You Have Selected: The Star

The Star card is not one to be underestimated with regard to education.


The Star - Education

The Star card is not one to be underestimated with regard to education. After all, the very backbone of education is enlightenment. It is the very dream that ensures the renewal and progress of society, and truthfully, key aspects of the Star card advocate this. For this reason, therefore, it is necessary for us to take some time to talk about the very relationship between this card and education.

On a surface level, what this means is that if you’ve already graduated, you should not lose the curiosity that comes with education. This is a problem that is all too common with other people, and graduation runs the risk of you becoming a victim to routine. While it is true that you won’t be graded anymore or asked to read anything, it is still prudent to mentally engage in some form of education.

Alternatively, if you are still a student within the education system, then this card is telling you to continue reaching for the stars. The reality is that you have much potential within you right now. You may not have the requisite skills right now, but the card believes you will earn the knowledge in due time. All that it takes from you is a bit more patience.


But of course, as with all things, nothing ever comes easy. The reason why has to also do with the way the card itself works. Thus, it is only reasonable to also seek an education on the very nature of the Star card as its insights could prove invaluable to your life. By the end of this article, you will have all the tools you need to succeed and get to the high point the card is predicting for you.

On Education: The Meaning of the Star Card

Many people familiar with astrology tend to liken the Star card to the Aquarius sign. Indeed, this is because there are similarities between the water-bearer and the woman on the card. Both of them seem to be getting water in order to direct it elsewhere, but the Star card offers something much richer: imagery. Here, you will notice that she is doing so under the star-lit sky.

Now, note that the stars seem to be forming a sort of wreath encircling a much bigger star. Below, you will notice that she is pouring water both on the ground and the river. This highlights the connection between the earthly and spiritual realms. Likewise, it also means that there are multiple areas of enlightenment: technical, philosophical, and the spiritual.


And it is this which serves as the primary theme of this card. On education, the Star card essentially tells people to have a holistic view of education. We cannot just think of it as people learning new technical skills in order to raise profits. Truly, raising profits is crucial to survival, but it is not the end-all-be-all of education. In fact, it is simply one out of the many skills one can learn.

But it’s not just the mainstream kind of education that we know, either. For this card, education comes in many ways. Be it from learning in a school, doing so online, or even just picking up lessons in life the hard way, education is plentiful in its application to one’s life. Inevitably, therefore, it alludes to the kind of reading that you can expect to get on matters of education.

What this card is telling you is simple: continue learning. Persist in pursuing the stars and aiming for greatness, as doing so will lead to genuine enlightenment. The drive that you already have now is truly powerful, and you can do so well with it if you persist hard enough. If you are having a difficult time, don’t feel bad about it-- everyone around you continues to undergo the same thing.


Indeed, what’s truly important here is that while you may have different dreams from other people or are taking a different path, the end result remains the same. So long as you reach for the stars and seek enlightenment, you will find a way to make the world better for yourself and for others. Persist and you shall prevail.