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"...Most in-depth report I have ever received..."

Ever since my sons were both diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum I have been looking for ways to help understand and tap into the locked away personalities of my children. Before I could do that though, I had to take a look at myself and find out what roll I was playing in their lives and what benefits/weaknesses I was providing for them to imitate.

The Premium Archetypal Analysis program from is the most in depth report I have ever received and one of the ONLY ones I have found that is not cookie cutter made for each different personality type.

The complete archetype report I received allowed me to better understand the most intricate details about myself that I had not even realized were lying beneath the depths. Since I have read and utilized my report I have been adapting to conversations, activities and educational endeavors around the things I've been hardwired to excel at. I've also learned to hear, feel, and accept behaviors about myself - and that has allowed me to gain better control over my thoughts and emotions.

Kikono Savo, 35, Single Mother and Caretaker - Innocent

"...Opened a new gateway..."

In the past 3 years I have been still struggling to find my direction in life, and how to follow my Soul calling... There has always been something hold me back and shadow my direction, especially when crisis happens in Life, I feel lost and struggle to hold on to what I have found...

During my biggest time fo struggle, the urge to find a clearer purpose and strength to uphold myself became even stronger. I came across this website and discovered my Archetype reading and Shadow profile, which immensely helped me to realise a lot of insights and understandings about who I am and which directions I should take...

The information provided about Archetypes and Shadows from this website is very helpful for the first stage of self-discovery, and opened a new gateway for going further and deeper towards your Soul's yearning!

Nhan Ta, 30 Entrepreneur - Caregiver

"...I found a goldmine when I found Individualogist..."

There has been a search for who I am and what my destiny is since I was 6 years old and suffered a SEPARATION TRAUMA.... I found a goldmine when I found Individualogist. Thank you so much for helping me. Your questionnaire determined that I am a Caregiver, and I love your assessment!

I've read the Introduction and followed my Affirmations many times now. Originally, I followed your program to the letter. On the second day of your Sacred Affirmations, I heaved a huge sigh of comfort and relief. The images and wordings took me straight home to my forest environment.

Exactly this vision, I had lost at the age of six. To see exactly this familiar road now, constitutes a life changing and behavioural change for me. Each day, I opened up a new page. Any time I wanted to, I could go back to day 2. Yes, this image is sublimely comforting. You have some awesome professionals working at Individualogist! This program felt customized to me and I can believe that you are capable of customizing the program to each person; as your site promises.

Till Dunn, 73, Author & Speaker - Caregiver

"As time went along, more and more seemed to come true..."

This product is amazing. I was very skepitical at first but as time went along, more and more seemed to come true. Plus, it was filled with so much relevant informnation, it made it very easy to follow and recognize the signs and traits that were placed in front of me. It was a pleasure to read and piqued my interest even further. I recommend that everyone take part in this and get yourself involved in this. You won't regret it.

Bryan Smith, 51, City Inspector - Ruler

"A great reminder of who I used to be..."

I recently purchased the Premium Archetypal Analysis after learning I was the Creator. It has been revealing in what motivates me, as well as a great reminder of who I used to be. I was always so creative as a child and lost this along the way. I believe this report has reawakened that part of me and will serve me well on my path! Big thanks to the Individualogist Team for this awesome information!

Deborah Brown, 44, Holistic Health Coach - Creator

"I was convinced of the power and precision..."

My names is Janice Hickey and I am 62 years old. I am a retired teacher and a seeker of Universal Truths and Mysteries. My archetype is Lover and every word I have read from my Premium Archetypal Analysis has been right on target.

I was skeptical at first but as I began reading I was convinced of the power and precision of the information given. I am now a confirmed student of this process and recommend it to any other seeker of truth on this pathway.

Janice Hickey, 62, Retired Teacher - Lover

"...It reassurred me of who I could be..."

I had doubts about who I was, even though I had a vague idea of who I really wanted to be. Suddenly, I found myself engrossed in Individualogist. It reassurred me of who I could be, and how I can become be that person - showing numerous possibilities of what I could achieve.

Wow, it has certainly given me a whole new world of insight. And ever since, I'm becoming the Self I need to be.

Vivian Ngozi Jensen, 34, Self-employed - Hero

"...Helping me hone my unique characteristics..."

The Premium Archetypal Analysis is helping me hone my unique characteristics and has really made me interested in further research into Jungian Phycology. Thanks! I will add this to my toolbox to further map out my inner world.

Ryan Evans, 33, Hairstylist - Ruler

"...Helped me realize what my soul purpose on this earth is..."

This reading really helped me realize what my soul purpose on this earth is. It's very accurate and right on point and I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they have lost their way!

Misty Thompson, 42, Homemaker - Caregiver

"...Truly heal my physical and spiritual self..."

I have been on my spiritual journey for about a year. It wasnt until i got diagnosed with HSV did i truly began to embark on the quest of individuation and natural healing techniques. This has helped me take a better look at myself and go inward to truly HEAL my physical and spiritual self. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Ciara L, 22, DOT Driver - Explorer

"...Found out that I am here for a bigger reason..."

When I found out that I am here for a bigger reason than just sitting around and waiting, I was just more than relieved that this horrible fight would soon be over.

