You Have Selected: Justice

The law’s hand is often firm and absolute.


Justice - Attorney

The law’s hand is often firm and absolute. It exists for the purpose of making sure that no one commits injustice upon another. For this reason, the Justice card exists, and with the inclusion of the attorney, this reading has truly taken on a form of its own. Broadly, the card typically implies that justice has to be sought for an injury.

However, before we can discuss the reading itself, we must first look into the profundities of this card. This will help you have the necessary foundation to appreciate the penetrating wisdom that this card has for you. It will also help you be more informed about the next course of action you can take.

The Essence of Justice: An Attorney’s Inspiration

You will notice in the way the Justice card is drawn that a person sits on what looks like a concrete throne. The crown represents the regal and imperious nature of justice. When it comes to interpersonal matters, it is ultimately what is supposed to reign supreme in order to preserve peace.


This presumably sovereign figure is also wearing a red cloak. For centuries, the color red has been associated with battle and conflict. This helps illustrate further the nature of justice: it will hurt the guilty. After all, justice without teeth is powerless and unable to stand as a deterrent to others.

You may also notice that the sovereign is holding a sword. This object represents the suit of the Minor Arcana. Generally speaking, the Suit of Swords is one that portrays power, authority, and precision. In other words, justice itself is absolute and cannot be denied. The sword stands as its teeth-- and the sovereign is shown to have the power to actuate what justice demands.

Lastly, we have the scale. The sign of Libra and the insignia every attorney ought to be familiar with, it shows the fair nature of justice. Though a powerful arm, Justice is a card that shows mercy where it is needed. It takes into account the circumstances that led to such action, and likewise has compassion.


When you look at this card as a whole, it shows both the responsibility and power that every attorney wields. It also shows the strength of the law and imperative nature of justice. One must always act morally and heed the warnings of this card, lest they suffer the consequences.

Understanding Justice: The Way of the Attorney

Now that the card’s meaning has been revealed fully, we can proceed with the meaning in store for you. Justice always needs a harbinger, and right now, you are the very person this card is looking for. You have much potential and a strong sense of morals and justice within.

These two assets are crucial, because they are the things that will sustain you in the journey ahead. The road to being an attorney is difficult and filled with endless challenges, and it all starts at your local law school. During this process, you might feel that it is not your place to be an attorney, that you’re not smart enough.


Should this end up being your mentality, remember that justice requires someone like you. With much power comes much sacrifice, but also much promise. By being a good attorney, you can actually end up helping others eventually. No longer will you have to simply watch injustice unfold before your eyes.

But of course, it is acknowledged that not everyone is going to make it regardless. If being an attorney is not what you are after, that’s also understandable. In this regard, the card simply urges that you learn your law and your rights. If not for everyone else’s sake, then learning the law should be helpful for you and your family.

Above all else, however, by learning the law, you will be able to defend others in your own way. If someone in your neighborhood commits an injustice, you will be armed with enough knowledge to send them to justice properly. Likewise, learning the law will help you become an upstanding citizen.


Far too often is the law flouted by ignorance. But as we have shown here, you do not need to become an attorney in order to understand justice. You need only to have the spirit and dedication of one. If you don’t feel confident enough to perform the role of an attorney, that’s okay. For you shall at least have the comfort of knowing that you have served the community well in your own way.