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The Judgement card is generally responsible for matters regarding final reckonings.


Judgement - World Health Organization

The Judgement card is generally responsible for matters regarding final reckonings. Fittingly, as the title itself suggests, it’s a card that dwells on the consequences of one’s actions. The results themselves are often varied, but they often generate a huge impact. For example, if you have been smoking for much of your life, you run the risk of illnesses later in life, per the World Health Organization.

When you get this reading, it typically means that the conclusion in question is unavoidable. It means that the reckoning for your actions is near, and that regardless of the consequences, you need to be ready. The good news, however, is that there is a part in all this where you have the most control. You may not exactly stop the inevitable, but something can be done.

In this case, you can control how you react to all of this. Judgement may seem harsh at times-- or even positive-- but as long as you can keep a cool head, you’ll prevail. However, it does mean that you will need to make some life-changing decisions if you want to ensure that your future will be brighter. In terms of physical health, for example, alarm bells may start ringing which may warrant lifestyle changes.


If you smoke regularly, you can start by going into rehab, for example. Following the World Health Organization’s advice and seeking consultations and medications would be helpful in this regard. In fact, given that the world is in a state of health emergency at the moment, quitting smoking has never been more useful than ever before.

Of course, you may have some hesitations on this. It is, after all, quite difficult to give up something as addicting as smoking or alcohol. However, various experts, especially those from the World Health Organization, do agree that it will increase your chances of survival. At the bare minimum, it will allow you to finally move forward without dependency.

But of course, the notion of Judgement is more complicated than just adjusting to the times. Consequences can be varied in their effects on you, a study of the card is crucial to help you move along in a more proper way.


The Meaning of the Judgement Card [World Health Organization]: How to Forgo Vice

The imagery of the Judgement card is one that doesn’t spare any detail. As you can see, it involves the archangel Gabriel sounding the trumpet and the judgment of God himself. It calls to the people below as they pay heed to the angel’s splendor. There is a sense of dread in their hearts, from what one can sense. And yet the beauty is likewise palpable.

The card gives an impression of the absolute nature of judgement and reckoning. Fittingly, this is exactly why the card is so useful regarding matters such as vice. After all, one can see vice as the constant accumulation of misfortune. The more you do something that isn’t good for you, the higher the chances of you reaping what you sow.

And in a way, this is something that the card is telling you to do away with. Vice is a difficult thing to handle, and indeed, it could be said that you may not even have the patience to deal with it. Painful withdrawals await if you smoke or take too much alcohol, and yet you will likely have to. For in exchange of these temporary inconveniences, you get a second lease in life.


Likewise, this is also an invitation for you to move forward. The future, per the trumpet, is not actually bleak. It is one that can be molded and changed into something better for yourself and the people around you. However, it will require the most simple of actions in order to get to the most optimal conclusion: taking a step.

If you are worried about what might happen next, the card is telling you to cast away the doubts. The thing is, judgment cannot be stopped. Things will indeed happen, but you can also make things happen on your own terms. Rather than resist change, therefore, you should meet it halfway. Doing so will better your chances of having a bright future.