So I do more than appreciate to know my purpose in life. Even if it is hard at times. It makes me very happy and proud to see that humanity really has a chance to be free.

Sandra Jabbour, 38, AMS - Caregiver

"...You won't regret it..."

I'm still taking everything in. Do it! Get this program. I promise, you won't regret it!

Dulce Montas, 48, Student - Member

"...Learned more about myself here than any where else..."

I truly love your site and have learned more about myself here than any where else. I haven't had my 'ah ha' moment yet but I feel it coming! I wouldn't give up your site for anything.

Denise Hollinger, 49, Caregiver

"...I need to change myself..."

For things to change, first I need to change myself. Without realizing, the quest emails I’ve been receiving during my manifestation journey finally came into my realization that it's all about shaping our own reality by reprogramming our mindsets. I can’t wait to see wonderful things for me to show the world!

Mike Nas, 28, Lover

"...Try it yourself..."

Had a great time with my readings! I've learned a lot about my strengths, weaknesses and different latent gifts I have. Gifts that need to be tapped in to and used. There are things in my reading that have amazed me. Try it for yourself!

Barbara Lewis, 67, Magician

"...Cannot say enough positive things..."

I cannot say enough positive things about the various products that are available at as I have purchased several reports and have been 100% satisfied with each one. I have learned so much about myself in such a short span of time and the results are astonishing. I have been through countless hours of psychotherapy dealing with my bi-polar 1 disorder and know myself fairly well, but I knew there had to be more to myself. The Universe answered when I was ready to listen and guided me to (among other things) starting with my free archetype reading. I was so impressed that I purchased the complete report on my archetype, which explained to me things I already knew about myself but had forgotten or buried deep down inside, as well as opened my eyes to a new perspective on myself. I have also purchased and read through the diminishing your shadow report on my archetype which was invaluable at taking a real good look at myself and seeing what makes me tick. I am currently reading the eclipse of the ego report also from and am simply fascinated with what I am learning. Note that this material is not for everyone, you have to be ready to take an honest evaluation of yourself including the bad with the good. But in the end while taking a close look at yourself can be difficult at times, what you find and release and integrate consciously is more than worth it. Highly recommended.

Jack Brunner, 51, Deli Clerk - Magician

"...My life was full of ignorance and negative energies..."

Before Individualogist, my live was full of ignorance and negatieve energies. Now, I know that everything that I had learned had one single purpose. I am thankful to God and Individualogist for guiding me through my life path, and the lessons that life has given me.

Sebastian Tabor, 26, Design & Manufacturing Engineer - Creator

"...Till today, I'm still dumbstruck..."

5 months ago, I decided to take a break from the corporate world as apart of me knew that there was a bigger purpose in life which started with a few emails and eventually became a guide which till today I'm still dumbstruck - thanks to

There I was, thinking I was about to take a break from work, but little did I realise that the journey of life discovery and aligning myself with my life path started to unfold. I started to noticed a series of "coincidences" happenings in my life and it has helped put me on a more purposeful life path filled with self-discovery and constant learning.

I now live a more purposeful life, although the journey came together with obstacles and numerous challenges, equipping me with the learnings for a bigger breakthrough. I only plan for this journey to succeed and hope to gain knowledge & blessings from the Indiivdualogist team. One thing's for certain - I am living a more purposeful life.

Marcus Khoo, 33, Entrepreneur - Member

"...Dead accurate..."

Dead accurate and couldn't have come at a better time. Best of the best! I now know my place in the world for certain!

Bruce Gordon, 25 - Outlaw

"...Gained a lot of insight into my abilities and weakness..."

Excellent product, I've gained a lot of insight into my abilities and weakness. Now I'm able to detect my shadow way easier and let go of what has been holding me back all my life. It's been a deeply rewarding and fulfilling journey that I keep returning too whenever I need to refresh my memory. Thank you!

Oscar Nygren, 36, Emotional Fitness Coach - Explorer

"...My life has transformed..."

My son was diagnosed at 3 years old with Autism and at 5 adhd. I knew when I was pregnant I was to have a special child. After much reading and looking for the truth I got into healing and ran into individualogist. The site confirmed what my intuition and soul already knew. Ever since I have been using the tools, my life has transformed. My son went from non verbal to talking my ears off. I’m humble and thankful for the knowledge.

Ashley Calloway, 30, Entrepreneur - Caregiver

"...I am so truly grateful to you all..."

I am 40 years old trying to find my place in this world. I have three boys, two who are in their twenties and a 13 year old with spina bifida. Due to some tragic events that took place in our lives a few years back, my family was left shattered. And as hard as I have been working to put everything back together, now that I have myself pulled out of the depression, it seems like I keep missing something. So I have turned to Individualogist for help and advice. And I must say, you have helped me understand myself and ways to help myself achieve the goals I have set. The first one being that I can help my children find their way and that we can focus on being a happy family together again. I'm so fascinated by this reading that I have dug deeper and have found simple and beautiful ways to help my children also I am so truly grateful to you all for the help and I will no doubt pay it forward. Thank you for your faith in all of us.

