Lover Archetype

At first glance, the title “Lover” might come as a surprise to some. However, the Lover archetype is associated less with romance and sexuality and has more to do with commitment, faithfulness, and other such beautiful things. They desire to find love, but not just any love, spiritual love.

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The Lover archetype does a great job in revolving vastly around emotions, feelings, and sensuality. They have no qualms when it comes to opening up to others. In fact, they're even happy to do so. Unlike others, the Lover is capable of experiencing life in a much richer and concentrated fashion. They appreciate the littlest of things and are able to understand the underlying meanings of actions.

The Lover archetype feels the most extreme ends of emotions. Their happiness comprises of elation beyond description, while their pain can be described to be excruciating and crippling. Because of this, Lovers understand emotions at a level that exceeds others, making them the perfect candidates in all types of social situations. They form the deepest friendships and bonds with everyone and are able to see and understand things from various perspectives.

  • The Lover is enthusiastic about the smallest things
  • The Lover is able to put themselves in anyone else's shoes and experience their emotions, especially for the first time and even many times
  • The Lover understands people from all sorts of backgrounds
  • The Lover thrives on expressing and receiving love
  • The Lover has the uncanny ability to read social cues and see through people
  • The Lover centers his or her life around experiencing emotions at heightened levels
  • The Lover is committed and passionate when it comes to relationships in general
  • The Lover goes all out to please those around him or her

Lover's Weaknesses

The Lover, with all of their sweetness and likability, has one significant weakness; they often times try too hard to please others. Their fear of being alone or being rejected drives them to perform acts that can be far beyond their means. This can potentially lead to the Lover being manipulated and controlled by someone else. After all, love makes people rash sometimes.

It's also important to note that their fragility makes them highly sensitive to remarks about them. This particular archetype value the way people view them, which always has an impact on how they view themselves, making their personal development crucial to consider. They want to feel special on much higher levels.

Lover's Challenges

The Lover archetype struggles the most with their self-esteem and sensual aspect. Basing their worth on someone else's perspective puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to building self-confidence. Because of that, breaking a Lover can be just as easy as snapping a twig.

One of the biggest challenges that Lover's face is seeing and loving themselves without the help of another. It's important for a Lover to examine themselves objectively, without listening to anyone else, and understand their personalities on a less pretty surface level.

They need to understand that rejection is a process in life that simply can't be avoided. Unfortunately for the Lover, they'll need to find some way to numb themselves to rejection and failure, they need to find fulfillment within themselves. Their greatest fear is failing to do so since this would put them in a world of constant pain and discomfort.

Lover's Wealth

This is an archetype that has absolutely no qualms with giving everything that they have, including money. A lover desires a deep sense of joy in giving to improve the way people see them. However, this can lead to them struggling monetarily since they tend to give way more than they receive.

Fortunately for the Lover, their likability puts them at an advantage over others as they're well-perceived in the office. This can lead to better opportunities as they're able to form strong bonds with co-workers and their bosses.

If Lover archetypes want to find true financial success, they'll have to leverage their strengths and use them to get what they want. It's important to be cautious as the line between manipulation and love can thin fairly quickly, sparing their close relationships from harm.

Lover's Health

Similar to the Caregiver archetype, the Lover puts others beyond themselves, even if it’s for different intentions. This can take a toll on their overall physical and emotional health. The Lover archetype needs to exercise control over the way they express their love for others and place more value on their own needs. Lover archetypes have the unhealthy habit of allowing others’ opinions to affect the way they see themselves, which can throw them into an array of emotions.

Finding a balance between how a lover archetype perceives themselves and how others perceive them is paramount when it comes to maintaining a strong physical and emotional state of mind for them to begin forming deeper attachments in this unique aspect.

Lover's Love

If there's one thing that the Lover does best, it's loving. Lovers often make the best and the lover archetype passionately seeks romantic partners. Their level of commitment and passion supersedes every other archetype on the table.

They make their partners feel incredibly secure and are often one of the few who can provide the closest thing to unconditional love with great passion. However, the feelings might not always be reciprocated as other archetypes experience, perceive, and display affection differently; even when it comes to expressing appreciation. This is primarily the reason why Lovers can't help but feel neglected and unappreciated sometimes.

A Lover archetype's fear of being can also cause them to jump into unhealthy relationships at times. It's important for a Lover to view a potential partner objectively and make the call as to whether the individual in question will be a good fit. This can prevent a whole lot of heartache for the Lover archetype, helping them achieve intimacy.

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