Innocent Archetype

The Innocent archetype is typically naive and easily impressed by anything and everything, making them brilliant audiences for performances. However, their naivety is not what defines them. The Innocent archetype is best defined by its sheer positivity and optimism.

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Innocent archetypes are able to interpret any situation in a perspective that's uniquely optimistic. Individuals of the Innocent archetype tend to see the silver lining in every cloud and are constantly reminding themselves that there's goodness in everything. Conversely, when things don't turn out the way they expect, they're just as easily disappointed.

The Innocent archetype finds joy in the simplest things. Their intentions are pure and childlike, and what they seek in life is to find happiness. When an Innocent says that he or she's happy for someone else, they truly mean it from the bottom of their hearts. One of the key strengths of the Innocent is that they're able to power through any challenge that's posed to them simply by drawing strength from their unbreakable faith. For that reason, there is no other archetype that has the same amount of endurance.

  • The Innocent is highly optimistic and sees the best in everything and everyone
  • The Innocent tends to turn a blind eye to the evils and malices of the world
  • The Innocent is generally naive when it comes to general knowledge
  • The Innocent concerns himself or herself with finding happiness more than anything else
  • The Innocent is easily impressed but just as easily disappointed
  • The Innocent has a childlike innocence that's often adored
  • The Innocent wants to do things that are right by their own morals
  • The Innocent can some times be perceived to be boring and mundane

Innocent's Weaknesses

Innocents are usually individuals who seem to be living in their own little world, but not necessarily in a bad way. To a certain extent, ignorance can be bliss. However, this does introduce several weaknesses in the Innocent archetype. For instance, being perceived as naive can also lead to other archetypes labeling the Innocent as somewhat boring. This puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to social situations, especially since they're usually sitting by the side lines and not being the centre of attention.

Apart from that, Innocents are also deathly afraid of punishments, which is no wonder why they're extremely cautious when it comes to making decisions. They absolutely detest being punished. Because of this, Innocents avoid failure like the plague. There is nothing they hate experiencing more than the pain of failure. This prevents them from exploring new horizons and trying new things, which is also the reason why they'd rather stick to familiarity.

Innocent's Challenges

The Innocent needs to take up the challenge of stepping out of his or her comfort zone. Being surrounded with unfamiliarity will allow room for the Innocent to develop himself or herself. The Innocent also needs to learn to take calculated risks, whether its in social interactions or at work.

They don't have to be massive risks, but there should be some form of progression. Additionally, the Innocent needs to learn to accept failure as part and parcel of life instead of constantly avoiding it. Learning to accept failure will allow the Innocent to try new things in life and assist them in their search for true happiness.

Innocent's Wealth

Individuals of the Innocent archetype typically have no concern nor care for the monetary riches of the world. Instead, they'd very much rather spend their time frolicking in the sun or leading simple lives. Their lack of passion for financial gains should not be interpreted as a lack of wealth, as that's all made up by the joy that they're capable of feeling. They have no qualms about living penniless, and would very much centre their lives around simply being happy and comfortable.

If an Innocent truly wants to seek financial wealth, he or she should tap into his or her strength. They're capable of being highly focused and diligent, given their sheer talent for endurance. You can be guaranteed that the Innocent will be one of the last ones to give up on any challenging task. This theory can be applied to work or picking up a new skill.

Innocent's Health

Holistically, the Innocent archetype is one of the healthiest archetypes all-around. Their pursuit for happiness often spurs them to lead active lifestyles, granting them physical health and a well-balanced lifestyle. Their emotional states are always balanced as well, since they're able to truly feel and express their joy.

Truth be told, there is no other archetype that possesses this unique ability. Innocents lead the most fulfilling lives and can almost always be seen smiling.

Innocent's Love

An Innocent's love life is best described as simple. They prefer partners who complement their innocence and childishness, and are able to exercise patience with their naivety. All an Innocent asks for in their romantic partner is someone who accepts and cherishes them for who they are.

It's important for the Innocent archetype to be in a relationship that's trusting, and to find a partner that they can objectively trust whole heartedly. Given their naive nature, Innocents can often fall prey to deceptions, which can possibly lead to devastation. In order to avoid that from happening, an Innocent should pick their partners carefully and ensure that he or she can be trusted without question.

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