You Have Selected: Death

The transformation taking place is heralded no less than the card that epitomizes everything we fear: the Death Card.


Death - Software

The Death card is the personification of change itself. The name may sound frightening, however the card itself is actually only describing the massive impact of change. This was especially the case with the invention of the television and software. Both may have ended in the death of other mediums, but they instilled welcome changes to society.

In other words, it is highly possible to have a good reading even when the card itself has a negative connotation. The key, however, is in how you act as a reaction to the changes around you. If you continue to act stubbornly, for example, you may never see progress in your life. For all we know, despite your current ambitions, you might be well-oriented in careers relating to software or cookery.

To determine how one must act in the fact of great change, therefore, you must look to the source. The Death card before you has many meanings, and each of which can only be deciphered with careful deliberation. By doing so, you will be able to prepare for the worst-- or better. Ultimately, you will be able to make the most of what life has left you with.


Change, Death, and Software: Core Concepts of the Death Card

What you see is a card that is a significant source of intimidation for Tarot readers. Fittingly so; often when death is invoked, something is inevitably lost. In your youth, for example, you lost your innocence to the harsh realities of life. No longer were you the wandering child who just wanted to make their day better. Instead, you have become a worker-- perhaps a software developer or a hard laborer.

Yet the true essence of this card transcends loss (and especially software). For in fact, the Death card is an expression of the true nature of life. In reality, we live to experience change. All around us, something else happens. A pandemic hits, a career is decided for the worst or better, finances drop or rise. All of life is in such flux that not even the newest software can predict it.


Indeed, the imagery of this card suggests this much. Here, you can see a skeletal figure dressed in full, black armor. This represents a notably Medieval context-- the knights of old were always meant to dress in full armor. Contrasting him is his white horse, which is the symbol of peace, and the white flower on his black flag. The former suggests the effect of death, while the latter suggests the consequence.

The people below the figure of Death highlight our natural reaction to change. We fear it with all our hearts. Much like the pope, the woman and the child in this card, we do not want to lose anything. However, the reality is that something will always die or disappear. In exchange, however, we get peace, life, and even serenity. Death is a herald to better times.

Death and Software: A Guide to Dealing With Change

As you can probably tell, sweeping changes will appear in the way you live. Just as the computer and its accompanying software have effectively killed typewriters, these changes will be massive. It could entail a transition period that you will have to get used to. Alternatively, it also implies that there might not even be a transition period.


As you know, the way Death works is that it is swift. There is no preparation for what it can do. For your career, you might one day realize that your calling is on the design of software. You could perhaps end up working as a clerk for a software company or something that provides it to other people. Regardless of where things go, the only realistic thing you can do is adapt.

Thankfully, however, there is a guide that you can in fact use. With the way change works, there are always going to be some indicators of what could change. For example, the software of your gadget will inevitably become obsolete. This means that you will have to save up to buy a new phone if you want to make use of better devices.

Likewise, the same analogy applies to life. There are always going to be indicators or factors that will be influenced by change the easiest. Your career may remain stable for 20 years, but you will have bigger pay over time. The family you have may be stable right now, too. But people grow up, leading you to experience new problems. Anticipate what you can, and adapt where you must.