Magician Archetype

The Magician archetype can be described to be somewhat aloof when it comes to forming personal connections. Their deep connections with the universe makes them difficult to understand, and they know that themselves.

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Majority of their interests lies in having faith and spirituality, but not always from a religious standpoint. Magicians tend to have a strong belief in their dreams, their abilities, and themselves in general. This unique attribute makes them one of the most fearless archetypes when it comes to implementing their ideas and voicing out their opinions.

For that reason, the Magician archetype certainly earned its title. They're capable of performing miraculous feats in terms of things that they believe in. Their discipline puts them at an advantage when it comes to achieving their goals. There's no stopping them once they've set their sights on an achievement. However, the Magician archetype's deep-seated knowledge places them in a position where they can some times be manipulative. They usually seek the best outcomes for all parties and usually know when to stop.

  • The Magician tends to be highly intellectual
  • The Magician has a strong sense of intuiton
  • The Magician can often be described as a visionary
  • The Magician has a unique sense of charisma and is well-received by others
  • The Magician is constantly seeking knowledge and learning new skills
  • The Magician possesses the uncanny ability to wear many hats and tap into different abilities
  • The Magician is often looked to for guidance, support, and advice

Magician's Weaknesses

Despite all of the strengths of the Magician archetype, it also comes with its fair share of weaknesses. One of those weaknesses being far too critical on others and themselves.

Magicians set high expectations for themselves and expect to meet them every single time. They also set the same bar for others. However, failure is inevitable and even Magicians encounter failure at times. This specific weakness can lead to the Magician having a poor impression of those around him or her, causing the Magician archetype to shut people out intentionally.

The Magician archetype might also have a negative perception of himself or herself at times, which often puts them in depressive states.

Magician's Challenges

The Magician archetype is constantly posed with the challenge of conquering themselves. Their greatest weaknesses can be divided into two portions: one being their expectations, and the other being their how critical they are of people. It's important for the Magician to exercise humility and realize the fact that not everyone is capable of adopting their level of concentration or their calibre of learning. Apart from that, they also need to lower their expectations at times in order to better manage their emotions.

Magicians are often closed off and highly selective of the people that they surround themselves with. While that can be seen as a positive attribute, there are circumstances when it can cause loneliness. Magicians need to make the effort to open up to others and form deeper connections with those around them..

Magician's Wealth

Given the Magician archetype's unique ability to learn and master different sets of skills in a short span of time, monetizing their abilities should come with little resistance.

With that being said, Magicians are generally not expected to struggle with finances. Even if they did, they would definitely be able to figure a way out. However, this is an archetype that plays into both ends of the spectrum. A Magician who fails to apply himself or herself , and maximize their unique abilities, can end up being left lurking behind the food chain.

Magician's Health

Magicians achieve anything and everything they set their minds to. However, if a Magician archetype doesn't concern himself or herself with health, various physical issues could arise in the long term. It's important for a Magician to prioritize fitness in order to curb this risk. Magicians are also known to be aloof from social interactions.

In order to maintain a level-headed emotional state and tend to their inner selves, Magicians must find a way to express their frustrations and their sadness. This should preferably come in the form of confiding in a close friend or simply being more open about themselves and their lives.

Magician's Love

A Magician archetype's love life can be fairly complicated. Their level of faithfulness can be said to be unparalleled, and when they love, they love with everything that they've got. This often puts them in the position of experiencing the worst heart breaks. A Magician faces no foreseeable challenges when it comes to finding a partner, especially with their charismatic appearances.

However, maintaining a relationship can take its toll on a Magician archetype. With all things considered, this archetype is known to struggle the most with opening up to their partners. It's important for Magicians to remind themselves to talk about themselves more with their partner instead of constantly listening. This will go a long way in maintaining a healthy love life.

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