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Your daily archetypes reading, based on the 12 jungian archetypes, gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Innocent Daily Archetype Reading

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If you have ever encountered a scheming and manipulative person, you know how difficult it is to deal with them. Thankfully, there are a few of them around. Naturally, you would want to know how people can be so cruel and unreasonable, and why they are after you. The answer to this is not simple, but the best thing you could do is to stand back. Malevolent people think differently from everyone else, so do not even try to get into their heads. As a wise old Sage once said, we can deal with tragedy, but malevolence is a different matter. Get away from them as far as you can, but if you do decide to fight them, know that you have to give it your all and hold nothing back.

If you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask for a hand. There are plenty of really nice and helpful folks out there who are more than willing to help you out. Just say the magic word, and people will be scrambling to your doorstep to lighten up your load. You can rely on the Hero archetype folks to save you from drowning in too much work, chores or whatever it is that is making your life chaotic. You will also find that the kind hearted Caregiver types are more than ready to provide some much needed assistance. However, don’t throw it all at their lap, and do some of the work yourself. It will help you build up your confidence, and teach you to become more self-reliant.

In myths and folklore, witches are the arch nemesis of the Innocent archetypes. In any fairy tale you can find a with will always hound on the purest and kindest soul they can find. A witch herself is an archetype of the negative and dark feminine principle which seeks to devour, poison, cast spells and eat people. Real life witches, not the neo pagan or new age kind, exist. Nowadays, we call them toxic people, narcissists and psychopaths. The one thing they hate is to be ignored, and that is also their weakness. If there is a real life witch making your life miserable, your first line of defense is to ignore them. They wither and fade away when not given any attention.

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