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What “everyone else” is watching, or talking about, or reading bores you to tears. Granted, your taste or a bit out there, but that is who you are. Have you ever tried, even for a moment, to look into what the folks around you are talking about? You may be presuming that since it is popular, it must be brainless and vulgar. Right you are, to a certain degree, but that is the nature of entertainment. So, why not indulge in even just a little of the stuff the masses are crazy about? Who knows, it may provide a short breath of fresh air for all the heavy intellectual stuff you are so fixated on. Give it a try; don’t worry, it would knock your IQ down a notch to watch something silly once in a while.

In an alternate parallel universe, there is no such thing as social distancing, and a lockdown is what happens when a jail warden wants to prevent an impending riot among inmates. Everything would pretty much be the same, and no idiot would hoard hundreds of rolls of toilet paper. What would he even do with it? But then, there would be a novel computer virus ( COMVIR- 19) that would corrupt and wipe out all the data in every PC, smartphone or any other interconnected device on the planet. Then, there would be massive chaos and untold misery all over the world. The lesson here is simple; there may exist parallel and alternate dimensions, but in those worlds there will also be a different kind of chaos and disorder.

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