Ruler Archetype

Leading is arguably the most distinct trait of a ruler archetype. While others tend to avoid playing the role of a leader, Rulers are absolutely comfortable with volunteering to take charge. It's important to note that it's not the desire to lead that defines the Ruler archetype, but the actual quality of leadership that they're able to provide.

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It's no wonder that Ruler archetypes are often the most fair and just out of their various groups of friends. They're able to manage the expectations of others and grant direction towards maintaining order.

Rulers yearn for power. It's the attribute that they sought after the most, and also the one that they find most fulfilling. Everything that Rulers do is always somehow related to either gaining, maintaining, or even exercising control. They'll leverage on their leadership qualities to attain higher personal goals, be it for their family, friends, or their community. In a group of friends, the Ruler archetype is often the one calling the shots and organizing outings and gatherings. They live to be the boss and despise being overpowered.

While the people that surround Rulers fall prey to their brave frontiers, and assume them to be completely and entirely fearless, it's important to bear in mind that no one in this world is perfect.

  • Rulers are born leaders
  • Rulers are decisive and empathetic towards the ones effected by the decisions they make
  • Rulers are incredibly cautious of their words and actions
  • Rulers are charismatic, which is often seen whenever they assume the role of a leader
  • Rulers aim for the stars and refuse to take landing amongst the clouds as consolation
  • Rulers have multiple skill sets and are often described as “the jack of all trades”
  • Rulers crave power and control more than anything else in the world
  • Rulers have a strong sense of responsibility and reliability

Ruler's Weaknesses

Despite all of the Ruler archetype's strengths, not everything is as perfect as it sounds about the Ruler archetype. Even the greatest kings that ruled the world had flaws. This archetype has the tendency of behaving far too authoritarian, which is a trait that needs to be controlled and approached cautiously. While some might be receptive to a leader with authority, others m ight perceive him or her to be arrogant and refuse to follow his or her directions. This would ultimately split the group into two and cause chaos.

Rulers also struggle to delegate. They have the habit of overestimating their abilities, resulting in them biting off more than they can chew. Not to mention that their need for control might prevent them from seeking help from others. There are times where taking such risks make their efforts worthwhile, but over the long term, failing to delegate has the potential to break Rulers.

Ruler's Challenges

One of the greatest challenges that a Ruler archetype has to face is the risk of losing control or power. The sheer thought of not being able to play the role of a decision-maker stirs is able to create complete and utter chaos in their mental state. Rulers need to learn to accept the fact that not everyone can be won over, and that enemies and false friends will always exist no matter how hard they try to please those under their control.

In addition to this, Rulers are known to overburden themselves with everyone else's issues. They'll do anything and everything that's within their power to complete tasks without seeking the help of others. While a part of this can be attributed to their arrogance, it's also possible that some Rulers simply find it difficult to reduce their level of control for their own sake. With that being said, the greater challenge that rulers face is ultimately their own selves.

Ruler's Wealth

From a financial standpoint, Rulers are known to be one of the few archetypes who struggle the least. Their leadership qualities are widely sought after across various industries and their charisma helps them to breeze through interviews.

Majority of Ruler archetypes are also able and even encouraged to become brilliant managers, businessmen, politicians, or any other occupation that involves a high level of decision making.

Ruler's Health

Rulers struggle the greatest in this department. Their dedication to leading can cause a massive toll on their physical health. Leading can be highly time consuming, which is why leaders have the tendency to consume convenience goods. They'd rather invest their time in exercising their role than on their own luxuries. However, such behavior can lead to poor and declining health in the long-run. In order for Rulers to prevent themselves from becoming exhausted, they need to take some time out of their week to exercise and make a conscious effort to maintain a balanced diet.

A Ruler's mental health is also worth highlighting. The amount of pressure that Rulers face on a daily basis can prove to be far too heavy to bear on their own. In fear of appearing weak in front of their followers, Rulers make an effort to ensure that they either bury their emotions, or expose them to no one but themselves. Either way, it's unlikely that you'll hear a Ruler archetype complain or break down. This prevents them from creating quality social connections and building close relationships with others. It's important for Rulers to make an effort to forge friendships and express themselves emotionally in order to maintain their composure.

Ruler's Love

Rulers tend to come off as authoritative and dominating, which can prove to be a challenge when it comes to relationships. There’s often an imbalance in opinions when a Ruler archetype embraces romance with another partner. It takes someone with a lot of patience to understand and submit to a romantic partner of the Ruler archetype.

Rulers should bear in mind that relationships are always a two-way street, and the values and opinions of their significant other’s needs to be listened to. There are also times when a Ruler archetype is required to sacrifice his or her pride for the greater good of the relationship. Listening to your partner can in fact, be a lot more empowering than trying to impose your authority over him or her.

Another point worth noting is that Ruler’s tend to be more memorable and charismatic than others, and are often put in the spotlight. Rulers don’t usually have trouble when it comes to finding suitors; they almost always have the pick of the litter, but only if they play their cards right.

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