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Your career is an essential part of life that often encourages you to make as little mistakes as possible. One error in your routine and you could potentially hold yourself back by more than just a couple of years. And when these mistakes accumulate, you could be in for a rough ride altogether. You may find yourself not living out your dreams even after 20 years of hard work and be in crises that you would never have seen coming.

That aside, you also need to establish a good rapport with the people around you. It doesn’t matter what your capabilities are if your social capital is lacking. Your colleagues and even your close friends can open doors and new paths for you to explore. In fact, you might even get into crucial segues that can drive your career forward. Perhaps you’ll find the love of your life at work, or end up being lifelong business partners with your workmates.

Harnessing all the opportunities at work requires you to have both technical and social skills. It also requires you to have a good intuition, though this can be harder to develop. You need a way for you to discern what opportunities to take part in or distance yourself from. Most importantly, you need to have a dynamic outlook that allows you to adapt to any hardship. Each opportunity will come at a price, and using the right ones will help you out in the long term.

This is where the Career Compatibility reading comes in. Like any other, it takes into account your sun sign’s uniqueness to show areas of improvement. Here, you’ll find out what you can do to stand out in a crowd. You may also hone your social skills through pointed advice on how to deal with unruly colleagues. Additionally, the readings are thought-provoking and interactive. This will allow you to dialogue with yourself about your career options.

By engaging you in a philosophical discussion, the reading will provoke you into questioning your current path. Is this really where you want to go– or do you need to simply hold your ground? What do you really want to achieve in ten years or twenty? The questions that you may be suppressing in your mind will be brought to the fray to help you find out more about yourself. After all, to paraphrase the legendary Socrates: The examined life is more worth living.

Aries: The Resolute Warrior

Being an Aries means being on the battlefield – and you know it. You love the thrill of working on challenging problems. The energy that you hold is positive and people love the way you lead. You manage your time well and spare enough of it to get people to work even harder. As a result, your rapport with others is almost spotless. These traits make you effective at jobs that require socialization and management at the same time.

Taurus: The Stoic Innovator

As an Earth and Fixed sign, you are particularly dependable and difficult to budge. Your dedication to the job and to your colleagues is admirable and noted by many. The innovator within you is also eager to create concepts that take products forward. With your boldness, this means that you are willing to argue just to get your point across. This assertiveness and stoicism make you great at jobs that require planning.

Gemini: The Busy Buzzing Bee

With your symbol being that of the twins, you are the jolliest worker bee in the group. Even when working, you always find time to talk to your teammates. This reinforces the camaraderie of the workplace and increases overall morale. Your lively nature also makes you the face of your social circle. This means that you are great at jobs that require direct contact with others.

Cancer: The Earnest Breadwinner

Being a Cancer, you are an earnest employee. You always deliver on time and try to make the most out of a bad situation. There is nothing more important to you than your family, and you tend to shape your decisions around them. This inclination to work hard and deliver makes you useful in any job you put your mind to.

Leo: The Nimble Lion

The proud Leo sign is not one for slouching or sitting on the sidelines. You love to stand out and create chaos or controversy. The idealism you possess is second only to the immense confidence you possess in your abilities. You are also a great ruler– showing fairness where it is due. This puts you in a powerful position for jobs that require leadership or charisma.

Virgo: The Organizational Wizard

As a Virgo, you are a master of organization and compilation. Nothing slips by your attention to detail. Aside from this, you can also be quite stern when dealing with an unorganized mess. Yet this is why people like you: you get things done, and you have the track record for it. This makes you capable at areas such as Human Resources and more.

Libra: The Freethinking Spirit

Libras are free thinking people who work well with like-minded individuals. In your case, you have a thirst for knowledge and creativity. Rarely do you stand still, as you tend to roam around the workplace thinking of new concepts. With the dynamism of your colleagues, you are in a superb position for jobs or businesses that generate ideas.

Scorpio: The Dignified Hardworker

Scorpio is a sign that demands respect in the workplace. You tend to place firm boundaries, but in exchange, you work really hard for the people around you. The individuality you possess is admirable as it helps you work even harder when you are recognized. This allows you to excel in jobs that require creativity and productivity like writing.

Sagittarius: The Idea Machine

Much like the proud Archer, you have a lot of ideas in your proverbial quiver. You tend to draw inspiration from lots of places, often dreaming up ideas while in traffic. These ideas are then relayed to your superiors with respect, and often help with career mobility later on. This makes you helpful in areas that need high personal input or informed opinions.

Capricorn: The Proud Ruler

Capricorns have a lot to be proud of– and rightly so. You have a work ethic that screams discipline. This inspires people to do their job in order to keep up with you. The confidence you possess is matched by your actual ability to achieve victory. This notable competence puts you in the running for higher positions, or even as an entrepreneur.

Aquarius: The Brilliant Creator

No one cooks up ideas quite like Aquarius. Your brilliance allows you to constantly have the recognition of your colleagues. And the concepts you introduce are often retained due to the quality behind your thoughts. Together with Sagittarius, you are well-suited for jobs that need a constant stream of ideas.

Pisces: The Ambitious Idealist

As a Pisces, your aim is towards the bigger picture. You do not work just to keep profits up, but to keep moving businesses forward. This makes you a visionary that others are simply inspired to follow. With your ideals and the wits of your colleagues, you can accomplish anything in jobs related to directorships.

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