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Relentless Testing & Tweaking

We test anything and everything to optimize every single step of our sales funnels - from different variations of copywriting, angles, styles, designs, checkout pages, pre-checkout pages, product offerings, pricings... You get the idea.

It's precisely through this vigorous method of testing that we've uncovered our own recipe for MONSTROUS CONVERSIONS.

Unique & Scalable Concept

Unlike other offers, incorporates psychological ideas and concepts into spirituality and personal development. Such a combination is not unheard of, but it has proven itself to be an effective method for behavioural changes, and self-discovery.

This is a fundamental need in the personal development niche - one which we fit better than most.

High Quality & Low Refunds

What's the use of making commissions if you don't get to keep it? Our emphasis on quality products that are aesthetic, helpful, and easily digestable has blessed us with refund rates between 5-7%.

These figures are in spite of numerous customer touch points (which tends to encourage refunds), including e-mail, live chat, phone support, and a knowledgebase that's updated frequently.

Set & Forget

We're huge fans of attaining big rewards with little work - and that's how our funnels have been designed for you. As soon as your lead enters our funnel, they are treated to a full buffet of valuable content and insights. All of the groundwork has been set up, so you won't have to lift a finger.

Simply throw in any one of our high-converting swipes into your autoresponder sequence, and bear witness to your very own abundance in commissions!

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