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Spend less time hiding inside your box and keeping to yourself. The world is full of interesting people. And you were given the gift of being compassionate. As you listen, you understand, and at the same time you also learn a lot. Even in hearing stories there is much value that you will get. The interactions you will have will help you navigate your way. The environment that surrounds you is what will help shape you as a person. The borders of your comfort will be the ones to cage you in this life. So go ahead and take the your first step outside of your bubble.

The future that you have is yours to create. The dreams you have created in your mind will come true. Use the resources you are given with. Take ownership of your power and the charm that you possess. There is strength in you. Use the voice that you have inside. You have heard other people’s voices say what they mean to say. Tell what they want out of life. What is it that you desire? Speak it into existence and the silence will answer with opportunities. It will give you a chance to prove yourself. Just stick to what you believe in and the truth that you follow.

Before you judge how you are perceived, have you given anyone the chance to speak to you? There is no need to be too hasty to conclude that everyone dislikes you. Notice the way people around you interact. Do they not treat you with respect? You have offered words and attention; they treasure anyone who can. Try not to spend most of your time building faces. Give time and value to what really matters to you. Find the path you want to walk on. Is it laden with stars or with rocks? There is no telling for sure how long the road goes to your path of gold. Stick with compassion regarding your work.

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