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innocent archetype


We all daydream once in a while. In the sandcastles of our minds, we envision fantasies of a perfect world where everything is as we want it to be. You tend to be more idealistic than other people, so your daydreams and fantasies are perhaps more egalitarian and utopian. Fantasies are like pretty bubbles in the mind. However, reality is the harsh thorn that loves nothing more than to burst your bubbles. Do not be dismayed. Realize that fantasies are what idealized concepts of what ought to be while reality is what things really are but are far from perfect. It is okay to daydream, just don’t let it blind you to the less than perfect world we all live in.

Generally, you don’t like paperwork. Adding up and keeping track of credit card bills, keeping a ledger for a budget of daily expenses, or any similar form of mundane accounting is somewhat a tedious chore for you. Well, maybe not all of you Innocents. However, for the more dreamy and care-free ones, you will often end up wondering where all your money went. Why? Because you don’t like paperwork. So, you don’t keep track of how much you spent to pay this or to buy that, and by the end of the month, you are almost always broke. So, keep a daily record of how much you spent and carefully compile and compute your bills. The lesson dear Innocents is it pays to keep track of your money so it doesn’t seem to vanish every end of the month.

Of all the archetypes, yours is by far the most open when it comes to ideas that may seem a bit out of this world. You are more receptive to concepts that seem far out, so you may have more than a passing interest in astrology, the tarot and healing crystals. If your jaded and worldly-wise or highly intellectual Sage friend proclaims that your hobbies and passing interest have no scientific basis and are mere superstition, just smile and change the topic ( never argue with a Sage.) It is fun to read your horoscope or get a tarot card reading, don’t take it literally or let it dictate what you should do with your life.

While the names of the archetypes seem mostly self-explanatory, things grow far more complex when you start to go a little deeper...

Beneath the surface, you'll find some extraordinary traits, attributes, and tendencies that you would never expect.

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