Sage Archetype

The Sage archetype is highly dedicated when it comes to seeking knowledge and wisdom. If the Sage archetype were a vehicle, then information would be its fuel. Practically everything that they experience in life is a lesson for them, as they're able to identify the obscure meanings behind every event in their lives.

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The Sage archetype is often a very factual and intelligent individual. However, they're also just as intuitive and self-reflective. Another one of their traits is their curiosity when it comes to learning.

Unlike other archetypes, the Sage archetype's education doesn't cease after graduation. They're constantly applying themselves and enriching themselves throughout their entire lives.

What drives the Sage archetype is their goal of knowing the truth behind everything. For that reason, majority of the conversations that they have revolve around their questions. This can be disadvantageous for them as they'll take any form of misinformation as a form of deception. With that being said, they take lies very personally and feel emotionally affected when they discover that what they learned or believed in turns out to be wrong.

  • The Sage is deeply intelligent and possesses a large pool of knowledge
  • The Sage believes in learning being a lifelong journey
  • The Sage is immensely curious when it comes to learning new things and skills
  • The Sage learns about facts but listens to his or her intuition
  • The Sage has a desire to feed on more and more information, even if it has no relevance to his or her interests
  • The Sage absolutely loves reading of any sort
  • The Sage struggles with taking action despite their great ability to learn
  • The Sage can some times appear to be arrogant and prideful

Sage's Weaknesses

With all of the Sage's intelligence, there are certain weaknesses of this specific archetype that can seem slightly foolish. Often times, Sage's can project themselves in a light of arrogance and might sub-consciously look down upon others for their lack of knowledge.

They can also be stubborn when it comes to their opinions, especially when someone else expresses a conflicting opinion. Despite the Sage's rich amount of knowledge and intelligence, they struggle immensely when it comes to taking action.

They rely far too much on being in the comfort zones of their own minds; neglecting their will to take action. This introduces plenty of missed opportunities for the Sage, and prevents them from taking their learning to an experiential level of application instead of theoretical ideas.

Sage's Challenges

Similar to other archetypes, the Sage archetype needs to confront their fear and hatred for ignorance. It's important for this archetype to realize that not everyone is able to learn at the pace and with the passion that they possess. In fact, they shouldn't be regarding themselves as superior over others in the first place. For that reason, the Sage archetype needs to exercise humility and alter their perceptions of people in general.

The Sage archetype is also known to struggle with taking action, and should take up the challenge of stepping out of their comfort zones and exploring the things that they aren't confident in. This will create opportunities for the Sage to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, and provide them with deeper insight into their individual selves.

Sage's Wealth

Sages are often sensible when it comes to managing their finances, which means that they're rarely placed in positions where they have to worry about money. Their knowledge and quest for information allows them to master a wide array of skills. However, the nature of this archetype has the tendency to simply learn without taking action.

This means that their skills are often merely theoretical and haven't been put into practice. If a Sage truly wants to achieve financial success, it's important for him or her to explore the idea of taking their knowledge to actual training grounds and perfecting it.

There's only so much that can be learned from books, and there's a completely different spectrum of it that's yet to be explored.

Sage's Health

Sages tend to be slightly lacking in terms of physical health. The Sage is an archetype that's highly dependent on learning and intellect, leaving little room for physical growth. Sage archetypes should invest some of their time into leading a balanced lifestyle by incorporating exercise into their daily routine.

The emotional state of a Sage is also reliant on their knowledge and wisdom. Sage's should explore meditation in order to tap into their spiritual selves and understand their personalities at a deeper level.

Sage's Love

A Sage archetype needs predictability in their love life. Predictability is indicative of stability, which is where a Sage truly thrives. Commitment is another attribute that Sages should look out for in a potential partner. This will grant the archetype a strong sense of comfort in their romantic partner.

Thoughtfulness is also appreciated immensely from Sages. However, a Sage archetype must bear in mind that while their knowledge and intellect must seem appealing to some, others tend to be impressed more by social awareness. It's important for a Sage to play to their strengths when it comes to finding a potential romantic partner.

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