Daily Tarot Reading:

Your daily tarot reading gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

Each day, a tarot card of the day is generated and interpreted, depicting the energies of the day. This gives you personal guidance and intuitive direction to make better decisions.


Daily Tarot Reading

Nine of Wands (Upright)


You may be situated in a good place right now but with the appearance of the Nine of Wands, a handful of problems and struggles may be possibly encountered in the future. There is an impending set of obstacles and challenges but if you remain steadfast and patient, you will not be defeated by the troubles and pain that it is bound to bring.

Do not let these negativities devour your positive energy and hopeful spirit. In this card, a seemingly weak and exhausted man can be observed standing on the ground while holding a long wand. He is gazing on the sides in dismay and uncertainty as he knows in himself that a forthcoming battle is looming around the corner.

He appears frail and injured but he is trying his might to regain his strength and power in overcoming these struggles. There is still a feeling of positivity and hope in his eyes and he is somewhat confident that he can conquer all of it when the time comes..

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Queen of Wands (Upright)


The Queen of Wands is usually associated with the trait of being amiable and friendly towards others. It is a sign that a person integrates teamwork and camaraderie in all of his affairs as she believes that there is no “I” in “team”.

She is an individual who constantly supports and motivates other people to always do their best in everything they do. In this card, a queen can be seen sitting calmly on a colossal throne. She holds a beautiful sunflower on her left hand which stands for fertility, happiness and pleasure.

Images of such flower can also be seen on the throne where she rests. Other than that, a mystical wand can be observed on her right hand.

It is blooming with positive energy and optimism which is a definite symbolism for life, warmth and fidelity. However, with the appearance of the black cat on her feet, she seems to have a dark and negative side.

This is closely linked to witchcraft, black magic and enchantment..

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Two of Swords (Reverse)


The Two of Swords is an excellent portrayal of balance and equilibrium. It stands for the equal distribution of energy between two contrasting forces, that is, between the positive and negative or the affirmative and opposition.

It appears when a person is faced with the dilemma of making crucial life decisions as well as in choosing or selecting an option. This can be done by weighing the choices well before making a verdict. In this card, an image of a woman can be seen blindfolded while sitting on a bench.

She is dressed in a long white robe and is holding two long swords pointing upwards. The fact that her eyes are covered by a cloth implies the she encounters difficulty in viewing both the problem and its answer while the swords being directed in the opposite sides signify that there are two conflicting options which she needs to consider in making an important decision.

Her background consists of a sea of water barricaded by rocks and boulders which imply that her progress and advancement are both thwarted. The moon on her right connotes the struggle and difficulty she undergoes in making the right choice..

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