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We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Your body has endured a lot of pressure from yourself and the environment you are in. When will you try to absolve yourself from all that stress? Everyday you are expanding. Take note on where the pressure points are. That is an area where you need to grow. Try to live and accept the present moment into your heart. Try not to suppress your pains but instead deal and heal from them. Put some room for the unexpected to happen. Not all that is spontaneous will turn out bad. It will remind you not everything can be planned and calculated. Your imagination needs a field to run wild.

Why do you always feel the need to keep your hands busy? Filling your schedule with work just to fill a void in your life will not work out for too long. It can only buy you so much false happiness. The time you spend to rest and enjoy yourself is not time put to waste. An idle mind is not an empty mind. Some ideas will hit you when you least expect it. Just enough stimulation will be the key to a great invention. It can come when you are thinking or when you are simply being creative. Give your mind the space to explore.

Keep the mistakes you have committed in the past. There is no way for you to bring back what has happened. The only thing expected of you to do now is not to repeat the errors you have made. There is no moving on for you if you keep on doing what you did wrong. It will even be more foolish if you expect a different outcome every time. Learn your lesson and do better next time. The beauty in life is you can always start again. Mistakes are just detours you have to take to lead you to the right path.

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