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Not everything in life will come in a big splash of color. You should learn to see the importance of the little things. Never forget how to appreciate the simple pleasures in your everyday life. What makes every morning bearable is the little ray of sunshine it introduces. You will soon find everything starts to lose the color in them if you stop trying to see in a positive light. Life will not always give you a big firework display in the sky every night, but you can always count on the stars to twinkle in the sky. It may not be as bright as you want it but they all comprise the night to light up the sky.

Love can be a very rewarding feeling to have. Do not rob yourself of the ability to experience love just because you are afraid of committing to a person. When your heart finally beats for someone, the last thing you will be thinking is the time you want to spend away from the person. Let your feelings run deep into you and experience romance more than the surface level. A new world of experience and emotions will open to you once you finally learn how to fully commit yourself to a situation. Allow yourself to be a hundred percent present. Live in the moment and experience life as it happens.

Never stop trying to understand the world around you. Do not waste the time and effort you put to get this far. You know how much you are capable of but it is not enough to know how good you are. The knowledge you have acquired will have to be put into action. The ultimate goal of all your understanding will be the application of it all into the real world. How will you use what you know? Keep finding ways to be useful. As you keep on growing, you also make your skills better. Find purpose in life to focus all your energy into.

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