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We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Never stop trying to understand the world around you. Do not waste the time and effort you put to get this far. You know how much you are capable of but it is not enough to know how good you are. The knowledge you have acquired will have to be put into action. The ultimate goal of all your understanding will be the application of it all into the real world. How will you use what you know? Keep finding ways to be useful. As you keep on growing, you also make your skills better. Find purpose in life to focus all your energy into.

How high are you willing to fly to reach the pinnacle of your dreams? If the height scares you for fear of falling, then there is no point in trying. You should not go after what you want while thinking of your failure way before it even happens. Part of the thrill in life is not knowing what will happen. You can never predict what kind of situation life will throw at you but always be there to receive it. No matter what you get, you have always been good at making the best out of the worst situations. Adaptability will get you far in life.

Free yourself from merely experiencing what can be met by the eyes. You will learn to appreciate so much more when you start to reach out more deeply. Take your emotions to another level. Listen to what your senses have to tell you. Let your body be enveloped by a plethora of sensations. You will start to recollect what you have missed in the past when you start paying attention to the tiny details in life. Even when you are living the same routine every day, you will never stop seeing the surprises life has to offer to you. Accept everything with an open mind and intention to understand.

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