece!

I'm talking about the likes of renowned psychologist Dr. Carl Jung... Legendary philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. These are just some of the popular names behind the concept of archetypes, !

But that's not all, ...

The Premium Archetypal Analysis is the only one of its kind in terms of ACCURACY and VALUE.

And unlike other readings, your Premium Archetypal Analysis is not a concoction of general traits and generic information - it's so, so much more. Your personality profile is merely just ONE, single factor of your archetype...

Your Premium Archetypal Analysis will introduce you to the process of individuation - a spiritual and psychological process that will help you understand your path and purpose at a heightened state.

It will help you understand the role you will excel in and the journey - the Odyssey, that you must embark on to attain the rewards in life that you seek.

It will guide you through an in-depth understanding of what your archetype truly encompasses, its Incarnations, to help you gain a newfound perspective of who you truly are, and who you will eventually become.

Your Premium Archetypal Analysis is more than just an analysis, ... It is your spiritual guide and compass - one which you will use to navigate the rest of your life with FLAWLESS precision.

Embarking on this journey WILL open doors for you that you would have NEVER discovered without taking this first step.

What's more... This is the only place you'll be able to find it. The Premium Archetypal Analysis isn't published or produced anywhere else.

Every paragraph in your Premium Archetypal Analysis is tailored to your Primary Archetype.

It's entirely unique to you, and that's what the Individuation process is all about, ...

...Uncovering your true personality and learning about the things that make you inherently you.

It's been personalized for you, ... And only you.

No one else on the face of the planet will be able to pick it up and benefit from it the same way that you will.

And as soon as you pay attention to the guidance and revelations of your Premium Archetypal Analysis, you'll start notice doorways and opportunities blossoming before you...

Yes, . This is a journey that's unlike any other - an edifying journey of self-exploration.

And that's not all... This journey belongs to you - this is YOUR opportunity. You've stumbled upon this not by chance, but by destiny.

Think of this analytical report as a silent guardian that watches over you... Almost as if it's constantly nudging you in the right the direction - through puzzling dilemmas, life-changing decisions, and golden opportunities.

Imagine being able to flawlessly navigate your way through the treacherous waters of life...

Imagine being able to identify the safest and quickest path to attaining your life's greatest ambitions...

Imagine being grounded by unquestionable confidence in every decision you make...

Imagine the overwhelming sense of achievement after experiencing this life-changing breakthrough...

Imagine the sheer joy that will course through your veins the minute you get your hands on this analysis...

You are not mistaken, ... As soon as you embrace your Premium Archetypal Analysis, you WILL EXPERIENCE significant improvements in your current circumstances, and your life's situation.

, You Will Be Rewarded The Second You Step Forward With This Life-Changing Opportunity...

, decisiveness is an admired and respected trait in the world's most revered leaders. And for your immediate vote of confidence, you will be rewarded with these 3 complementary materials... These 3 additional readings are my personal recommendations for discovering and mastering self-discovery during your early stages as a beginner. BUT. You MUST display your readiness by acting RIGHT NOW.

BONUS 1: Exploring Your Birthdate With The Chinese Zodiac

Meet the counterpart of Western astrology – The Chinese Zodiac. Understand the Eastern influences on predictions and learn how you can apply them to predict your own future.

BONUS 2: Discovering Your Aura

Each individual exudes a certain aura. Learn how you can interpret different auras of different individuals to gain maximum influence over others.

BONUS 3: Beginner's Guide To The Feng Shui Paradigm

Maximise the flow of energy in your home or office by discovering a few simple techniques from the Eastern art of Fengshui. This in-depth guide will turn you into a true geomancy master in no time.

Now, here's the real question, - how much are you willing to stake for your own personal growth?

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You can choose to ignore this call to arms and allow your situation to remain status quo... Nothing changes. You remain uncertain, you remain restrained by your mind, and you remain powerless to choosing your course of life.


You can take an AFFIRMITIVE leap FORWARD and DISCOVER a newfound understanding of your identity, your purpose, and experience the sacred sense of joy that comes with it.

All of the resources are at your feet right now - there's no more room for excuses. Your circumstances, your destiny, have all led you to discover this life-changing opportunity...

An opportunity of self-discovery, soul-finding, and phenomenal breakthroughs.

And you can join us on this journey right now, ... There isn't anything else that will give you this much value, for that little.

On top of your Premium Archetypal Analysis...

On top of your 3 complementary bonuses...

I'm also going to go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction...

So, I'm stamping this analysis with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Within the next 60 days, starting from the day of your purchase, you decide that the Premium Archetypal Analysis fell short of your expectations, or if you decide that you weren't satisfied with it in ANY way, this guarantee ensures that you are entitled to a rightful refund.

All you have to do is send an e-mail to, and we'll give you a 100% refund - the full amount. No explanations and no reasons will be needed.

