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Your daily archetypes reading, based on the 12 jungian archetypes, gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Magician Daily Archetype Reading

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One thing that strikes people about you is that you have always believed in your dreams. You are wide-eyed and curious about your imagination. What a nice way to live, but reality is out there too. Dreams can be an escape if you do not like the world you live in. Protect what you have or you might get sucked into a delusion. A bad dream is not the same as a bad day. You cannot wake up from a day of stress, but you can go to bed relaxed. Do not be so concerned about the outcome when you have already done your best.

When you turn off the lights at night and go to bed, what do you think of before you sleep? The thoughts that make your eyes heavy before you drift into slumber are important. You have always worn the mask of invincibility, but if confronted with darkness, it turns out that you have soft spots too. Yearning is natural. Connecting with people is important if you want to make it through life. Why are you afraid of opening up? Your friends are waiting for your call. They will be happy to spend time with you. But only when you’re ready.

Long and lasting love is waiting to happen. But first, patience. Not on your partner, but more for yourself. There are great memories waiting to be shared between you and the love of your life, but only if you invite them. What secrets are you afraid to start pouring out when you open up? You are not made of glass. While your significant other appreciates that you take the time to listen to them, they are also interested in what you have to say. They cannot read your mind. They will not understand what you mean unless you voice it out.

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