You Have Selected: The Magician

The Magician is the ultimate showman of the Major Arcana. As a card, it plays host to the idea of illusion, but also to ambition and self-expression.


The Magician - Hosting

The Magician is the ultimate showman of the Major Arcana. As a card, it plays host to the idea of illusion, but also to ambition and self-expression. This makes it perfect if you’re looking for auguries concerning hosting events, or at least a reading on presenting yourself to the public. This is because your public self is also your expressive self, and what better way to encapsulate it than through the Magician?

However, this isn’t just for people who are about to go on a hosting gig. It’s also about people who are afraid to go out in public and prove themselves. In this regard, the Magician card serves as both encouragement and a warning. For indeed, by not showing your face in public, you end up missing crucial opportunities. People are drawn towards those who can prove themselves, and you need to step up.

But despite this, don’t be disheartened. The Magician Card is only doing this because it knows that potential exists deep within you. It knows that you can be counted on during the worst of times. Thus, it is within reason for the card to expect much of you. There is so much more untapped potential within you that at this point, hosting will seem paltry.


Yet, if you could be motivated to do more, what should you actually do? This is a question you might ask, and answering it will require that we know this card’s true purpose. For this reading, therefore, we must take some time to consider the essence and imagery that make up the magnificent Magician card. When this is done, you will feel better knowing that the meaning is much more evident.

The Essence of Showmanship and Hosting: A Look Into the Magician

The nature of the Magician card is such that it is often associated with things such as pomp and appearances. In fact, you can quite rightly see it with the way the Magician conducts himself here. The first thing you will notice is that the Magician is raising his wand. As he does so, he seems to be hosting a lot of effects within the card. The leaves around him sprout, and an infinity halo floats about him.

Of course, though the Magician does appear magnificent, there is something very real about his manifestation too. This is because the card is also about the realization of one’s goals in a spectacular way. We see it in the mystical application of the card. The Magician points his hands both on the ground and the sky. This suggests a connection between the physical and mystical realms.


In other words, the Magician here is not just guided by courage or calculation, but destiny itself. He is aware that he can do just about anything. And in fact, the card shows that he indeed does have the means. On the table, you can see four implements, each representing the Minor Arcana suits. A coin, a sword, a wand, and a cup all stand for the Magician to wield freely.

In other words, therefore, there is a delicate combination of belief, destiny and showmanship at play within this card. It is in this light that one starts to see its relationship with hosting. For indeed, a showman has to have the gumption to actually present on stage. And this card is calling to you to do so. It doesn’t have to be an actual stage, but it does mean you should be courageous in the stage of life.

This bit is particularly applicable to those who have no inclination towards hosting in general. Though you may not be the most outgoing of people, the card still urges you to take advantage of life itself. Appearing in public may seem distasteful at first. But the more you go into the limelight and pursue your ambitions, the better it will be for you. You won’t just be hosting people at that point; you will be hosting destiny itself.