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Go after the things you want. Never be afraid to chase after your dreams. Going after them is always scary, yes, but if you wait for something easy and safe to come by, time will have left you behind. You need to understand there will always be risks to take in life. The question is, are the things you want worth it? Never worry if you have to pave your way to reach your goal, you will always find a friendly face down the road. You underestimate your capabilities to make good friends with strangers. You are much better at handling people than you give yourself credit for.

When you have found what you want to do in your life, do not hesitate to go after it. You should not let anything stand between you and your dreams. You can feel for other people and be there when they need you but you should also be present to live your life. Going after what you want can be scary but you just have to take the first step to get you going, the more you wait for the perfect timing, the more time you waste. The perfect time will never happen on its own. You will have to make one yourself and leave it at that. You decide when you will take the plunge.

Even with your charming personality, you cannot expect everybody to like you. There is no way for you to be able to please everyone. Constantly trying to impress people will just be a waste of your energy. Instead of focusing on what others think, the one you should be convincing is yourself. You need to learn to accept who you are. It is not the acceptance of the people around you that you are looking for, it is yours. Before you can fully learn to be confident in your skin, you will have to get through the way you view yourself.

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