Daily Tarot Reading:

Your daily tarot reading gives you direction to help you make better everyday decisions leading to more favourable outcomes.

Each day, a tarot card of the day is generated and interpreted, depicting the energies of the day. This gives you personal guidance and intuitive direction to make better decisions.

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Daily Tarot Reading

Temperance (Upright)

The temperance card exudes patience, self-control and balance. It signifies that when you are plagued with difficult struggles and hardships, it is better to face it with tolerance and fortitude.

It necessitates a calm and stable mind when problems seemed to overwhelm your sight. In this card, an angel can be seen holding two golden cups.

The said creature is dressed in an exquisite white robe but its gender is not specifically evident. This symbolizes the equilibrium in the two types of sexes and the balance of the two opposing forces.

Also, the foot of the angel on one side is submerged in the water while the other is placed on land. This shows the relevance and connection of the subconscious and the material world and how it will foster harmony.

The same reason can be inferred from the act of the angel in mixing the water of the two goblets..

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Queen of Cups (Reverse)

The Queen of Cups is particularly associated with emotional bliss and comfort. It gives importance on the sensitivity and internal aspect of a person and encourages one to exude empathy and responsiveness towards other people.

It is a good reminder that clinging on to your emotional and sensitive persona may also be healthy and therapeutic. The card is portrayed through a figure of a woman sitting on a throne while holding an angel-inspired cup. She sits at the edge of the shoreline without any companion to think and decide on things calmly.

The serenity and tranquility of the waters and the sky above her represent the peaceful mind of the queen in making her decisions and plans in life. Also, the fact that her feet is not touching the water signifies that she is keenly observing her thoughts and sentiments from the outside..

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Queen of Swords (Upright)

The Queen of Swords is an epitome of an independent, strong-willed and mature individual. It represents self-sufficiency and freedom from unnecessary control, emphasizing the need to value independence in making decisions and judgments.

It also stands for an intelligent and brilliant person who is most likely a teacher or a mentor, prepared and equipped to impart life-lessons to others. This card is portrayed through a regal and noble queen sitting on a majestic throne in the milieu of clouds. She gazes from afar while holding a sword pointing upwards, representing her designation as the Queen of the air element.

On her left hand, it can be inferred that she is trying to propose or suggest something to others. She seems to be offering his valuable knowledge and experiences to people needing support and guidance in formulating decisions..

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