Member Archetype

The Member archetype is one of the most interesting archetypes in society. They're essentially the building blocks of this world and are the ones who restore faith in humanity. One of the most distinct attributes about a Member archetype is his or her ability to blend into any group thinkable.

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Their knack for building rapport with different kinds of people is certainly admirable. Connecting with those around them allows them to forge the most reliable friendships and build the strongest amounts of trust, no matter how short-lived the relationship turns out to be. It's no wonder that Members thrive on interacting with the world.

Member archetypes are also morally and ethically sound; arguably more so than other archetypes. They have a strong sense of principle and always stick to their guns if they ever feel their virtues being challenged. What makes a Member connect with someone else is their ability to empathize and truly listen; digesting every word that comes out of the other individual's mouth.

  • Members are practically chameleons and are able to blend into any social setting
  • Members have the ability to get others to pour their hearts out to them willingly
  • Members are realists and are able to discern right from wrong without question
  • Members are fully aware of their principles and uphold them regardless of the circumstances
  • Members truly excel when it comes to one-on-one interactions
  • Members possess a certain type of charm that makes them so likable
  • Members are easily accepted into any social circle

Member's Weaknesses

Unfortunately for the Member archetype, the ability to connect with pretty much anyone and everyone also comes with some drawbacks. For instance, Members often feel uncomfortable if they were to be thrown into the spotlight. Even though they're likable and easily accepted, being the centre of attention is far beyond their comfort zones. For that reason, Members almost always prefer to blend into crowds and listen instead of speaking directly to a large crowd.

Member archetypes are also terribly frightened of being left out. Since they specialize in empathizing and listening to others, they grow attached to the individual quite easily. Because of this, they're just as easily affected if the interaction were to die down. For instance, if the individual they were speaking to were to suddenly stop talking and shift their attention away from the Member, it's likely that the Member will feel insulted and dejected.

Member's Challenges

Despite the Member's gift for changing skins every time they enter a new social circle, there are certain challenges that come with being a Member. Members usually find it challenging to talk about themselves. Their nature revolves around listening to others so much that they end up perceiving that talking about themselves would be seen as rude. Because of that, Members need to understand that it's important for them to share their own stories with others if they want to build trust or maintain a fruitful interaction. After all, conversation takes two people to be involved.

Member's Wealth

Members tend to disregard the importance of monetary riches. They'd very much rather concern themselves with the wealth of forming relationships with people around them. In that sense, they have an entirely different definition of wealth as compared to what other archetypes understand.

However, if a Member archetype were to seek financial success, it is entirely possible as well. Their likable natures put them in favorable positions when it comes to promotions and understanding people. This means that they're one of the few archetypes that are able to dissect exactly what their bosses want, and deliver it exactly the way they were asked for.

Member's Health

Member's are generally quite healthy in terms of both physical and emotional. However, their emotional well-beings need to be tended to every once in a while. Members are usually sensitive to how people perceive them.

They place far too much importance on how people view them, which in turn causes them to neglect their perception of themselves. Ultimately, it's important for a Member archetype to bear in mind that not everyone will find their charismatic listening skills as something likable.

There will always be individuals who refuse to accept you, and that's purely based on personal preference. Preventing a Member archetype from losing control of their emotional states is as simple as accepting the fact that rejection is simply part and parcel of life.

Member's Love

A Member archetype's love life can be rather complex. They absolutely adore going on dates, since its the perfect opportunity for them to get to know another person on a much more profound level. For that reason, a date with a Member might lead to the most heartfelt conversations. Unfortunately, being in a relationship can be quite challenging for a Member. They might end up feeling restricted due to their commitment and force themselves not to interact with others of the opposite sex. In turn, they could end up feeling trapped and unable to express themselves.

It's important for a Member archetype to communicate to their partner about their needs for social interactions with people without having romantic interests. Establishing this sense of trust with their romantic partners can potentially save a Member a whole lot of heartaches

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