You Have Selected: Wheel of Fortune

Before you is a card that seems to contradict the basic idea behind any plan-- especially financial planning.


Wheel of Fortune - Financial Planning

Before you is a card that seems to contradict the basic idea behind any plan-- especially financial planning. Known as the card of destiny, the Wheel of Fortune rules over expedient and circumstantial matters. However, contrary to what people might think, it doesn’t exclusively deal with destiny or karma. It also deals with your ability to make decisions.

This is primarily the case because Fortune itself is dependent upon one’s actions. Why else, for example, would the Ancient Romans say “fortis fortuna adiuvat--” fortune favors the bold? Needless to say, boldness is not the only thing fortune seeks in people. Fortune is also dependent upon planning, and in the context of your life and career, this also includes financial planning.

But before any discussion on your fortunes regarding financial planning can take place, we must first unravel the true depth of the Wheel of Fortune. In doing so, you will be able to formally understand exactly why it involves the concept of money. It will also help you plan better so you can take advantage of luck and destiny when doing financial planning.


The Wheel of Fortune in Detail

Interpreting the Wheel of Fortune typically involves viewing it into two layers. The layer surrounding the wheel involves six distinct figures. Four of them stand atop their own individual cloud: an angel, an eagle, a lion, and a bull. It is universally agreed upon that these animals represent all of astrology’s Fixed signs-- Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus respectively.

Collectively speaking, these four creatures reinforce the idea that destiny is definite, but also, that destiny can be manipulated with careful action. Indeed, the immutable nature of destiny is further represented by the Sphinx and Anubis respectively. The Sphinx, which stands atop the wheel, symbolizes the mysterious aspect of fate. You can never know what it is, only that its will is absolute when it happens.

Below the wheel lies Anubis, the God of Death and sender of souls to their final resting place. It is the quintessential metaphor for fate itself: it is just as certain as one’s death. Next, you will notice the inner layer of the wheel.


The inner layer contains the letters “YHWH--” Yahweh, as well as the letters T, O, R, and A. It is speculated that these inscriptions allude to the Torah-- the primary source for Biblical literature. Further inspection, however, will yield that it can also be a wordplay on Tarot, especially if the wheel in question spins clockwise: TAROTAROTARO, and so on.

The Relationship Between Fortune and Financial Planning

As you have already learned, while it is technically true that you can’t fight fate, you can control it to your benefit. The primary tool for doing so lies within one’s ability to astutely plan for the future. This is why, despite all the challenges people might face, those who are good at financial planning always win out in the end.

To put it in another way: Fortune smiles upon those who manage their money. From the looks of it, the card sees that not only are you going to be lucky if you plan ahead, you might even be lucky enough already due to your planning skills. As such, if you are already saving up properly for future problems such as insurance and other expedient bills, you are effectively set for the future.

If you have yet to learn about financial planning, however, then the card is urging you start at your earliest convenience. Start first by keeping a detailed account of your expenditures both on a monthly and yearly basis. Gather all of your existing receipts and dig up your most recent emails concerning your home bills. From there, separate your expenses according to their nature: subscriptions, home bills, surplus, so on.


When you are done, maximize your efficiency by cutting unnecessary expenses. Use the money to either save up or set up essential services such as car insurance or investments. This will not only protect you from the worst of financial problems, it will help establish a strong financial base for emergencies.

Above all else, remember that destiny can always be rigged in your favor.