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“The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. It is just these intense conflicts and their conflagration which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results.”
― Carl Gustav Jung
Conflict avoidance and not stirring the pot is what society as a whole deems desirable. Heroes, we all know that sometimes we need to gear up for a battle to slay or destroy something unjust or tyrannical. Firstly, you need to ask who is a tyrant and what is considered tyrannical these days? Secondly, ask if getting into an intense conflict produces positive and lasting results. These are the things you must contemplate today, Heroes and Heroines.

You are impervious and bulletproof to things which normally bug you, Heroes and Heroines. Nothing and no one can distract or divert your laser-like focus on work. Today, make the most of it. Do the most difficult and tedious task while you’ve got the concentration, and no one is pestering you. It doesn’t happen every day that you’ve got the turbocharged mojo to boost you up. However, be wary of overdoing things and spreading your energy in different directions all at once. One thing well-done is better than a dozen half-baked projects. You may feel invincible today, but do not let it go to your head.

Beware of extremely toxic people today, Heroes and Heroines. Rarely do you come across these kinds of people, and thank heaven for that. We shall refer to them as the masters of taking offense. Whatever you do or say will come across as offensive to these people. In fact, they will find anything you do or say as hurtful to their feelings. They will see an insult where there is none, even if they have to go through a haystack of your words to find that imaginary biased and prejudiced needle you uttered. When they are in trouble, they might even take offense that you have saved them. If you come across someone like this, fly faster than a speeding bullet and do not look back.

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