Peggy Sue, 40 - Magician

"...Developed an incredible awakening..."

I’ve developed an incredible awakening. If you’re looking for answers or explanations for questions you can’t explain scientifically, then this program is right for you. This is unlike any other type of integration of science and the unexplained. With love and light!

Rebecca Rae, 39, Entrepreneur - Creator

"...I have much more self-awareness as to who I am..."

Since receiving information from the Individualogist program, I have I learned so much about myself. It has helped me to discover why I do the things I do and how I am wired. I confront challenges better and I have much more self-awareness as to who I am. I have to admit when I ordered the information I was a bit skeptical, but the information was spot on. I am currently working on my shadow metamorphosis and it has been eye-opening! It has shed light on some of my inner beliefs about myself and the world, and how I react to problems and people who have been problematic in my life. I recommend the reports developed by the Individualogist Team!

Jeffrey Boozer, 60, Parole Auditor - Ruler

"...Looking forward to unlock all the potential that I have..."

Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me share these beautiful truthful feelings of growth, and that everything will be fine if I focus on myself. I am happy with the help I have received from Individualogist, and I am looking forward to unlock all the potential that I have - all because of you. Thank you again!

Laetitia, 29, Beauty Guru - Lover

"...Gave me a complete understanding of my archetype..."

This is truly amazing. I’ve just started on this path and found this site. They gave me a complete and deep understanding of my archetype. Everyone’s is different. Anyone starting to learn this shift in consciousness needs to check this out. It had me and who I am as an individual whole-heartedly correct. It shows you exactly how to overcome your exact archetype and create a union between the unconscious and the subconscious.

Cody, 31, Construction - Creator

"...Feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin now..."

I love your products. They are very accurate and have helped me to understand myself so much better. I have purchased many of your products over the past year. I have been very pleased with each and every purchase. I feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin now. I have found the love of my life and have been helping my children with finding their paths in this life with your products. You really have a wonderful way of getting my full attention, which is not an easy task. I really enjoy your products and your emails. Thank you for all you support.

Peggy Sue Conner, 40, Stay At Home Mom - Magician

"...Found the readings here to be most life affirming..."

I found the readings here to be most life affirming. It's really great when you're at a point where you feel stuck and not really sure where you belong in the world or what to do with your abilities (and it helps to add confidence to abilities/talents you "know" you have, makes one more capable of owning and using them!)

Jez, 31, Tarot and Astrology Reader - Sage

"...Great information..."

Individualogist provides really great information!

Pamela Coulton, 55, CEO/President - Ruler

"...Most in-depth report I have ever received..."

Your guides are clearer and more understandable than others. What they say is much easier to understand!

Maria Varela, 27, Fashion Designer - Member

"...Love this website..."

I love this website, it gives me the help that I really need!

Subham Sarkar, 25, Musician - Lover

"...Thank you for blessing me with the truth of my path..."

Shocked at the accuracy of my path and reports. Was more shocked at how I was led to you. I never even knew you existed, but somehow my guardian angels did. The truth is something I have sought for 40 years of my life and I cannot say thank you and express enough gratitude for your gifts of guidance, and how my messages came to me through you. Your gifts will impact millions! I am slowly going through them because I want to absorb, pray, and reflect as I go through everything I've received. Stay blessed, and thank you for blessing me with the truth of my path. It confirmed what I have known for a very long time. Love and light, and huge blessings. My heavenly father has blessed me through you, and I return the blessings abundantly and magnificently. I decree that he will propel you even further!

Parvinder, 40, Unemployed - Caregiver

"...Great materials with much wisdom..."

Great materials with much wisdom and the opportunity to evolve further!

Julia, 20, Student - Outlaw

"...Great materials with much wisdom..."

Everything in my Natal Personality Report was spot on. I have never in my life recived so much information about myself - especially as accurate as the information I received from you. To the Individualogist Team - you have my DEEPEST RESPECT from my heart. WOW!

Claes Edqvist, 47, Scaffulder - Hero

"...Great materials with much wisdom..."

My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012, and it created tremendous trauma in me. He still has some obstacles, but through the information I've gained from your site, I've been able to NOT continue living in a constant state of fear and anxiety. I'm grateful to you for sharing such important information! I see the renewed strength in myself reflecting in him 💓

Deidra K Jessen, 44 - Ruler

"...Always been professional, helpful and above all, nice..."

I have to say that Ann is awesome! I’ve only had a couple of problems and questions and she’s always responded back quickly and has been very helpful with everything. Even when asking for refunds, no questions asked, even though I’m sure she’s felt frustrated with me but she’s always been professional, helpful and above all, nice. I like dealing with Ann. Individualogist has always been correct with the information they sent. I know I’ll receive whatever it is I’m asking for without having to ask twice!

Melissa Blatman, 53, Housewife - Caregiver

"...My personal traits were right on..."

My personal traits were right on!

George, 39, Self-Employed - Outlaw

"...Very accurate and very reassuring..."

Wow it was very accurate and very reassuring some things mentioned in it! I have been doing on my own and knowing I'm on the right path in some areas is reassuring to me. And also gives me confidence that other journeys I to want take, like pursuing another career in a particular field, is something I should do.

