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Your daily archetypes reading, based on the 12 jungian archetypes, gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Do your very best to stretch your patience to its limits, as today can be very stressful. Someone around you is rather edgy and hypercritical, to the point of being hysterical. This chap is normally a nice fellow, but he seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and is now getting one everyone’s nerves. Use your humor to soothe ruffled feathers and rising tempers, as one person quickly spreads his foul mood onto everyone else. This is why it is important that you remain unfazed and as cool as possible; if you reach the breaking point of your tempers, there won’t be anyone left to make people calm down.

August 15, 20202021-01-15

A friend in need is a friend indeed, so they say. It isn’t only money or material things that you can share or lend to a close buddy. Although giving your time and attention and being there for them are also much appreciated, you can do something else. Why not teach a somewhat touchy and hypersensitive pal to be tougher and have a thicker skin? You can do so through a few witty quips and puns that playfully pokes on their weaknesses. Do so gently until they gradually learn to take things with a laugh, and realize that they are not as frail as they think they are.

Aim and focus on what you want to accomplish. Aiming and focusing are two very different things, and you need to perform both to hit the bulls eye. Allowing your concentration to waver will make you miss the mark, and not knowing what to aim for results in aspiring for worthless things. This all sounds like serious business and sucks the fun out of the things that you do. You can still goof around with trivial matters, but pay close attention to your life goals. That’s the big game, the one where you must carefully pick out your target and set aside the small stuff.

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