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It matters not what the world thinks of you. as long as you know where you stand with yourself, no one out there can shake you down. You have lived enough trying to catch the attention of people. Why don’t you start by just being yourself? Nothing is as liberating as being able to live who you truly are. The least of your concerns should be how people think of you. The truth will always come out and the world will always have something to say. A long as you live unbothered by unimportant things, you will go on living your life with fewer problems to worry about.

Never underestimate the power of your words. You will never know the full extent of how far your words have traveled. The lives you have touched are more than you can count in both your hands. You don’t go on living thinking you will change a life today. You just let things happen. Inspiration is just a part of how you live. Always take pride in your ability to find the right words. If you can comfort someone with your compassion, you can extend your heart to understand your worries. Talking will not solve the problems you have but it will make everything a lot easier.

There is no need for you to be ashamed of the opinions you have. Everyone has the right to voice out what they are thinking. You just have to remember to be respectful of everybody. You can be expressive while still being polite. Never think you do not deserve the chance to go to the center stage. While you are not used to getting everyone’s attention, that is no reason for you to try and get comfortable with it. How you have imagined it in your mind is a lot scarier than it will be in reality. The first step is always the scariest. Take the leap now and be scared about it later.

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