Danielle Jones, 32, Education - Member

"...Very accurate and thorough..."

It reaffirmed alot of what I know about myself even further pushing me to listen to me... Also talked about some aspects of my life to be careful about... How to overcome some of these as well. If anything I can say that is constructively criticizing would be just to expound on that even more.

We all love to hear the good things but the lessons and the overcoming of them is the reason we're all here - guidance; which ya'll do a very accurate description of. Maybe just a hair more explanation of the overcoming. Besides that, very accurate and thorough. Keep spreading the love!

David Russell Bartley Jr, 33, Foreman - Creator

"...Spookily accurate on many levels..."

I have read and continue to read my natal chart reading. It is in depth and so true to me. It is spookily accurate on many levels and explains why I feel the way I do. I am planning to explore further the influence the planets have on my life, and will be using this knowledge to help carve a better future for myself. Thank you so much!

Carole, 57, Support Worker - Caregiver

"...Considerate customer service..."

Very kind and considerate customer service from Ann!

Jane, 52, Freelancer - Caregiver

"...Proved to be informative and helpful..."

The Natal Chart reading proved to be informative and helpful. After awakening to 5D I needed a new life perspective from the various spiritual tools that I had been using and a reading from another source other than my own. My Natal Chart reading was what I needed. I will be buying the Archetype reading package from Individualogist once I’m finished gathering the needed info from my Natal Chart reading.

Randy Goodwin, 62, Facilities - Magician

"...View myself from a whole other perspective..."

Ever since I received my Natal Chart and Archetype reading, I’ve been able to view myself from a whole other perspective. I finally had the tools to help identify with what I feel and resonate with in myself.

Logan Ahern, 22, Self Employed - Jester

"...Brought the best out of me..."

This has brought the best out of me!!!

Amanda N Cochran, 40, Chef - Creator

"...Came at the right time..."

It provided me positive feelings when I most needed it. It came at the right time!

Lorena Paycana Basilio, 47, Government Employee - Explorer

"...The clarity I needed came to me through you..."

My life has been quite different since childhood and through out my adult life, I was suffering quietly and showing the world a smile. Everything I've ever gone to achieve or enjoy has always had a price to pay; either my own stature or financially. Recently I've delt with numerous psychics and tarot consultants, but wasn't enough. Something was missing. I knew I needed more information. I had a rough idea about archetypes, and that enabled me to stumble upon Individualogist - and I'm glad I did. The clarity I needed came to me through you! Thank you Individualist, for giving me what I was after, and helping me look forward to the future every day!

K.A.R.Campbell, 40, Welder - Magician

"...The clarity I needed came to me through you..."

I wish to thank all of you for your archetype reading. I realised my direction was to help my mum as she's really not well, and I don't know how long she has left.

The archetype reading gave me the strength I needed to become her caretaker and give her and myself joy. It has been many years since we've spent time together, let alone lived together! I have found joy in being able to be strong enough to do this, strong enough to give her joy and put a smile on her face, and be able to look after her. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your reading 💜💜💜💜

Rebecca Knight, 38, Caretaker - Caregiver

"...I was amazed and shocked..."

I was amazed and shocked! And I really believe it's going to help me a lot! Based on what I've gotten so far, I feel like it has already helped me!

Deborah Dianne Trotter, 57, Works At A Distribution Center - Hero

"...Feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin..."

I have learned to appreciate qualities that I have suppressed for years. I am a lot more outspoken, brave enough to share my truth with others, and I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin.

Sheena Staton, 37, Freelance Writer - Outlaw

"...Feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin..."

Before I got my report, I had no answers for why I was having my current experiences and circumstances. I ordered this product with hopes of answers for a questionable time of insecurity. I needed some guidance to the answers and wanted to end all worries that this was not going to continue to much longer. I needed help and quickly.

I got them in the very first paragraph of my report. I was amazed at the accuracy and most of all the answers! I now use it everyday, I am constantly reviewing it to get everything I need to continue. I was able to relax and know what to do and what to expect. I appreciate the help and am grateful for the answers!

TManda Denson-El, 49, Unemployed - Caregiver

"...Accurate and very helpful..."

Accurate and very helpful with helping me understand myself. Thank you!

Amanda, 43, Homemaker and starting a business - Member

"...Glad to get my hands on this..."

I just received both of my Reports and I'm excited to read what you have to say about my astral configuration and what it means for me to get this report for year 2020. I'm curious how this year will go for me. So glad to get my hands on this Report it tells a whole lot about what to expect day by day. Thank you for all your hard work to benefit us in the long run. I bought my obsidian sphere from you too and I'm glad I did! Thank you once again.

Prudence Russell, 73, Retired - Caregiver

"...Helping me to focus on what is important..."

I couldn’t believe how accurate and informative my birth chart is. I appreciate the guidance it gives me and it is helping me to focus on what is important for me to learn and do. I want everyone to know there birth chart meaning. We can’t come to a higher level of consciousness if we don’t know who we are meant to be Without your own actualization and individualism established you won't be able to evolve to a higher vibration and can risk dissolution.

Amanda East, 43, Business Owner - Member

"...Learning so much..."

