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Settle the way with how you value yourself first. You can give enough love to another but that will never make you feel better towards yourself. Every now and then, it is healthy to be able to spend time alone with your own self. Only in solitude will you be able to listen to your thoughts clearly. Only when you are away from the thoughts and opinions of others will you find out who you are. A sense of self is important when you spend too much of your time towards other people. To care is not a sin, but that must also include caring for your wellbeing.

Have faith in the strength that you have in your spirit. Your heart burns with passion and it can light a fire in anybody’s will to live. Take the dreams you have always carried in you. Go down the road to chase them. There is no cave too dark for the light that shines inside of you. Your heart will be your guide in the darkest of nights. There will be no need for you to fear loneliness along your journey. What is meant for you will find you. There is no need to stop and settle for anything less than you deserve.

It is finally time for you to let yourself lie down on a bed of roses after sleeping on a bed of nails. It is okay for you to let go and move on if you have had enough. There will always be things or people that you will desire but are not for you. Staying in what is supposed to be a temporary stop will only make you miss out on the good things in life that are in store for you. Learn to let go freely as you have hold on tightly. The loyalty and faith you have will be matched with the same intensity. You just have to keep walking until you find home.

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