Creator Archetype

The Creator archetype associates itself with being completely and entirely original. Their greatest pride lies in their ability to be creative when it comes to everyday life and achieving the goals that they've set for themselves. Creator's are constantly paving ways for others to follow.

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The Creator archetype refuses to be part of the norm and is always on the look out for opportunities to showcase its own way of doing things. Creators have the tendency of forming strong ideas that are both sustainable and beyond the expectations of ordinary folk.

In order to achieve that, the Creator archetype also often displays traits of perfectionism and obsessiveness. They absolutely detest shoddy work and put their best into everything that they do, regardless of their circumstances. When a Creator finds his or her calling or the skill that they fall in love with, they go all out to develop it further and turn themselves into experts in their fields.

  • Creators live to express themselves creatively and in the way they want to
  • Creators are not particularly receptive to conflicting opinions
  • Creators adore working with their hands and avoid theoretical applications
  • Creators are often introverted and find the most peace when they keep to themselves
  • Creators feel the most fulfillment when they create things out of nothing
  • Creators absolutely despise repetition and will do anything that they can to avoid it, even if it's taking a different route to work or school

Creator's Weaknesses

One of the most obvious weaknesses of a typical Creator lies in his or her strengths. A Creator archetype's perfectionism can lead to spending an excessive amount of time on a single task as they refuse to move on until they get it right. While that might seem like a positive attribute at first glance, it can also be deemed to be inefficient at times.

Creators are also petrified of being mediocre in any way possible. They enjoy standing out in the way that they do things and the way that people perceive them. For that reason, Creator archetypes often dress themselves in loud clothing or have an explosive sense of style. The weakness in this case is that Creators can't help but feel an immense amount of discouragement if they were to produce something they deem to be mediocre, and beat themselves up about it afterwards.

Creator's Challenges

The Creator archetype needs to overcome the fear of being unoriginal, mediocre, and perfectionist. It's important for them to understand that every idea thinkable was the product of another idea. In that sense, as much as the Creator refuses to admit it, nothing is ever completely original. It's all a product of our environment, our influences, and our experiences, much of which would not exist without someone else's idea.

Concerning yourself over producing perfect work every single time can also be an unhealthy obsession. It's important for Creators to understand that failure is a necessary part of the learning process. Ultimately, it's only through failure where we learn to succeed.

Creator's Wealth

Because of the high calibre of expertise that often lies within the Creator archetype, accompanied by their unique perspectives and ability to perceive problems differently from others, Creators are easily one of the most sought after talents across various industries.

However, despite their talents, Creators are also often insufficiently rewarded for their efforts. If a Creator archetype truly wanted to achieve monetary wealth, he or she would need to delve into riskier projects such as embracing their entrepreneurial spirits. Financial management is also important for Creators if they want to achieve their financial goals in the long-term.

Creator's Health

Creator's are often physically well, however, they might some times overlook or neglect their emotional beings. Being expressive of oneself doesn't necessarily equate to being intact with one's emotions. For that reason, Creators must actively seek opportunities to listen to their feelings.

It helps to talk to a close friend or a loved one about things that are burdening you instead of expressing it through a medium. Some times, confronting the problem directly might yield positive results that you wouldn't expect.

Creator's Love

As eccentric as the Creator archetype might seem, falling in love with a Creator just might be the most rewarding experience ever for most archetypes. However, not everyone is able to handle their constant need for exploration. Creators rarely find difficulty when it comes to finding a partner, and it helps that they do give their best into everything that they do, including their relationships.

One potential issue worth mentioning is that the Creator archetype is not always receptive to the opinions of others, which is why it's important for Creators to open their ears and truly listen to their partners. Love is all about communication, and you'll need to play a part in that equation.

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