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There is no need for you to be ashamed of the opinions you have. Everyone has the right to voice out what they are thinking. You just have to remember to be respectful of everybody. You can be expressive while still being polite. Never think you do not deserve the chance to go to the center stage. While you are not used to getting everyone’s attention, that is no reason for you to try and get comfortable with it. How you have imagined it in your mind is a lot scarier than it will be in reality. The first step is always the scariest. Take the leap now and be scared about it later.

You will feel at home with the crowd but you have never been comfortable with their gaze. It feels different for you to belong than when you are seen and acknowledged. The person you decide to love will make you feel both and you won’t feel the need to run from them. Give the other person the chance to show you what they can bring into your life. Have enough time to sit down and discuss with them the world. After all, talking is what you are best at. You might as well play the odds that are in your favor. Always remember to communicate. No one is a mind-reader.

Your ability to feel for others is endless. There is no telling how much compassion you have to give. Even with so many feelings, focus more on your time with a person. That is where you truly get to know them and build a connection. It is in your conversation with them where you build a unique relationship. Everyone you know always has a place in your life. You have always seen to it that they always get a space. Do not forget to put a special part for your personal growth. Take some time out for yourself to reflect on life.

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