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“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.”
― Carl Gustav Jung
It’s all or nothing for you, Outlaws. There is nothing midway in how you do things or any compromises in your way of thinking. Within you, you will deliberately truncate and cut off parts of your psyche that do not conform to your mode of thinking; this will apply to almost everything. What is contrary to your mode of being becomes isolated, but it won’t stay so for long. One way or another, it will come surging out when you least expect it. To achieve wholeness, you must learn to bring the opposite side of your being together. Unless you want to remain a fragmented individual for as long as you live, there is no other way.

Life is give and take, Outlaws. Others may have been generous with you lately, so return the favor. You like to be fair and square and you don’t want to owe people anything. Worse, you don’t want to be seen as being seen as needy; it is something you despise since you also hate needy people. So, go out and help those who have given you a hand in the past. It’s also a nice gesture of appreciation and gratitude. If you find it awkward to say thanks, do so with acts displaying gratitude.

What do you consider as art, Outlaws? The Mona Lisa is beautiful and deserves a sacred place in Louvre. What about a urinal? Yes, that thing dudes pee on in public toilets. It is art, indeed! Some radical French artist thought so, and that scared urinal is now on display in a museum somewhere. It was a revolutionary concept and has shaken to the core of the very foundations and ideas about what art is. Before we get into an in-depth question about what is artistic and what is beautiful, consider these; Do you find a urinal inspiring and you feel an ineffable sense of wonder while looking at it? Or do you want to take a leak and laugh at it? Enough said.

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