You Have Selected: Four Of Wands

In the Minor Arcana, the Four of Wands occupies an illustrious role as being one of the best cards for bringing joy and happiness.


Four Of Wands - Homes

In the Minor Arcana, the Four of Wands occupies an illustrious role as being one of the best cards for bringing joy and happiness. Indeed, cards such as this one herald an age of peace and prosperity, especially if you relate this to life at all homes. With this card being what it is, you can be safe in the idea that your family is going to prosper fully with no setbacks.

Now, while all of this is well and good, we must remember that each card isn’t 100% positive. There is, after all, a responsibility that needs to be filled here. After all, without a solid foundation, the happiness that you might feel now would very easily come to a swift end. Thus, we need to have a look at what needs to be done in order to ensure complete happiness.

However, in this regard, we are absolutely in luck. The Four of Wands is a card full of details on how to actually live a good life free of challenge, but only if you take its advice seriously. When you appreciate the imagery of the card, you will learn the deeper meanings within. You can then apply this into your everyday life and see genuine change happen at any homes you might have.


The Four of Wands: Celebration and the Nature of Homes

The most profound thing about the Four of Wands isn’t the happy things that are displayed, but what happy things are being shown. For example, when we think of happiness, we think of the car, of homes, and of various other material things. Rarely, however, do we think about the effort that it takes to grind them. We do not think about the preparation it takes to get to where we want to be.

Yet this is the very nature of success, as indicated in the primary card’s image. Here, we see the first foundation: a castle. It stands tall and stout in the horizon, much like the homes that people live in. On the periphery, we find 4 wands seemingly forming a makeshift arch of leaves. Immediately, one can sense that careful preparation went into the construction and formation of these things.

But aside from this, there is a third factor: stability. When you look at this picture, one can immediately sense prosperity coming out of this particular place. This prosperity is given its metaphor through the stone walls; a guarantee that good times will indeed keep coming. The same, of course, should be the pursuit of someone being given a reading with the Four of Wands card.


If you, for example, are thinking of having new homes, then you should make investments only if you are sure it’s getting anywhere. To aim for prosperity, do not aim for it squarely. Instead, aim for making sure that you have a stable source of income. Ensure that you have a solid mindset that will adapt to the times, and a strong will to back it up.

If need be, you can revisit your current aims. What do you want to achieve 10 years from now? Would you like to have new houses? Would you like to someday help facilitate your parents’ life in retirement homes? Perhaps you want to make your own foray into real estate by buying up new homes? Truly, there are multiple questions you will need to ask, but take time in answering them all.

When you have a firm objective in mind, go ahead and pursue your dream. Be it brand new homes by the beach or a successful career, let your aim be true. And as you do so, make sure that each investment is worth it. Work with the times and make sure that the foundation for your prosperity remains solid. By then, the promise of the card will be fulfilled, and you will have a meaningful life.


Lastly, don’t be afraid about taking one step at a time. Too often, people simply want to get success instantly. However, this isn’t the mentality you are supposed to have. For true prosperity to surface, every second must be earned and every bit of money invested carefully and slowly. Make no mistake: the future will only come to those who actually do take things sustainably.