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We do this by taking your personality traits into account, and then recommending actions and changes based on the overarching energies for the day.

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Build your perception of yourself. Have a stable view of who you are. You love freely and strongly but how can you be so sure of your feelings when you are not even sure of yourself? There will be other people who will judge you falsely. If you are not careful, you will also be misjudging yourself. Try to look at the mirror with clarity. Who you see with your eyes may not be the reflection staring back. Over time, you will be continually changing. Don’t wait for other people to point out the difference, you should be the first one to know what changed.

Chasing after the approval of someone else is bound for a life in misery and disappointments. You should not depend on others for your happiness. Find true joy within yourself. You have to accept your flaws. You must know that everyone has them. It is normal and perfectly human to have shortcomings. How you rise above it and use it to your advantage is what you should be focusing on. No need for you to keep on asking for validation from a stranger. Stop bending yourself over for other people. You must learn to put some worth on what you can do.

The hard part of life is what will shape your character the most. How you react to rejection and failure will determine what kind of person you are. Both are unavoidable, yes. It does not matter what you do, you are bound to experience failure or be rejected. Keep in mind that it is not the end of the world when those things happen to you. The ultimate power to your life is in your hands and what you do with it. Take every negative experience as a lesson to learn. Always seek the silver lining. Keeping a positive attitude will save more time than one.

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