I am learning so much! Appreciate your help.

Shirley Trick, 68, Retired - Explorer

"...Awesome analysis..."

Excellent discovery, awesome analysis.

RiCo Dometita, 49, Seaman - Lover

"...Helped me to understand myself..."

Helped me to understand myself.

Johnny, 30, Engineer - Hero

"...You guys know what you are doing..."

I think it's great I think you guys know what you are doing - spot on! Thanks a heap!

Jenny Colless, 57, Trader - Lover

"...I Love The Individualogist Team..."

What an amazing experience. I look forward to seeing the emails. It's something I can't wait to read, so sweet, something I've never had yet I can't wait to read your knowledge and the respect. I LOVE THE INDIVIDUALOGIST TEAM!

Queen Leslie Taylor, 46, Self-Employed - Creator

"...Extremely accurate readings..."

Extremely accurate readings. Very friendly fast customer service who's willing to assist with technical issues. Highly recommended if you want an in-depth look at yourself!

Peter, 33 - Outlaw

"...Learned a lot about myself..."

I really enjoy reading all the information about my archetype... It's really fasinating. I've learned alot about myself. Thank you!

Christina L Cole, 63, Caretaker - Innocent

"...True purpose of my soul..."

I’m very curious about learning who I am and what’s the true purpose of my soul in this world. I have found the RIGHT information and I'm stunned by the information I've gotten from you. Thank you!

Roberto Davis, 49, Housekeeper - Caregiver

"...I recommend this to anyone..."

Life has been so tough for me. I started healing and meditating and my higher power stepped in and guided me here. Very accurate, I recommend this to anyone.

Arley Markiewicz, 33, Freelancer - Sage

"...Realize what my soul purpose is all about..."

It really helped to realize what my soul purpose is all about. I will recommend it to anyone!

Cynthia, 18, Student - Creator

"...Report is spot on..."

Ann (customer support representative) done good, with all her help: and the report is spot on!

Audrey, 70, Tarot Reader - Caregiver

"...Appreciate all of this..."

I'm still listening to the Eclipse of the Ego. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I Sooo appreciate all of this... I've been waiting for this for a lifetime...

Judith Danks, 63, Language Apprentice - Caregiver

"...Excellent, courteous service..."

I have to highly commend the customer service adviser I dealt with, Ann. Her response was extremely quick (24hrs) and everything sorted immediately. Excellent, courteous service. Many thanks!

Sara, 66, Retired - Outlaw

"...A good investment..."

This was amazing for me, I had never seem anything like this in anywhere else. The content is full of who we really are, it's a good investement!

Caique de Farias, 24, Student - Hero

"...Really like what I have read so far..."

I really like what I have read so far. I am looking forward to reading everything you have prepared for me. Thank you!

Cathy Mcghee, 58, Homemaker - Lover

"...Glad that I am starting the journey..."

Very good to get some guidance that makes me see my reality with clarity. The mind, spirit, attitude open heart and soul are important in understanding our celestial connection. I am glad that I am starting the journey as I walk into the spiritual unknown.

Michel Brossard, 68, Retired - Explorer

"...Rare that you have a theory, method and practice all laid out to you..."

I had my reservations when first I encountered this approach to working on uncovering the true authentic Self. Having done and lived through many different protocols and therapeutic processes prior to even find this method, I read my report with an arms length...

But I was positively surprised. All the way - (except the many typos that had not been corrected before sending it out).

This approach is highly recommendable to those of us who are either completely new to Self therapy, or those of us who already have a deep experience with this kind of work.

It is rare that you have a theory, method and practice all laid out to you in one single document - following your own sense of speed and ability - and all the while with a support team on standby for any questions.

The essence of Individual Approach is Key to these reports offered here.

Eíra Wiese, 40, Respiratory Helper - Innocent

"...Gave me insights into myself..."

It gave me insights into myself. There is so much to absorb and I will be examining it for a long time. The Individualogist team have been very helpful and courteous. And I thank all of you.

David Gelowitz, 76, Self Employed - Explorer

"...Wonderful insights..."

Wonderful insights!

Kara, 27, Labourer - Caregiver

"...Thank you all for everything..."

I never knew that there was so much more to life, and so much more I don't know. I can't wait to find out! I'm a little scared but I know I will be ok and this transit will make me so much stronger. Thank you all for everything.

Adam, 35, Maintenance - Caregiver

"...Found this report very helpful..."

I recently purchased the Archetype Report to help give me guidance in my life. Many things have happened so quickly in just a short time my head was spinning. I have been working on healing myself, which includes learning about myself. I found this report very helpful, which led me to purchase additional reports they offer. It started with me just taking a short quiz I found on Facebook. I didn’t realize the report would reveal so much.

John Hansen, 55, Retired - Outlaw

"...Report was very informative and insightful..."

The report was very informative and insightful. I am still new to the archetypes and needed more education on the topic. All the wonderful information that I was seekng was in my report. It was all about my individual archetype and what that means for my life path. I recommend anyone on a journey of self discovery and enlightenment to definitely purchase the report. Especially if they are new to all of this and are seeking more answers and enlightenment.

