Daily Tarot Reading:

Your daily tarot reading gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

Each day, a tarot card of the day is generated and interpreted, depicting the energies of the day. This gives you personal guidance and intuitive direction to make better decisions.

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Daily Tarot Reading

Ten of Cups (Upright)

The Ten of Cups signifies celebration and abundance in families, friendships and relationships. It connotes the mending and fixing of broken affairs brought by jealousy, anger and other negative feelings.

It represents the troubled and anxious emotions being fixed and settled as time goes by. It signals a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when all of these issues are resolved. A portrait of a happy family is evident on the face of the card.

A happy couple is seen embracing each other while their children is joyfully playing at the side. They are blessed with a lovely home and beautiful children and they are seemed to be living in gladness and contentment.

The green pasture in the backdrop symbolizes fruitfulness and fertility while the calmness of the river stands for the peace and tranquility that governs their relationship. The rainbow in the sky signifies the end of misery, suffering and agony while the ten cups placed in the giant arc implies abundance and wealth being showered by the heavens..

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King of Pentacles (Upright)

The King of Pentacles is an amazing card for those who dream of financial stability and wealth. It symbolizes the accomplishment of tangible objectives such as getting new clothes, buying a new car, earning money-- just about anything that one can readily show to anyone, and it’s shown no less in the majesty of the King himself.

He wears a golden crown, holds a golden staff and a royal signet, while sitting on a throne atop a set of castle walls. This grand setup and overwhelming abundance of material wealth suggests mastery in financial planning and diversity in connections-- two key traits a modern businessperson would possess. In addition to this, the background is bright yellow, much like all his golden instruments, signifying a golden age in his reign.

Behind him is the magnificence of a well-established garden, signified by the tree to the left and the love of his subjects, signified by the castle windows. Just as this king’s empire is vast, so too is your capacity for riches and glory.

If you’re thinking about setting up a business or earning money for some material goal, now would be the right time. With the promise of a great future urging you on, there’s no doubt that you’ll live a stable, happy life..

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Seven of Pentacles (Upright)

Victory has multiple faces; it’s not just about the things you gain, nor is it just about the flowers, the congratulations and the accompanying loud merriment. Sometimes, it’s just about that simple, contented gaze at what you’ve achieved.

The tired but clearly joyous look of pure happiness at the thought of finally being able to finish a truly monumental, difficult task. Such is the symbolism behind the seventh card of the Suit of Coins. You’ll see, for one, that the sky is slightly dark, indicating that the time for rest and relaxation is about to begin.

The completion of one’s toil is represented by the man placing his neck firmly above his tired hands, gazing upon the work of art that is the decorated shrubbery, adorned with six of the seven pentacles. Beneath the man’s feet is a flower beautifully decorated by the same pentacle.

All of this shows you the wealth that comes with simplicity itself-- that not all victories come in the form of grand gestures, but in quiet determination and raw passion for one’s craft. Thus, if you ever meet this card in a Tarot reading, know that you’re in good hands..

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