Daily Love Tarot Reading:

Love is in the air! Curious what the future holds dear in your love life? Be guided by our Daily Love Tarot reading.

Today's "Love" tarot reading reveals a favorable outcome for your romantic life.


Daily Love Tarot Reading

Eight of Swords (Upright)


This card carries within it a sense of loneliness and being trapped. This makes it one of the most dangerous cards to get for any Tarot reading on romance because it means exactly what it says.

While at first, it may seem like you are in for a ride, sooner or later, you will discover how detrimental your situation is for you.

You may be manipulated by your significant other because they have plans that do not involve commitment and romance at all.

You are in a relationship that’s actively bad for you; either you’re being manipulated into always spending your money, or your partner is too eager to satisfy their insatiable, carnal desires. In such cases, it is far better for you to burn bridges than to endure being with someone who clearly doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

This setup is toxic and would most likely cause harm to your overall well-being.

Contrary to what you may think, you will always have a way out when it comes to these kinds of situations. You need to be brave and assert yourself that you do not deserve this kind of treatment.

It is high time that you take off those rose-colored glasses and finally see the red flags for yourself.

It is understandable if you would be in denial at first, but you will eventually see the truth of the matter, one way or another. It’s just that you've been warned, and it is up to you to listen or not.


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Six of Cups (Reverse)


The reverse represents a purely transactional relationship between you and your partner. By this, it means you are probably being used just for one specific thing.

No true bond exists beyond the giving of gifts or sexual pleasure, so the relationship could be void at its very heart without you even realizing it.

This setup could seem preferable, but more often than not, such relationships are the breeding ground for much sorrow.

You must evaluate if this is the case in your relationship with your significant other. Sometimes, some people feel that way after a particularly nasty fight and are not remarkably accurate in their partnership.

However, most of the time, this feeling may be a fact.

As such, you might want to start thinking about leaving the relationship or drawing firm boundaries to make the relationship more mature and stable for both of you.

Often, though, the first option is the most viable one, especially if it has gotten to the point where both parties are just in for the benefits and no longer for the emotional bond. Breaking off the relationship may be the best way out, but remember to do things civilly and politely.

But if you choose to fight to keep the relationship, then do so for the redeemable aspects of it all.

Make sure, though, that it is you and your partner who is up to the job of salvaging. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your time, and you will be better off with someone else. 


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Eight of Wands (Upright)


The Eight of Wands in its best position is an indicator of success, especially in terms of romantic goals. It means that your relationship is about to reach milestones that you yourself may not be able to predict.

You and your partner might have so many goals for one another- and it just might be the right time for them to come to fruition! The two of you have so many things to look forward to, as the world would finally give you the chance to do everything that you’ve always wanted.

From something as heartwarming to your beloved finally saying “yes,” to something more material such as success in investments, new furniture and wider connections, every blessing that you’ll gain in the future will be essential in making your relationship more durable, so don’t squander them and make proper use of life’s gifts to you.

Take this time as proof that you and your significant other are genuinely made to love each other.

If you have had doubts before, then this is the era when those negative thoughts are going to be purged out of you. Remember that these kinds of things don’t happen to temporary relationships!

Those who are single will also receive a considerable love life boost during this season.

If you have been eyeing someone for so long, take this time to tell them what you feel. This is not the time to be afraid; in the end, you will only miss the chances you didn’t take.


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