Outlaw Archetype

The Outlaw archetype is best described to be free-minded and free-spirited. Nothing stands in their way and nothing controls their desires. They're the true representation of what it really means to be the captain of your own ship.

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But not all is smooth-sailing and perfect for the Outlaw archetype; their thoughts are almost always anarchistic and chaotic. It's no help that Outlaws absolutely despise systems and everything that comes with it, which is why they're constantly rebelling against authority. They'll do anything and everything they can to promote their own ways, which becomes clearly evident in their destructive nature.

Outlaw archetypes are natural skeptics of the world around them and are constantly questioning the intentions behind organizations and individuals. During brief moments of peace, they're merely waiting for the storm. Outlaw archetypes are easily ticked off by social issues, inequality, injustice, or practically anything that screams unfairness. They have no qualms about standing against governments and defending those who reside in states of weakness.

  • Outlaws are born to rebel against anyone who tries to impose authority or control over them
  • Outlaws are difficult or if not impossible to control
  • Outlaws live by the mantra that everyone is born equal
  • Outlaws are always tirelessly going against the current
  • Outlaws feel the most comfortable in environments of chaos
  • Outlaws are highly sensitive to worldly and societal issues
  • Outlaws will do anything and everything they can to protect their beliefs in what's right
  • Outlaws find it difficult to trust people in general and their cynicism never fails to surface

Outlaw's Weaknesses

Although Outlaws are constantly looking at the bigger picture and doing everything they can to fight against a specific cause, they tend to overlook the details. Their eyes are often set too far onto the objectives that they neglect the beauty of the process. With that being said, Outlaws find it difficult to trust people and delegate the tasks; they'd rather do it right themselves than let someone else potentially do it wrong. An Outlaw archetype might make an excellent speaker, but might not be the best leader.

Outlaws can also find it hard to connect with others on a personal level. They'd very much rather discuss ideas and invest their time in taking action that making small talk. It's also no help that they're always questioning other people's intentions. Their cynicism and skepticism can eventually lead to loneliness if they fail to find a group of friends or an individual that makes them feel truly comfortable and secure.

Outlaw's Challenges

Outlaws need to challenge themselves with trusting people. However, being vulnerable can be an incredibly scary thought for the Outlaw archetype. It's important to take small steps towards the direction, and make a few minor mistakes along the way. This can be applied to both personal and work relationships.

Outlaws also need to combat their cynicism by being less objective and more emotionally connected. It never hurts to open up once in a while to a loved one, such as family or close friends. The world can be a vicious place if you're standing alone; even if that thought doesn't scare you, it should definitely be something worth pondering about.

Outlaw's Wealth

The truth is that Outlaws typically despise the idea of money, and it's no help that most necessities require money. Financial struggles might be the least of their worries, but that's not because they have plenty of it; it's simply because they have no care for it. Outlaws would very much rather grow their own crops and be completely self-sufficient than depend on societal expectations and systems for survival.

However, if an Outlaw archetype were to tap into their most prospective shadow of “The Criminal”, they just might be able to make a dangerous amount of money. It's important to note that taking such significant risks can put the Outlaw in unnecessary danger..

Outlaw's Health

An Outlaw archetype's health in general isn't a priority to them either. Their self-sacrificial nature prevents them from taking care of themselves. If given the chance to donate an organ to save someone else, you can be sure to bet that the Outlaw archetype will be the first in line, especially if its for a cause greater than themselves. However, Outlaws need to be aware that there's a very fine line separating self-sacrificing and outright self-destruction. Making that distinction is of highest priority if the Outlaw wants to prevent themselves from destroying their beings.

The emotional well-being of the Outlaw is typically not the healthiest either. If the right buttons are pushed, an Outlaw can be easily thrown into a fit of rage. Expression is healthy at times, but too much of a good thing always turns into a bad thing. Taking some time out of your day to meditate will aid you in developing mastery and control over your thoughts and emotions, which also doubles as an excellent process for self-development.

Outlaw's Love

You can be almost guaranteed that the Outlaw isn't looking to get into a relationship of any sort. Commitment is the least of their concerns, and definitely not what they need. Their romantic stints are often short-lived, but passionate for the duration that it lasts. With that being said, marriage is definitely out of the question for the Outlaw. There's practically no way imaginable that they'd want to succumb to society's expectations of a typical, traditional marriage. In fact, it might even disgust them.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that an Outlaw is unable to find love or express their emotions. There is a slight chance that an Outlaw archetype might eventually want to settle down, as unlikely as it sounds.

Nevertheless, even the briefest encounter with an Outlaw archetype, be it a single night of passion, a short conversation, or even a week of simply being around them, can be both refreshing, energizing, and inspiring. Their spirits are infectious and full of life, and Outlaws are certainly the best at conveying their opinions and ideas with conviction; sometimes even unintentionally.

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