When you look back to this day, , you will reflect upon on it with satisfaction... Satisfaction from knowing that you made the right decision. Satisfaction from finally leading a transformed life - a life overflowing with purpose, direction, and reason. A life beyond limits.

"I was convinced of the power and precision..."

My names is Janice Hickey and I am 62 years old. I am a retired teacher and a seeker of Universal Truths and Mysteries. My archetype is Lover and every word I have read from my Premium Archetypal Analysis has been right on target.

I was skeptical at first but as I began reading I was convinced of the power and precision of the information given. I am now a confirmed student of this process and recommend it to any other seeker of truth on this pathway.

Janice Hickey, 62, Retired Teacher - Lover

"As time went along, more and more seemed to come true..."

This product is amazing. I was very skepitical at first but as time went along, more and more seemed to come true. Plus, it was filled with so much relevant informnation, it made it very easy to follow and recognize the signs and traits that were placed in front of me. It was a pleasure to read and piqued my interest even further. I recommend that everyone take part in this and get yourself involved in this. You won't regret it.

Bryan Smith, 51, City Inspector - Ruler

"A great reminder of who I used to be..."

I recently purchased the Deluxe Archetype report after learning I was the Creator. It has been revealing in what motivates me, as well as a great reminder of who I used to be. I was always so creative as a child and lost this along the way. I believe this report has reawakened that part of me and will serve me well on my path! Big thanks to the Individualogist Team for this awesome information!

Deborah Brown, 44, Holistic Health Coach - Creator

, All Barriers Have Been Removed For Your One Chance At Enormous Change

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  • Your Analysis will show you the exact steps you need to take to experience a breakthrough in ALL aspects of your life - your career, your relationships, and your sense of purpose.
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If you're reading this answer, you're probably wondering about my experience and whether I'm actually able to help you. Naturally, your analysis is in good hands. I have practiced Individuation and Archetypal Indentification for approximately 17 years as of 2018. In fact, I'm proud to say that my work has helped thousands of struggling and lost individuals find their true selves - all by encountering their archetypes. Individuals who have encountered circumstances similar to yours - and more often than not, circumstances far more dire.

My experience with working with archetypes has also opened my eyes to my own, personal direction - which is to reach out and help as many struggling individuals as possible. It is my life's calling, and one that grants mt fulfillment and infinite joy! I'm more than happy to grant you these life-changing insights in the form of your analysis, but it is paramount that you approach your analysis with an open mind, a willing heart, and an eager attitude. With these traits in place, I have no doubt that you will experience the transformations and wonderful experiences that Individuation has to offer!

You could probably find a book about Individuation from a local book store, which will contain a chapter or a couple of pages about your archetype. But that single chapter or two pages isn’t going to be very helpful. So, here’s the truth.

The Premium Archetypal Analysis is an excruciatingly detailed report about your archetype, containing highly informative pages of actionable and thought-provoking strategies and methodologies. Once again, all of the information is customized to your specific archetype. It breaks down an in-depth outlook of your life journey and all of its obstacles. There is no other product that comes as close in terms of detail or information.

The Premium Archetypal Analysis is 100% owned and authored by us. This is the only place where you’re able to get it, or anything like it.

Other products assume that everyone functions and processes information in the same way. The law of attraction assumes that everyone is built with the same framework. Manifestation programs assume that everyone will respond the same way. Meditation methods assume that everyone experiences calmness similarly.

That is utter nonsense. We are all different individuals. We each have different fears, different circumstances, and different life experiences. Individuation and archetypes take that into account. Our readings are specifically catered to your archetype to provide you with actionable steps that you can take towards making a true change in your life. It reveals callings and directions that are specific to you.

That’s why it’s going to work. This product seeks to bring the term “personal” back into personal development; an industry littered with impersonal products that have strayed away from what personal development was meant to be.

Absolutely. Individuation is a psychological process that was created by thought leaders in the psychological world decades ago. In fact, principles of Individuation can be traced all the way back to the days of Aristotle.

This means that Individuation has stood the test of time to be a proven personal development process. There have also been numerous conclusive scientific studies about analytical psychology (what Individuation is based on) across the globe.

If you find that the teachings are not helpful to you, the first thing you should do is contact us at We will guide you through the Individuation process and explain to you your archetype in even greater detail. It is important that you employ the strategies and methods taught in the reading for approximately 28 days (1 month) before deciding that it isn’t for you.

Of course, if you insist that this isn’t something helpful to you, we have a 60 day refund policy. This allows you to refund your purchase to get back 100% of your money within 60 days. So, we take all the risk, and you take none of it. It is extremely important to us that you get as much value as you can from our product.

The wonderful thing about the Premium Archetypal Analysis is that it can be applied in conjunction with virtually everything else that’s personal development related. This includes numerology, astrology, manifestation, meditation, tarot reading, the law of attraction, and practically every other program on the market.

Individuation seeks to holistically enhance your personal development growth, and accelerate your journey. It does not work against other programs, but works together with them.