You Have Selected: Nine Of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a card associated with money and material acquisition.


Nine Of Cups - Banking

The Nine of Cups is a card associated with money and material acquisition. It is one of the most conspicuous ones in this regard. Through the imagery, one can immediately see that it is an aspiration of some sort. All of us must aspire to certain things, and one of these has to undoubtedly be financial stability. Without financial stability, one cannot enjoy most of life’s wonders, such as banking and investments.

Of course, the card is aware that life is never as simple as just having a business or getting something. Life is complicated, and more often than not, it requires that you have a presence of mind and strong grit. It also involves taking risks that you would otherwise not take. In investment banking, for example, you may have to make compromises and negotiate with others to facilitate acquisitions.

The difficulties of life are all too real for this magnificent card. However, thankfully, it does offer a solution. Now, before arriving at this point of the reading, we should probably take time and cognizance of the card’s many strengths. This is exactly why an analysis of some kind into the meaning of the card is in order. Hopefully, by the end of this reading, you will learn a bit more about how the Nine of Cups can help.


Banking Everything on Courage: The Meaning of the Nine of Cups

The card in itself has a relatively simple, yet heartwarming image. A man sits happily on a chair whilst having a curtain in the background. On top, there are 9 cups forming a crescent around the man. Many would interpret this as a businessman who has successfully made a profit. The cups around him and the curtain all represent opulence and prosperity.

It’s also possible to see it as that of a businessman actually trying to sell something. The cups in this case can be seen as some sort of merchandise, and here, the businessman is clearly selling well. The smile on his face indicates satisfaction in his life and his choices. And all of this may have been the result of him banking everything on his particular endeavors.

No matter what the interpretation one might have over what the card portrays, there is no doubt that it is a card of financial comfort. One can imagine the person in the Nine of Cups making forays into banking and making genuine progress in his finances. And for the most part, the card sees the same outcome in you. It sees the inner businessperson and the promise of a financially secure future.


But in order to have the same success as the grinning man in the card, the card is urging you to first set your goals in order. If you’re already thinking about having a career in, say, banking, this could very well be the sign you are looking for. Those who are after profits need to pursue their goals with passion and intensity. Needless to say, if it means banking everything on courage, then you must do so.

On the other hand, if your goal is to simply have a business, then the card is telling you to move forward with it. The idea may not take off at first, but as long as you’re banking on something whose rewards eclipse the risk, you’re golden. Stay strong and resolute in the pursuit of your dreams, for you can indeed make them work if you are persistent enough.

In the end, though the future promised by the card is solid, everything is banking on you to make the move in the first place. Do not let fear hold you back, and you will prosper.