You Have Selected: Death

The transformation taking place is heralded no less than the card that epitomizes everything we fear: the Death Card.


Death - Insurance

With the world being increasingly transformed by current events, services such as car insurance are becoming even more relevant. The transformation taking place is heralded no less than the card that epitomizes everything we fear: the Death Card. As implied, however, the very nature of this card is not just limited to change, but also to the finality of everything.

After all, all things, good and bad, must end. Instinct and even logic may compel us to adapt for dear life, but the reality is that there will always be danger and even disaster. However, despite all this, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wholly be prepared or accept the consequences that might come about as a result of these changes.

For example, while you can’t prevent having an accident with 100% certainty, you can be prepared for any eventuality with a car insurance. That way, even if you do suffer the brunt of the damage, something will always be there to cushion you. That will allow you to keep on going.


In fact, this is exactly both the reading and the lesson that this card seeks to impart in a nutshell. There is something deeper to this, however, and fully understanding it will require analyzing to the fullest extent both the card and its related reading on securing particularly your car insurance.

The Image of the Death Card

Illustrating the magnitude that change brings in one’s life likewise requires an image that fits this strong narrative. In this card’s case, the image in question is that of a skeletal warrior atop a white horse. The warrior wears black armor, and has a notably terrifying gaze.

With the eyes hollowed out, it creates an optical illusion which makes people think they are staring both at the person looking at the card and the prey below him. There are three of the latter, in particular: a child, a woman, and a priest looking at the figure and pleading for him to stop his inexorable march. The fact that there’s yet another dead body suggests the absolute nature of Death. Nothing escapes it. Memento mori.


One will notice, however, that while this is happening, the spectre of Death is also carrying a banner with a flower icon. This icon represents life itself being blackened by death. Anything that breathes dies. Likewise, however, anything that dies provides new life to another as it returns to the soil to provide new life and energizes another life. With this, the conclusion is clear: Death is cyclical. It is absolute, but not the only thing that happens.

Death and Car Insurance: How to Prepare for the Worst

With everything that has been said about the Death card, there is truly a reason to fear. However, the card uses this fear to teach you about something that you can do. If there’s anything that can be given to our credit, it’s that we do not lie down and wait for the end or for something to begin. On the contrary, the more you prepare, the better off your life will be. Change may happen, but you will be secure.

And what better way to illustrate this than the institution that is insurance? Much like everything else, accidents tend to happen on a daily basis. Vehicular accidents in particular can be more common due to its hectic nature. For this reason, society pays particular attention to car insurance itself.


By giving yourself this lifeline, you can not only ensure that you can cover your own medical bills better, you can even protect your bottomline from the costs of potential lawsuits. This is because your insurance will cover everything from damage claims to even the cost of buying a new car or reparations.

These, along with other types of insurance such as health will boost your chances in a world where accidents and other expedient circumstances are inevitable. In other words, the Death card urges you to focus on security so that you can, in return, focus on having a better future. You will indeed have a good life if you choose to facilitate it with proper security.