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Provide suggestions in a slow and subtle manner, Jesters. It’s more of an art than a precise science, since there isn’t a well laid out formula on how to provide delicate input without sounding bossy. It’s a tough act to balance your tone; You don’t want to come out like you are meddling for selfish interests, or you want to take charge of the situation. The remedy is to make it sound like a funny suggestion, and barely hint at what needs to be done. If they catch your drift, it will seem like it was something they simply missed out on, instead of a glaring mistake they committed out of sheer ignorance.

June 22, 20202021-04-22

Stressing out about the uncertainty of the future isn’t helping, so take a step back and calm down. Making plans about the future is very different from getting obsessed with visions of a dystopian future where everything has fallen apart. Get a tight grip on your imagination as it is running wild right now and is taking you to faraway places which do not exist. Thinking and imagining are very different things, and right now you are neck deep and drowning in the latter. Keep yourself busy with anything engaging and at the same time productive.

When it comes to dreams, visions, and plans, you’ve got a whole treasure chest of them in your mind. All you talk about are those things which you might someday do, and there is a corresponding plan for each of them. After all, planning is the first step in turning a dream into reality. The question is, when are you going to get to work and make them come true? Someday is indefinite, and it may never come. Start with the easiest one today. Take baby steps in bringing it to life. We can dream all we want, but those who stand out and become successful are those who make their dreams come true.

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