Daily Tarot Reading:

Your daily tarot reading gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

Each day, a tarot card of the day is generated and interpreted, depicting the energies of the day. This gives you personal guidance and intuitive direction to make better decisions.

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Daily Tarot Reading

Judgment (Upright)

The judgment card speaks of transition, growth and transformation. It highlights the significance of change and how it will affect the future.

It indicates that success can be reached if there is a combination of preparation, logic and reason. This means that decisions must be carefully considered in order to accomplish the life you have long been desiring. Popularly referred to as The Resurrection, this card depicts the image of what the last judgment would be as portrayed in mythologies and legends.

Angel Gabriel is seen performing a trumpet call and men, women and children are perceived to be responding to such message when they rose up from the ground. Their arms being stretched widely denotes that they are prepared to be judged by the creator above who will meticulously evaluate the things they have done during their existence on earth.

He will then decide where these creatures will live for the rest of eternity— either in the bountiful gardens of heaven or on the flaming fires of hell. The enormous wave in the background emphasizes the fact that this judgment is inevitable and that it would happen sooner..

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The Hanged Man (Upright)

The hanged man depicts sacrifice, martyrdom and responsibility to the consequences of one’s actions. It portrays a period of transition and highlights the advantages of moving forward and changing bad habits.

In this card, a man can be seen hanging upside down from a tree which is believed to be brought by his own free will. This explains the calm and subtle expression on his face.

The tree that is firmly rooted on the ground represents the underworld and this supports and sustains the heavens. Furthermore, the colors that can be found on the appearance of the man also have its respective meanings. The red pants symbolize passion and dedication while the blue shirt represents his calm and relaxed disposition.

The yellow halo, hair and shoes also signify intellect and wisdom..

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Ten of Pentacles (Upright)

The Ten of Pentacles is one of the most richly designed card in this specific suit, with equally complex suggestions of prolonged financial prosperity and general stability in all of your holdings. On the foreground, you see six pentacles making what seems to be shrubbery and four more at the bottom.

Connecting the dots will give you the image of a tree-- a life-giving natural force. On the middle, you’ll find a small space, such that the tree makes up the entire card’s length, suggesting long-lasting growth. Likewise, an old man can be found sitting and staring at two of his pet dogs while surrounded by concrete fortifications and a man holding what seems to be a spear.

A lady speaks to him in the distance, perhaps a helper of the old man making idle chatter with what we can assume is the old man’s guard. This truly reassuring card tells you to take heart and be contented or at least happy that everything you’ve done this far will eventually lead you to a great life in the long term.

It could also indicate a happy retirement and a caring, loving family that will someday be right by your side in the fullness of your life..

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