Explorer Archetype

The Explorer archetype has a high regard for his or her freedom. Sitting still for even just a short period of time can cause them to feel jittery, uneasy, and restless. They crave adventure and they feed on new experiences.

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Think of the Explorer archetype as an adventurer who wants to make his mark in the world and discover new lands. However, Explorers don't embark on new journeys without any thought. Each of their explorations are carefully considered and contribute to their understanding of the world and themselves. Because of that, the Explorer archetype has the uncanny ability to feel at home in even the most unorthodox areas.

Explorers are highly ambitious and dedicated to their goals. Once they've set their minds to something, they go all out to achieve it. They have an unquenchable curiosity for knowledge and are always willing to learn about new places, even if it has no relation to their general interests. There is no other archetype that's more appreciative of foreign culture than the Explorer. If they haven't seen something, you can trust that the Explorer will make that his or her next adventure.

  • The Explorer focuses his or her attention on experiencing and encountering anything new
  • The Explorer has no patience for routine and mundanity
  • The Explorer is able to turn any foreign place into a familiar home for themselves
  • The Explorer sets high sights and for himself or herself and has every intention to achieve them
  • The Explorer is extremely curious and wants to see everything that he or she hasn't seen
  • The Explorer enjoys learning about the world and its various cultures
  • The Explorer struggles the most with making commitments
  • The Explorer needs absolute freedom and cannot be tied down

Explorer's Weaknesses

Since the Explorer archetype is an experiential learner, he or she is highly dependent on opportunities for exploration. However, opportunities are not always present, and in the absence of these opportunities, the Explorer can't help but feel a sense of inner emptiness. In the case of the Explorer, their biggest weakness is their dependency on external factors to feel joy.

Explorers also struggle with making commitments, and the mere thought of settling down is enough to asphyxiate them. This prevents them from forming deeper connections with people or finding a long-term romantic partner. It might even hinder them when it comes to truly excelling at a certain skill, since they quickly lose interest in it over a short span of time..

Explorer's Challenges

The Explorer needs to be challenged with learning how to commit. Commitment might not necessarily apply to romantic relationships. In fact, it's applicable to pretty much everything. Explorer archetypes have a much greater potential to see and experience more once they learn how to commit themselves to certain things.

Solely relying on new adventures can be incredibly limiting when it comes to experiencing joy. Apart from that, the Explorer archetype also needs to find different ways of expressing itself and appreciating life in general. For that reason, Explorers must learn the art of appreciating even the littlest of things. This has the potential to provide Explorers with the much needed motivation during periods of boredom or monotony.

Explorer's Wealth

Explorers tend to invest majority of their finances into creating new travel experiences for themselves, and such a costly hobby prevents them from being financially prepared for the future. They live in the present and have no worries for tomorrow.

The Explorer archetype's wealth, in fact, lies not in monetary riches, but in experiences. They feel the most joy from learning the story of a stranger or by simply being in foreign lands.

Explorer's Health

The Explorer is an archetype that has little to worry about when it comes to their physical health. Their active lifestyles and thirst for new adventures typically equates to a healthy body. However, there are times when the Explorer feels trapped in face of the slightest hint of routine. This can cause them to behave irritably and dysfunctionally, which is indicative of an unseated emotional stance.

To achieve a healthy balance in their emotional states, the Explorer archetype needs to express their need for exploration through different mediums. This can come in the form of self-development or different types of art; this includes writing, drawing, making music, and exploring and expressing themselves in a variety of ways.

Explorer's Love

Unless Explorer archetypes manage to get over their fears of commitment, their love life isn't going to look particularly spectacular. There is a certain charm about them that makes them attractive to members of the opposite sex, but that fast brewing passion simmers down quickly once the individual learns about the Explorer's inability to commit.

However, commitment doesn't necessarily mean that the Explorer will be trapped into a promise. Boundaries can be set appropriately to achieve a balance between what the Explorer wants and what his or her partner expects. Setting these small boundaries and rules can aid the Explorer in making a romantic relationship work in his or her favour.

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