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"...Most in-depth report I have ever received..."

Ever since my sons were both diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum I have been looking for ways to help understand and tap into the locked away personalities of my children. Before I could do that though, I had to take a look at myself and find out what roll I was playing in their lives and what benefits/weaknesses I was providing for them to imitate.

The Premium Archetypal Analysis program from is the most in depth report I have ever received and one of the ONLY ones I have found that is not cookie cutter made for each different personality type.

The complete archetype report I received allowed me to better understand the most intricate details about myself that I had not even realized were lying beneath the depths. Since I have read and utilized my report I have been adapting to conversations, activities and educational endeavors around the things I've been hardwired to excel at. I've also learned to hear, feel, and accept behaviors about myself - and that has allowed me to gain better control over my thoughts and emotions.

Kikono Savo, 35, Single Mother and Caretaker - Innocent

"...A Spot On Reading, With Lots Of Information..."

The Diminishing Your Shadow Report is a spot on ebook, with lot of information about understanding the repressed shadow in us and how to embrace it so that we can be fully integrated.

Diminishing our shadows and releasing these stifling energies is a must, especially if we want to unleash the giant from within and be self actualized.

I believe the Individualogist Team has crafted this product with lot of care and love. And if we really read and put into practice the exercises and lessons, the light at the end of the dark tunnel will be visible.

It will not be long before we fully embrace freedom and live happier. his is our birthright. I want to thank the Individualogist Team for their contribution in making this world a better place to live.

Vashist Reddy Luthmoodoo, 34, Research Analyst - Creator

"...I found a goldmine when I found Individualogist..."

There has been a search for who I am and what my destiny is since I was 6 years old and suffered a SEPARATION TRAUMA.... I found a goldmine when I found Individualogist. Thank you so much for helping me. Your questionnaire determined that I am a Caregiver, and I love your assessment!

I've read the Introduction and followed my Affirmations many times now. Originally, I followed your program to the letter. On the second day of your Sacred Affirmations, I heaved a huge sigh of comfort and relief. The images and wordings took me straight home to my forest environment.

Exactly this vision, I had lost at the age of six. To see exactly this familiar road now, constitutes a life changing and behavioural change for me. Each day, I opened up a new page. Any time I wanted to, I could go back to day 2. Yes, this image is sublimely comforting. You have some awesome professionals working at Individualogist! This program felt customized to me and I can believe that you are capable of customizing the program to each person; as your site promises.

Till Dunn, 73, Author & Speaker - Caregiver

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"As time went along, more and more seemed to come true..."

This product is amazing. I was very skepitical at first but as time went along, more and more seemed to come true. Plus, it was filled with so much relevant informnation, it made it very easy to follow and recognize the signs and traits that were placed in front of me. It was a pleasure to read and piqued my interest even further. I recommend that everyone take part in this and get yourself involved in this. You won't regret it.

Bryan Smith, 51, City Inspector - Ruler

"A great reminder of who I used to be..."

I recently purchased the Premium Archetypal Analysis after learning I was the Creator. It has been revealing in what motivates me, as well as a great reminder of who I used to be. I was always so creative as a child and lost this along the way. I believe this report has reawakened that part of me and will serve me well on my path! Big thanks to the Individualogist Team for this awesome information!

Deborah Brown, 44, Holistic Health Coach - Creator

"I was convinced of the power and precision..."

My names is Janice Hickey and I am 62 years old. I am a retired teacher and a seeker of Universal Truths and Mysteries. My archetype is Lover and every word I have read from my Premium Archetypal Analysis has been right on target.

I was skeptical at first but as I began reading I was convinced of the power and precision of the information given. I am now a confirmed student of this process and recommend it to any other seeker of truth on this pathway.

Janice Hickey, 62, Retired Teacher - Lover

"...It reassurred me of who I could be..."

I had doubts about who I was, even though I had a vague idea of who I really wanted to be. Suddenly, I found myself engrossed in Individualogist. It reassurred me of who I could be, and how I can become be that person - showing numerous possibilities of what I could achieve.

Wow, it has certainly given me a whole new world of insight. And ever since, I'm becoming the Self I need to be.

Vivian Ngozi Jensen, 34, Self-employed - Hero

"...Helping me hone my unique characteristics..."

The Premium Archetypal Analysis is helping me hone my unique characteristics and has really made me interested in further research into Jungian Phycology. Thanks! I will add this to my toolbox to further map out my inner world.

Ryan Evans, 33, Hairstylist - Ruler

"...Helped me realize what my soul purpose on this earth is..."

This reading really helped me realize what my soul purpose on this earth is. It's very accurate and right on point and I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they have lost their way!

Misty Thompson, 42, Homemaker - Caregiver

"...Truly heal my physical and spiritual self..."

I have been on my spiritual journey for about a year. It wasnt until i got diagnosed with HSV did i truly began to embark on the quest of individuation and natural healing techniques. This has helped me take a better look at myself and go inward to truly HEAL my physical and spiritual self. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Ciara L, 22, DOT Driver - Explorer

"...Found out that I am here for a bigger reason..."

When I found out that I am here for a bigger reason than just sitting around and waiting, I was just more than relieved that this horrible fight would soon be over.

So I do more than appreciate to know my purpose in life. Even if it is hard at times. It makes me very happy and proud to see that humanity really has a chance to be free.

Sandra Jabbour, 38, AMS - Caregiver

"...You won't regret it..."

I'm still taking everything in. Do it! Get this program. I promise, you won't regret it!

Dulce Montas, 48, Student - Member

"...Learned more about myself here than any where else..."

I truly love your site and have learned more about myself here than any where else. I haven't had my 'ah ha' moment yet but I feel it coming! I wouldn't give up your site for anything.

Denise Hollinger, 49, Caregiver

"...I need to change myself..."

For things to change, first I need to change myself. Without realizing, the quest emails I’ve been receiving during my manifestation journey finally came into my realization that it's all about shaping our own reality by reprogramming our mindsets. I can’t wait to see wonderful things for me to show the world!

Mike Nas, 28, Lover

"...Try it yourself..."

Had a great time with my readings! I've learned a lot about my strengths, weaknesses and different latent gifts I have. Gifts that need to be tapped in to and used. There are things in my reading that have amazed me. Try it for yourself!

Barbara Lewis, 67, Magician

"...Cannot say enough positive things..."

I cannot say enough positive things about the various products that are available at as I have purchased several reports and have been 100% satisfied with each one. I have learned so much about myself in such a short span of time and the results are astonishing. I have been through countless hours of psychotherapy dealing with my bi-polar 1 disorder and know myself fairly well, but I knew there had to be more to myself. The Universe answered when I was ready to listen and guided me to (among other things) starting with my free archetype reading. I was so impressed that I purchased the complete report on my archetype, which explained to me things I already knew about myself but had forgotten or buried deep down inside, as well as opened my eyes to a new perspective on myself. I have also purchased and read through the diminishing your shadow report on my archetype which was invaluable at taking a real good look at myself and seeing what makes me tick. I am currently reading the eclipse of the ego report also from and am simply fascinated with what I am learning. Note that this material is not for everyone, you have to be ready to take an honest evaluation of yourself including the bad with the good. But in the end while taking a close look at yourself can be difficult at times, what you find and release and integrate consciously is more than worth it. Highly recommended.

Jack Brunner, 51, Deli Clerk - Magician

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