You Have Selected: The Emperor

Many financially-minded people such as those involved in stock trading will agree that wealth is power.


The Emperor - Stock Trading

Many financially-minded people such as those involved in stock trading will agree that wealth is power. It is what allows people to become more prosperous and realize their more material ambitions. By no means does this imply that money is the end-all-be-all of life. However, it does show the essence of money and its relationship to power dynamics within society.

It is therefore fitting that the herald of this is the Emperor card. As with ancient times, most rulers often possess abundant wealth. They are able to acquire such primarily due to their mandate with people. Their popularity and their ability to negotiate and use force where it is necessary to apply are the ultimate testament to this card’s importance in Tarot decks.

Naturally, these traits aren’t just limited to the rulership of states and realms. People who are blessed with the Emperor also excel in areas where negotiation remains supreme. Be it between states or those within the stock trading market, there is always an opportunity for one to assert their power and improve their own lives -- perhaps even the lives of others in the process.


However, as you will soon learn, power is a weapon not so easily wielded. There are also plenty of things one must do before they can reach their desired prosperity. To understand further how this is the case, we must touch upon the very essence that makes the Emperor card what it is.

The Meaning of Power: Understanding the Emperor

The Emperor card’s meaning is truly complicated as it never portrays the ruler in a one-dimensional, all-powerful way. To start this analysis, we must first see what the card wants us to see. Here, the emperor is a projection of power itself. He sits upon a throne with adornments resembling a ram.


In astrology, the Ram is a symbol of Aries and has historically been associated with war. The armies of antiquity, particularly the legions of Ancient Rome and the phalanxes of Ancient Greece, were avid users of the battering ram as a means of assaulting other enemy kingdoms. As such, the ram is a symbol of military power and conquest.

However, despite this projection, there is also a telltale sign of the Emperor not taking things for granted. Indeed, this is the case because beneath his robe are steel greaves. This suggests that power is projected defensively. Power, and by extension, wealth are tools to defend one’s own interests as well as those closest to them.

Security in Prosperity: The Power of Stock Trading

Given that we are now aware of the purpose of prosperity, the reading is even clearer. The Emperor has shown itself to you as a reminder that prosperity can only be secured when you have stabilized your finances. One of the many means that you can do this lies in stock trading.


By participating in the stock trading market, you will be able to effectively expand your own revenue by exploiting economic booms. It’s also a secondary insurance policy from which you can gather additional funds. This will help you further in the case of accidents, especially when you already have a strong insurance budget.

It also helps you navigate life as you age further. Making strong investments means that you will have further opportunities to save and secure your retirement funds. Do it right, and you will end up not just guaranteeing your own future, but even those of future generations.

If you haven’t already considered trading stocks, the card tells you to take some time to learn the ropes. It’s true that it will require considerable capital, and it will be at some point a series of trial and error due to the unpredictabilities of the market. But because you are blessed by the Emperor card yourself, there is reason to be confident.


Your judgments are imperious enough as they are, and you can indeed make sweeping changes. All you have to do is take things one step further.