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We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Open your mind and let your view expand. There are a lot of ways to live life. You can find out all of them or enjoy the life you have now. You have been scorched by reality before but that should not stop you from still living free. Take into account all the ways you want to connect with people. If there is one thing you are good at, it is in extending your heart and giving compassion to everyone around you. Not all people will deserve the love you have to give but that does not stop you from expressing yourself. As long as you stay strong and believe in yourself, life will never be able to truly bring you down.

There is no need for you to go far to find what you love in life. You have always been so sure of what you like. Use your passion to create something bigger than yourself. All you have to do is to redirect your energy into something more productive. Find your drive and let it take you to the top. Success can have a different meaning for you but that does not mean you cannot achieve it. You will reap the rewards of all your hard work and patience at the end. For now, put in the work you need to do and keep on creating.

You always take everything to heart because that’s how you have always lived. Learn to discern what should be considered seriously and what is not worth your time. The more you make room for important matters in your life, the less worry you will feel about unimportant things. You should be making the best out of your time. You do not have a lot of energy to spare for nonsense. You should never stray away from the path to achieving your dreams. Keep your head straight on and you will never lose track of what is important. Everything else is just distraction and you don’t have a lot of time to indulge them. Make every second count.

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