Brandi Hicks, 42, Tarot Card Reader - Lover

"...Love these readings..."

I love these readings, can’t wait to finish reading!

Destiney, 20 - Magician

"...Changed my life totally..."

It has really changed my life totally. I now understand life more than before!

Pedro Paschal, 28 - Outlaw

"...Very helpful..."

Ann was very helpful each time I needed help

Yasmin O’Neill, 59, Carer - Explorer

"...Spot on..."

Thanks so much for taking your time to put this together for a fair price. I must say, it is spot on.

Begitte Maluna, 51, Caretaker - Caregiver

"...Deeper understanding of my archetype..."

Thank you so much for this incredible knowledge and insight. Having a deeper understanding of my archetype and personality profile has given me the confidence to embrace my intuition and continue digging deeper into my true self and purpose here!

Amanda Phillips, 29, Advisor - Lover

"...Learned so much..."

Well for me this was meant to happen. Like how on point this is with myself is scary. But I love it I always look 2 steps a head of the game. I learned so much about the bad points of my Shadow and Ego 💙💙

It makes so much sense when you think about it. We have to get rid of our bad habits; we all want the best version of ourselves to keep winning and learning! We can always do better when it comes to being kind, polite, caring and loving when a someone's down.

We all have these qualities in us. If we used all the postive things within us, this universe would be even more amazing. Don’t hate, because that means we don’t learn. Educate and we move forward!

If you fall and you have a good network around you, they should be there for you. May love stay with this amazing team!

Darryl Saunders Jr., 37, Construction - Lover

"...Motivated to find my authentic self..."

I'd never been true to myself about who I really was and what I wanted in life. That's the reason I wasn't feeling proud of myself even after my post graduation. After finding my archetype, I've been feeling motivated to find my authentic self. I've started learning yoga, mindfulness & energy healing.

Nehal Choudhary, 25, Student - Hero

"...Answered just about every question I wondered about myself..."

This experience is one of a kind! It has answered just about every question I wondered about myself. No cap! I have gained much clarity about myself. I understand more about myself. This is what I needed, it was critical help to me finding out who I am as a person. I highly recommend anybody to this website. It is divine work at its finest!

I just want to thank Ann for the great customer service. She literally was answering my questions at 1AM in the morning! I was appalled that she responded so fast with concern. That's awesome man. Thanks Ann, you're the greatest!

Katanga P Saintville, 34, Truck Driver - Innocent

"...Love the daily information..."

Love the daily information!

Daisy Gibson, 78, Retired - Creator

"...Have control again..."

Overcame my obstacles, and I now have control again over everything in my life!

Imari Magee, 24, Magician

"...Whole new way of looking at myself..."

I’m a mother of two, in a complicated relationship, and my son is high functioning autistic - as I am. I have begun a strange yet fascinating spiritual journey and I’m trying to understand myself, so I can grow in finding my true purpose and higher self. So I can in turn positively help my children grow. This is a whole new way of looking at myself.

Christine Gourlas, 32, Caregiver

"...Been a life changer for me..."

It has been a life changer for me. I feel better than I did earlier on. I now know what I am meant to be, and that's a blessing.

Reen, 19, Hero - Student

"...So accurate that it's scary..."

This in-depth reading is so accurate that it's scary. There were times I had to stop reading just because it was so scarily accurate. I love my natal chart and this site, it has helped me connect to my true self!

Les Pierce, 19, Innocent - Steel Fabrication

"...One of the most intense experiences..."

The Natal Personality Report was undoubtedly one of the most intense experiences I have ever tasted! Really incredible precision, very accurate information, sometimes I feel my whole body filled with fear. It is as if I have been exposed in a certain way. The way we perceive and project the world changes in an extraordinary way. I'm loving what I've been experiencing for the past few days.

Michael John Harkin, 31, Magician

"...One of the best things I have purchased..."

Wow this is one of the best things I have purchased!

Loc, 23, Explorer - Business

"...Everything I've read is so accurate it's scary..."

I wanted to find out more about myself because I am wondering where this all comes from and how I got to be the way I am. Everything I've read is so accurate it's scary! It helps me moving forward and I can't wait to continue to learn about myself!

Leslie Coblentz, 34, Outlaw - Social Worker

"...Started a change within me..."

This has really started a change within me. I feel a bit more calmer now and words are flowing like water. I'm very interested in meeting a Water Elemental actually all Elementals. Water most definitely though. This is all so exciting!

Zachary Johnson, 34, Lover

"...Helped me realize my true essence..."

This report really helped me to look within myself and realize my true essence. Thank you for helping me begin my journey to transcend the mundane!

Jessica Rodriguez, 32, Esthetician - Caregiver

"...Value for money is really good..."

I have purchased similar reports from different providers but haven’t thought it was money well spent until Individualogist! The value for money is really good and the team really did spend a lot of time preparing the content. You can be sure it’s good stuff!

Sarah, 30, Business Owner - Explorer

"...Great and accurate insight..."

Was a great and accurate insight! Thank you!

Vaughan, 32, Medical Student & Operating Nurse - Hero

"...Wonderful and miraculous..."

