Daily Tarot Reading:

Your daily tarot reading gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

Each day, a tarot card of the day is generated and interpreted, depicting the energies of the day. This gives you personal guidance and intuitive direction to make better decisions.

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Daily Tarot Reading

The Wheel of Fortune (Upright)

The Wheel of Fortune represents change, luck and sweet beginnings. It talks about the cycle of life and how a person responds or deals with it.

The figure is composed of a giant beautiful wheel filled with fascinating cryptic symbols. The borders of the card are surrounded by four mythical creatures in the form of an eagle, angel, bull and lion.

It symbolizes the four zodiac signs namely the Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus and also stands for the four preachers of Christianity. This is the reason why these beings have wings attached to their bodies.

Also, a sphinx and a devil can be seen standing on the wheel, embodying wisdom and the underworld. It rotates unwaveringly to portray the ups and downs of life which is part and parcel of human existence..

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Ace of Wands (Reverse)

You have reached the Ace of Wands. This mighty card, truly worthy of its title, represents opportunity and ability together.

In it, you’ll see a gigantic, almost godlike hand reaching out from the clouds, holding one mighty wand. The hand glows and the wand is upright, showing an almost mystical affirmation of whatever ambition you may have right now. The auspicious omen that drives this card is further exemplified by the elegant firmness in which the hand holds the wand: the fingers are tightly packed, and the thumb is at a vertical position indicating both a sense of approval and a firm resolve.

From the wand, you’ll also see leaves falling all the way to the very bottom, which is filled with greenery, suggesting further the birth of a new chapter in one’s life. In the distance, one can see mountains and a castle. From the perspective of the one viewing the card, this means reaching the safest possible haven: an end goal which cements the glory of what is to become a truly great triumph.

Seeing this therefore means that your cause is not only favoured by fate, you have the ability to see things through. On this note, we have but one thing to say: Carpe diem!.

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Queen of Swords (Reverse)

The Queen of Swords is an epitome of an independent, strong-willed and mature individual. It represents self-sufficiency and freedom from unnecessary control, emphasizing the need to value independence in making decisions and judgments.

It also stands for an intelligent and brilliant person who is most likely a teacher or a mentor, prepared and equipped to impart life-lessons to others. This card is portrayed through a regal and noble queen sitting on a majestic throne in the milieu of clouds. She gazes from afar while holding a sword pointing upwards, representing her designation as the Queen of the air element.

On her left hand, it can be inferred that she is trying to propose or suggest something to others. She seems to be offering his valuable knowledge and experiences to people needing support and guidance in formulating decisions..

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