Hero Archetype

The Hero archetype thrives on bravado and seek every opportunity to display its formidable sense of courage. Individuals who identify with this archetype tend to feel the need to prove their worth by performing courageous acts. It's one of the defining attributes of a typical Hero archetype.

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However, these performances should not be mistaken as acts of vanity. Instead, Heroes often have selfless goals that are directed towards improving the world and society.

In order to achieve that, the Hero archetype invests a majority of its time into mastering skills and filling itself with relevant knowledge that will put it in a favorable position to make a difference. Because of this, the Hero archetype is often innovative when it comes to solving problems. Hero archetypes thoroughly enjoy exchanging ideas, opinions, and fiddling with the latest inventions.

  • Heroes approach problems from a macroscopic perspective and look at things from a broader point of view
  • Heroes never back down in the face of risk and danger
  • Heroes wear courage on their sleeves and are immune to how others perceive them
  • Heroes are constantly coming up with new ideas on solving significant issues
  • Heroes commit themselves in a laser-focused fashion
  • Heroes refuse to play a part in following trends; they set them
  • Heroes have big dreams and do everything they can to achieve those dreams

Hero's Weaknesses

Even though the hero archetype is meant to be perceived as one of the braver archetypes, every individual has his or her own set of fears. As impossible as it may sound, even Heroes are afraid of something.

Although the Hero archetype tends to ignore what others think of it, the one thing that hero archetypes truly fear is being perceived as a coward. They're fully aware of who they are and their bravery is unquestionable, and they feel the need to prove that to both themselves and others.

Another weakness of the Hero is his or her arrogance. If a Hero isn't careful of what he or she becomes in the future, it's likely that a typical Hero might succumb to pride and be consumed by it. And as all of us already know, pride will be the downfall of man. Therefore, it's important for a Hero to remind himself or herself to remain humble.

Hero's Challenges

Heroes are always seeking new challenges. In the eyes of a Hero, a new challenge represents opportunity for self-development, self-improvement, and holistic growth. They approach new challenges with an open mind and every bit of gusto that's been inculcated within them.

However, the constant quest for new challenges can prove to be a challenge in itself. In the absence of new challenges, a Hero runs the risk of feeling complacent, unmotivated, and drained. Heroes need to seek different ways to counter this as challenges are not always going to present themselves every single time.

Hero's Wealth

Due to their innovative nature and high appetite for risk, Heroes tend to be more successful than other archetypes. Their personalities have been constructed around entrepreneurial activities, which can lead to immense financial wealth.

They're also often perceived as reliable role models and leaders since they're always the first to step up when it comes to difficult tasks or choices that are hard to make. A Hero archetype's career often revolves around coming up with new and creative solutions to tackle problems, which makes them brilliant engineers and well-rounded designers.

Hero's Health

A Hero archetype's obsession with bravery can be unhealthy, especially if it puts them in immediate physical danger. They also tend to overwork themselves in the pursuit of their goals, giving little to no regard for their own health and well-being. Instead, they concern themselves with the health of their loved ones.

Heroes should take a step back to remind themselves that they too are human and require the same amount of nutrition and physical needs as everyone else. Failing to do so could have detrimental effects on their health in the long run. It's also important for them to participate in spiritual activities such as meditation in order to retain their collected composure.

Hero's Love

Heroes generally encounter little difficulty when it comes to impressing potential partners of the opposite sex. Their bold tendencies instantly makes them stand out in a crowded room. The issue in this case is whether a Hero's partner is able to handle their habits and deal with their peculiar idiosyncrasies.

As a Hero archetype, it's necessary for you to understand that your archetype is not the easiest to comprehend, and making the effort to help your partner understand your thought processes will go a long way in preserving a long-lasting relationship.

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