I am very happy to come across Ever since I connected, my entire lifestyle has changed for good, I experienced freedom, happiness, and joy within me, know completely who I am, and what I am meant to be. I am swimming in my true self.

The Reiki Energy channeling mastery, which I have been intensively meditating with to date, brought great healing on my 15 years old son. Since after his birth, he developed asthma and Bronchial, on the 12th of November 2020. I went to the doctor to collect his daily medicines and spray, the doctor carried out a routine check-up, and discovered that asthma and Bronchial are no more. 15 years of Asthma-Bronchial Healed by "Usui Reiki" I am still on heart Gratitude and thanksgiving to Usui Reiki.

It has also been wonderful and miraculous since my son and I have been wearing our Energy Transfiguration Spheres. All negativities have melted away and my son's behaviors have changed to positive. He is now very cool headed and active in domestic activities with me. We are best friends, united in one love and our energies are vibrating at higher frequencies. I am happy to connect with Individualogist through this way, I remain ever grateful.

I am very grateful, thanks a lot to Individualogist and Team! May the Universe continue blessing you and your Team!

Mirian Nsofor, 36, Corporate Worker - Sage

"...Love everything I purchased..."

I actually love everything I have purchased. I really got the true facts and it right on target. Now all I have to do is resolve all the issues. Everything is so direct it's just amazing. Thanks so much.

Christopher S. Young, 62, Retired - Caregiver

"...This really opened my eyes..."

This really opened my eyes and took me to a whole other place

Alysa, 28 - Lover

"...Recommend this site to everyone..."

I started looking into natal chart info a little over a year ago. Just kept putting off paying for my in depth birth chart & never had time to get to researching enough to figure it out myself. The deal was too good to pass up & I'm not disappointed in my purchase. At. All. The chart was very informative & lined up enough to convince me that there is so much helpful info we can learn from our astrological data. I would recommend this site and the products to everyone! Much love!

Casey Ingram, 31 - Magician

"...Did a great job..."

Ann did a great job trying to help out with a complicated situation.

Susan Hastings, 84, Hypnotherapist - Lover

"...Great and helpful..."

My experience with Individualogist has been great and helpful!

Dale Walker, 37 - Explorer

"...Helps with my daily obstacles..."

Love the website, really helps with my daily obstacles.

Shane Carter, 33 - Innocent

"...Spot on..."

Very exciting readings! Spot on! I mean you really got me. Thank you from an Outlaw.

Mariesa Sutherland, 59 - Outlaw

"...Delighting to receive your posts..."

Thank you very much for sending me my daily readings. It is very delighting to receive your posts every day. Special thanks to Ann, who is always friendly and ready to help me.

Anne Kristina, 58 - Hero

"...Feel a sense of understanding..."

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching to find out what I want to do in life. As I continue to pursue and learn knowledge from Individualogist, I can feel a sense of understanding.

Tyler Boyer, 34 - Member

"...Learned to master myself in every aspect..."

Individuation is an exciting journey. I knew deep down that I was missing something. Potential inside me that I didn't know how to unlock. I have learned from The Shadow Metamorphasis Guide to master myself in every aspect. Spiritual awareness and self reflection is some powerful stuff. It has inspired me to spread what I have learned with the world!

Frazier Guillory, 26 - Explorer

"...So much knowledge..."

There is so much knowledge in these books and programs that's it's unbelievable! I can't wait to find my inner self. Psychology is science!

Kapria Young, 25, Entrepreneur - Hero

"...Becoming who I was born to be..."

With the help of Individualogist, I'm becoming who I was born to be. A more positive perspective, more abundance, purpose, these are just a few things I'm consulting with them about. My life has newly inspired anticipation to it. Thank you, Individualogist!

Jackwalyn Sue Paschal Jarosz, 52 - Explorer

"...Changed my life in ways I didn’t expect..."

This has changed my life in ways I didn’t expect. I've come so far in finding myself. I have opened my eyes to see the negative people in my life and how to fix my family’s relationship.

Zackariah Murphy, 21 - Creator

"...Well worth the money..."

I have had my cards & bones read recently & when I had my cards read today, they only solidified what I was told. This more in-depth reading of renewal showed me what to look for, as well as tips to help guide me. Well worth the money!

Gretchen Lee, 48 - Self-Employed Creator

"...So happy with my purchases..."

I’m so happy with my purchases. The Natal Chart is very accurate and I love having my own personal horoscope to read daily. I would recommend these to everyone who is interested in learning more about their life journey.

Trina, 46, Horse Therapist - Lover

"...Very interesting and very accurate..."

I have found this program very interesting and very accurate. I really enjoy reading the astro, horoscope, and tarot readings daily. It is scary accurate.

Rachel, 25, Quality Engineer - Ruler

"...Thank you for the great work you do..."

I love that whenever I have a problem, I always receive assistance in a prompt & concise manner. Thank you to everyone at for the great work you do.

Jackwalyn Sue Paschal Jarosz, 52 - Explorer

"...I especially like the subtle white glow..."

I love things like this necklace or charm (energy transfiguration sphere). I especially like the subtle white glow that resembles a cloud that moves around the surface of it. Thanks!

