You Have Selected: The Sun

If there is one trait that energy providers and the Sun card share, it is that they bring joy and progress throughout the world.


The Sun - Standing Alongside Energy Providers

If there is one trait that energy providers and the Sun card share, it is that they bring joy and progress throughout the world. The very things that we take for granted are in part because of these two forces working to make our lives more convenient and safe. Due to their aid, we are able to enjoy things we wouldn’t normally enjoy.

And with these two elements joining together in this particular reading, a truly auspicious omen is at hand. For not only does this reading predict good luck in your life, it also presents to you an imperative: to actually take your time associating yourself with energy providers.

The Meaning of the Sun Card

Before you get a thorough appreciation of your fortunes, however, it is best to acquaint yourself with the very nature of the Sun card, as it will help you understand how you have reached this particular outcome. As you can see in the way the card is drawn, its symbol is situated at the topmost portion.


Below the Sun, there are 4 sunflowers blooming in the background. This effectively mirrors the number of suits there are in the minor arcana. The symbiotic relationship between the Sun and the sunflowers also indicates that everything survives and thrives by supplying each other with energy and serving a purpose beyond even themselves.

Further along the middle, you will see a child sitting gleefully atop a white steed. White symbolizes peace, while a child signifies innocence. This illustrates the kind of peace that ultimately exists when multiple people help each other out to preserve the current state of affairs.

Energy Providers and the Sun Card: The Benefits of Mutual Work

This brings us to the core of the matter. Energy providers aren’t just random, nameless laborers— they are people who form an indirect, yet symbiotic relationship with you by bringing further convenience into your life. With the card being as it is, it indicates that you likely know energy companies or people working within the same industry.


Here, the Sun card recommends that you tap into these same connections by either working alongside them or getting to know their stories. If you are looking for a job, for example, consider looking for job openings in power plants, as the energy sector is a highly flexible industry with high demand.

There’s a chance that if you open a website belonging to energy providers near you, you will likely find a job that suits you best especially, especially since our current era is increasingly leaning towards automation and efficiency.

Aside from this, working with energy providers will help bolster your connections with highly-trained and esteemed professionals such as engineers, architects, marketing and advertising personnel. You can then use these connections to help forward your own career, especially if you are thinking of actually becoming an energy provider yourself.


Alternatively, if you are still thinking of a field of study, you can consider electrical engineering as there are many benefits to becoming one. Firstly, it is a course that provides a healthy amount of challenges that will actually help promote your problem-solving skills.

It also promotes a healthy amount of teamwork, as engineering often requires working side by side with other like-minded professionals. In fact, since the course is full of team-based challenges, you will likely be prepared with other energy providers even before you actually graduate.

Aside from this, electrical engineering is also a strong springboard for various other industries such as working on renewable technology, manufacturing, logistics, and even the media industry, depending on how far you wish to branch out. It can even provide you an even stronger foundation to pursue astronomy and eventually become an astronaut!


With all these options at your disposal, it is easy to see why the Sun card favors you. The road that energy providers take nowadays often leads to prosperity, and if you go alongside this direction, you could experience some serious upsides in your life. Why not try and see what fate has in store for you?