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We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Forgiveness should not only be applied to others, but also to yourself. You too are in need of it. Instead of carrying around the burden of your past mistakes, be more kind and understanding enough to accept the errors of your way. Take a deep breath as you inhale. And the exhale and push with your lungs all the things you have been keeping inside your chest. Clear yourself of what fills you up. Mistakes are just a natural part of life. Learn to live and accept. Holding on to the past will only anchor you to it. Time to let yourself move on and walk towards your future.

Forgive the mistakes that are there to make you better. You will never know that you are in the wrong direction if you never meet a dead end. The works you set yourself on will sometimes lead to nowhere. You should learn how to stop when you hit a wall. Stop banging yourself against it. Self punishment is not the right way for you to deal with failure. You should be more kind and understanding. Above all else, you have been very hard on yourself and have pushed it very far. But there is a limit to how much negativity you can take until it affects you to the core.

You say you are not tired but the bags under your eyes speak otherwise. Rest is not a reward. It is a need. You do not say you deserve a good night’s sleep. You need it to wake up and move forward onto another day. Stop depriving yourself just because “more important” matters need to be dealt with. Who set the standard of importance? Who said rest is not as important too? Today, it is time to prioritize yourself. You have been all about work and work. If you need whatever it takes, add sleep to your to-do list so you can tick it off. Then you can close your eyes, snooze away, and get “work” done.

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