Jester Archetype

The Jester archetype lives for the moment. Nothing pleases them more than experiencing emotions to the maximum. The name of the Jester archetype is pretty self-explanatory; they're the ones with the infectious laughs and a bag full of jokes.

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“Fun” is the middle name of the Jester archetype, and they have an insatiable desire for as much of it as possible. Their light-spirited nature prevents them from dwelling on problems and issues for long, allowing them to get over anything and everything at an accelerated rate. Virtually nothing can break them down or put their lives on hold. Jesters breeze their way through life with their bright thoughts and hilarious interpretations.

However, the Jester can often times be incredibly difficult to deal with. They almost never take anything seriously, and having a serious conversation or discussion always leads to the Jester turning it all into one big joke. As a matter of fact, such behavior is usually interpreted as inappropriate or even offensive. But the Jester simply can't help himself, they take pride in knowing that they're hilarious, and seize every opportunity they can to display their sense of humour.

  • The Jester is often the most entertaining individual in a group of friends
  • The Jester has a unique intellectual ability and sees situations from unorthodox perspectives
  • The Jester can some times be crude and inappropriate
  • The Jester centers his or her life around the present, and they live for the moment
  • The Jester is able to get over devastation quite easily and can pick themselves up in a heart beat
  • The Jester finds it difficult to open up their true feelings to others
  • The Jester tries to take life as lightly as possible; some times too lightly
  • The Jester finds joy in anything and everything

Jester's Weaknesses

As invincible as the Jester archetype may seem at first glance, there are several Achilles' heels that exist in their archetype. They have an intense fear for not being able to make people laugh. That statement is as true as it is laughable. Nothing scares them more than being boring or mundane, and they exert every effort that they have to be otherwise.

Additionally, Jesters are also weak when it comes to managing their time. Because of their light-spirited nature, they have little regard for the way that they spend their time, which often leads to them wasting it. They're usually late for appointments and spend far too much time on unproductive things.

Jester's Challenges

The Jester needs to challenge himself or herself with incorporating productive tasks into their day. The only thing that we have on this earth is our time, and wasting it would be a complete shame. Jesters need to invest themselves into organizing their lives if they intend to achieve more out of it. It's one of the fundamental principles of self-development and expanding an individual's horizons. Who knows, it might even be beneficial to the Jester's sense of humor.

Apart from that, the Jester archetype also needs to learn how to open up to the people close to them. While dropping one-liners and turning serious situations into gags are the Jester archetype's specialty, taking things a little more seriously once in a while will show people that there's a different side to you; a side that they'll appreciate since it isn't displayed often. Doing so would also allow the Jester to achieve a much deeper understanding of who they are and what they want.

Jester's Wealth

Naturally, Jester's aren't typically the most wealthy individuals in terms of financial success, unless they've mastered the ability to manage their time. Although, it isn't unheard of for Jesters to find immense wealth by tapping into their charisma and enthusiasm. Their performance-based personalities make them memorable individuals, which can lead to opportunities that might not necessarily be presented to archetypes. However, in order to seize these opportunities, the Jester must first learn to manage his or her time.

Conversely, there's no need to fret if financial riches aren't occupying the mind of a Jester. This archetype is able to experience joy like no other. In that sense, money might not make them happy. Instead, they find the most joy in bringing smiles and laughters to those around them; and that's where their wealth truly lies.

Jester's Health

Jester archetypes are usually all-around healthy individuals, but there is one thing that they often struggle with. Jester's are not usually in touch with their inner selves. Their ability to mask their deepest emotions can often times convince themselves that these emotions don't even exist. However, they do surface every once in a while, and when they do, the Jester archetype has no idea how to manage it. Their only solution is to mask it again, or bury them further than they did before.

This isn't the healthiest way to handle it, since all of these emotions are being constantly bottled up. It's important for a Jester to learn how to express their inner emotions and experience them firsthand. This will go a long way in helping Jesters when it comes to understanding themselves, or if they ever encounter a situation or occurrence that's devastating enough to cripple them; which is bound to happen some day.

Jester's Love

The love life of a Jester archetype can either be highly simple, or extremely complicated. There is simply no in-between for them. Their charismatic performances might put them at an advantage when it comes to attracting attention, but it rarely helps them in forming deeper bonds with potential partners.

Jokes are great in social situations, but during one-to-one interactions and romance, the Jester usually fails to make a positive impression. In order to resolve this, Jester's need to learn to speak from their hearts and not rely on their big bag of jokes to cover up their feelings.

It'll help the other party to understand the Jester archetype at a much more profound level, and will in turn help to form the much-needed emotional connection for a serious relationship.

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