The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the hierophant tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Hierophant General Meaning

The hierophant card portrays a religious and pious figure. He is commonly referred to as the pope which is evident by the triple cross he carries and belongs to a more formal and conventional setting such as a church.

It epitomizes the impact and application of doctrine or dogma to one’s life which may be in the form of authority, guidance and influence. The act of raising his hands depicts benediction or blessing which is similar to that of a magician.

The horizontal lines of the cross symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit while the two seated followers represent the passing and movement of knowledge to learners such as in an educational institution.

The Hierophant Upright Meaning

The presence of the hierophant in an upright position suggests the adoption of conventional approaches in dealing with choices and decisions. There is acceptance of certain practices that conform to tradition and habitual usage because of its efficient and well-established system.

You ought to stay on the orthodox side of things because you believe that it can be used to your advantage and benefit.


Love Meaning - The Hierophant Upright

The anvil of all romantic relationships is commitment and the hammer that cements it is trust. What makes the Hierophant in the upright position so important in matters of love is how it emphasizes faith as the key factor that makes the strongest of relationships last.

Just as the Hierophant asks you to put your faith in the unseen, you must now put your trust in your partner. It is only through this that you can make true of your commitment to one another.

Yes, mistakes are unavoidable in a relationship. Yet, the trust being asked of you is one that reassures loyalty, fidelity, and a strong sense of mutual respect.

It may be that you’ve been hurt before by someone you once trusted. But the Hierophant asks you to open your heart once more.

If you choose to listen, you will be assured of a closer bond with your significant other. More than that, your partnership will last even longer because of your strengthened faith in your love.

Whether you are living with your partner or having a long-distance arrangement with them, this card will tell you that the two of you shall stay strong together and that your feelings for one another will transcend whatever limitations this world might set. Indeed, the Hierophant shows you how love works at its strongest.


Wealth Meaning - The Hierophant Upright

For the Hierophant, the wisdom to be imparted is that sometimes, innovation doesn’t always mean thinking of something new. In certain situations, staying on your course without stretching or streamlining objectives is a better idea because it portrays a sense of consistency.

Remember that the Hierophant symbolizes the wisdom of the old ways. You may think that some stuff is obsolete, but there is wisdom hidden within the things that worked fine for a long time.

For example, if you’re already saving a set amount with a yearly goal in mind and you’re meeting it, don’t increase or decrease the amount you’ll save the next year yet. Pay close attention to things before you start thinking of anything novel because prudence is a virtue.

If you are thinking of investing in something new, now may not be the right time. Instead, take the time to build on what you already have.

In short, the Hierophant is asking you to stay put for a while. Your finances may be okay, but they are not in the state where you can indulge yourself in things considered to be unessential.

It would be best if you have a concrete budget plan on hand. This way you wouldn't be as tempted to buy things that you do not need at present.

Live frugally for the time being. Choose practicality if you have to spend.

This time of being financially cautious won't last long anyway.

The Hierophant Reverse Meaning

It seems that you have been bombarded with unnecessary and constricting limitations. You have lost your sense of freedom and control.

You have been surrounded with so much rules and regulations that you feel like breaking or not following it. You began to question the importance or significance of traditions and how to get away with it.

Because of these restrictions, you are starting to think of doing things in an unorthodox manner.


Love Meaning - The Hierophant Reversed

Not having any faith in your partner could truly jeopardize any relationship, especially romantic ones, since not only does it take so much effort to just start one, it takes even more dedication and trust to keep things together. Distrust is also much tougher to deal with because it is often the result of one’s inner problems.

In the reverse, this card signifies that you or your partner may have underlying issues in your personality that prevent you from just having absolute faith in one another’s a sense of loyalty. Resolving this means talking things through together.

You may have suspicions of your partner doing things behind your back. And that's okay! Your feelings are very much valid.

However, what isn't valid is if you start accusing your significant other of things that they didn't do. This may put a rift between you and them, as it is an apparent lack of faith in your relationship.

Listening to gossip may be a good source of information, but these people are not your significant other. The two of you must talk things out.

Address the root of your problems. If you have to discuss the things that you experienced in the past, do so.

Knowing what made you feel that way and how you can eliminate such is key to a successful relationship. Only when you have appropriately acknowledged a problem and worked actively to stop it from worsening will you be able to put your trust in your significant other.


Wealth Meaning - The Hierophant Reversed

A reversed Hierophant card may indicate that you’re being too relaxed in managing your finances. Don’t get us wrong; it’s always natural to want to spend money on things that make you feel good.

We are humans, after all. But if you do this too much, you’ll be leaving yourself wide open and have nothing in case of serious emergencies.

Not only that, recklessly spending your money will limit you to only satisfying short-term things, leaving you unable to think of grander ventures which could ultimately give you a stable life. You must put a boundary between your needs and wants.

Prioritize the things that you have to have at present, such as groceries, bills payment, among others. You also need to save up for the rainy days ahead.

If you see yourself about to impulsively buy something, ask yourself: Is this a need during this time? Will this thing be for long-term usage? Is the price within the budget? If you answer no to any one of these questions, put it back on the shelf. It is more likely that you only want that thing because it is the current fad, and you don’t want to miss out.

Being financially responsible will not only ensure that you will have money in your pocket today, but you will also have more in the days to come. Anyway, you can replicate that Starbucks coffee that you’ve been buying every day using instant coffee and other things you can find in your pantry.

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