Kathy E Langford, 62 - Creator

"...Love the books..."

I love the books and I want to go deeper. I love learning about me... I want to further my knowledge and go deeper than I've already gone.

Linda Barton, 57 - Outlaw

"...Almost like it was reading my mind..."

I just want to say that the natal chart is so right on with the information... It's the best one I have ever purchased out of all the sites out there. This is the one that contains the real information about yourself. I mean it revealed new things about me that I can't believe it actually knew! It's almost like it was reading my mind and seeing everything that I've been through in my lifetime. If you haven't gotten it yet, you need to get it and I promise you you're going to be like "wow, that girl is right"!

Ashley, 36 - Ruler

"...Feel more fortified by my decisions..."

In a nutshell, reading over the material provided by your team did more than open my eyes. It's kept them open. The answers I've had within for all of this time have been confirmed. I feel more fortified by my decisions and the process I take to come to them. Life is still a struggle, but I can find beauty in it and the journey to an improved me.

Justin Kearney, 30 - Innocent

"...Re-assuring guidance and direction..."

Since I have signed up and purchase my personalised report, everything is suddenly starting to make sense in my life. The content of which I must say is insanely accurate, but has also brought a re-assuring guidance and direction to my life, in a way that I’ve become more mindful on my affairs and more importantly a clearer insight to vital matters or aspects of my life, that I would otherwise have ignored. I must sincerely thank you all for your great support over this past year.

Collins Ukoko, 40, Healthcare Assistant - Outlaw

"...This was an amazing report..."

Wow! Just can’t believe, this was an amazing report. 100% true for me. I have had mixed emotions reading, I laughed out loud, teary-eyed, smiled... This is incredible. I’m speechless... Just wanna say, you’ve done a great job and I thank you!

Rubina M. Dakis, 54 - Caregiver

"...Wealth of information..."

Thanks for sending me the Solar Return report and Natal Chart. I've been able to receive the information in my Natal chart more readily than I was able to with my Solar Return report. The Natal Chart has been a wealth of information and ideas to contemplate. I look forward to my meditations and have a better sense of my place in this world. Again, thank you!

Johndavid Provitt, 32 - Jester

"...Courteous & helpful..."

Ann is is a credit to the individualist organization, courteous, helpful, and gives reasonable expectations to questions asked. One cannot ask for more. Shoutout for Ann!

Mark Schraps, 68 - Outlaw

"...Courteous & helpful..."

Listening to the first 2 weeks has been incredibly insightful as I have not previously considered a perspective like such. It has also been a saving Grace in a way and for that I am incredibly grateful! Beyond words that can describe. Seriously thank you so much! Looking forward to continuing this journey to become more positive and productive along with going through a personal period of self-actualization fully immersed.

Armando Cortez, 24 - Creator

"...Learning fast and love it..."

I'm growing and I'm learning fast and love it Thanks individlogist team 😊

Paul Rogers, 51 - Magician

"...Learning fast and love it..."

I very much enjoyed how the report would explain the logic and premise behind every detail related to the sign, archetype, tarot card, etc. that was written to me. Then it would relate how each element related to the prediction or observation that was in my personal daily or weekly horoscope. That was extraordinarily helpful to people like me who have no clue what any of these items meant prior to now.

It helped fuel me with positive energy and thoughts! I appreciate all the wonderful words every day brought to assist me in moving closer to my goals and dreams for a better and happier life! This has opened up so many new positive thoughts and wonderful possibilities that I never would have been able to do by myself!!

Thank you for EVERYTHING!! It has been extremely EXITING so far, brain-numbing with critical thinking and problem solving, but that’s what one of the most intriguing parts of it all. Thank you so much!

Wendy Watkins, 44 - Lover

"...Readings are so well-written & timely..."

These readings are so well-written, timely and perfectly honed in on exactly with what's going on in my life at that moment in time. I can't get over it. Everything shared is very helpful... Although blunt and straight to the point which I absolutely prefer in life from my friends, family, bosses, etc., the same goes with this advice!!!

Sugar-coating things doesn't help me get better... Not like the assessment that will point out and assist me to quickly change my improvement path if I've veered off course.

Thank you for all of your wonderful help, smiles, praise, constructive criticism, and encouragement to keep moving forward when I think you see that I want to give up or I'm feeling down!!

Wendy Owen, 44 - Lover

"...Made me realize my life purpose..."

I have learned more about myself with the in depth archetype analysis. It drove deep into every aspect of my archetype and finally made me realize my life purpose!

Lacy Cutri, 31 - Hero

"...It really fit..."

I did this quiz on a whim and it really fit. I will keep this site in mind as many good things are coming my way. I am in a great period of transit and am grateful, even for the destruction it’s causing , there is no way to rebuild without tearing the old walls down. Thank you for being here at the right time.

Liz, 36 - Sage

"...Gained so much knowledge..."

Since learning about astrology and receiving their free readings, I have gained so much knowledge and just can't express how wonderful Individualologist's products have been for me! Can't wait till all of this starts for me, just can't wait! They are simply the best. I give them a 5 star rating and recommend them to everyone!! So grateful!!

Rhonda Griffin, 50 - Innocent

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