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Caregiver Daily Archetype Reading

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Give yourself a chance to accept care and love. Do not take a pass on the time that you should spend for yourself. Build your own self as you help to build the people around you. How can you try to lift them up when you are left so far behind? It is important that you also work with your life and the goals that you have set. You also need to grow as an individual. Put some time to also invest in your body; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Take all of the space that you will need for your growth because you deserve it.

You have spent a great amount of your time thinking about the welfare of others. Caring for someone can build a strong bond with them. Attachment comes with close relationships. Be cautious not to invest your time and heart to people with no interest in sharing theirs to yours. Staying in a one-way relationship, regardless if it is romantic or not, will only suck out the soul out of you. In order for you to grow in a loving relationship with the people around you, there needs to be reciprocation in the feelings involved. You can never fill the part of the other person should be giving no matter how big the love you contribute.

Learn to accept the hard truths in life. There is no saving someone that does not want to be saved. Not every situation is dire distress. Some can be solved by one man only. There will be paths you will have to walk alone. No one can take it but you. Everyone will walk their own path. What will yours be? You have the power to choose your own destiny. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Realize your value and the place you hold in this world. When you think you are sitting in a spot you do not deserve, spread your things. You are worthy of a bigger space.

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