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Your will to be interested in the mundane is close to zero. Challenge yourself to develop a habit you can keep for a week. A physical routine will be like hitting two birds with one stone. It can help you develop a habit and it will be good for your body. Perhaps jogging or hiking will clear your mind and move your body. You do not need a new sight for you to see every day. You just need a new way to see your life every day. They say an interesting person will never be bored. Excitement is an emotional state, not an activity.

Take the time to see your surroundings through a stranger’s eyes. The place and the routines you have found to be boring can offer more to someone with an open mind. There will always be something new to learn under the sun. If you cannot find any then maybe you just haven’t searched enough. Take out the projects you have left unfinished. Now would be good, just as any other time, to continue working and finish them. A new feeling of accomplishment will wash you anew once you have finished a work of yours. Do not forget to look at the world in amazement like a child would. The soul can choose to hold on to its youth.

Do not give up the goals you have set yourself on. If you throw the towel right away, you will never see success for yourself. The hardest part in life is usually the most important part. That is where it will all start to turn around for you. Have faith in what you are doing. Your skills alone are enough to tell you that you have what it takes to make your dreams come true. Your part is in the hard work. Do what you have to do. Try as many times as you can until you succeed. Every victory is made by a hundred mistakes.

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