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“Fanaticism is always a sign of repressed doubt.”
― Carl Gustav Jung
It is rather fashionable these days to rise in arms and have a pet “advocacy.” This may be against global warming, protecting endangered species or anything that has a political or ideological slant behind it. Some people rally behind their cause to the point of fanaticism. You see through it all, Jesters. No one can trick a trickster. What are they fighting for? The more accurate question is, what are they covering up? You can see through all the hypocrisy, Jesters. Today, try to spice up your jokes with more thought-provoking lines, just to unmask a few fanatics.

April 26, 20202020-09-26

Move over and let someone else take the wheel today, Jesters. Inertia and fatigue have taken its toll so take a breather. You need not be in control all the time, especially when you feel listless and drained. Unlike control freaks, It doesn’t bother you to let a reliable and trustworthy else take the reins. Just take the backseat and enjoy the ride. Don’t be a back seat driver, though. If you let someone take over, trust them to steer things in the right course. If you are uncertain about what direction they may be bringing you, take a leap of faith. Relax and chill out.

An unbelievably angry person may cross your path today, Jesters. No joke can make this loathsome individual laugh, for his or her very soul is devoid of even an ounce of happiness; you may even suspect this person has no soul. Arrogant, resentful, and deceitful are the three best words you can find which will accurately describe and sum up this individual. His face wears a perpetual scorn and he believes the whole of mankind should perish since the world is an evil and cruel place. Waste no more than a second with someone like this; leave them to fester and boil in their unfathomable misery.

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