You Have Selected: Six Of Cups

The Six of Cups is a fine card to have on matters of housing.


Six Of Cups - Housing

The Six of Cups is a fine card to have on matters of housing. Typically associated with generosity, kindness and innocence, it highlights the importance of giving things to others. Indeed, one could say that this card is about the importance of donation. Matters such as housing, therefore, are inevitably touched upon by this card, along with other ones such as family.

In the context of this reading, it therefore means that you will have a secure life. You can provide for your family’s comforts and still have enough to spare for your own personal leisure. In fact, you might even be able to afford more than just your family’s housing and actually get into the real estate business. Of course, all of this will only be possible if you do your part.

Further still, the card also serves as a blueprint for stability. People can only ever prosper when they are kind to each other. When you are selfish, or even uncompromising, you are definitely going to take a hit. As such, in the process of fulfilling your goals such as getting housing for your family, the card adds the extra demand of kindness.


In order to fully understand what you can start doing, however, we need to appreciate first the true depth of the Six of Cups. The spirit of the card is deep, so when you do get to that point, it will help you in any matter regarding relationships. Be it getting good housing for your family, or having a good romantic life, everything will be in order.

Housing the Future: Kindness in the Six of Cups

The first thing you will notice in the Six of Cups is that it alludes to relationships. Here, you can see a young boy giving flowers to a young girl. The atmosphere is generally heartwarming, with flowers spread all around. Notice, too, that both of them are wearing light-colored clothing, with the background also having a familiar shade of yellow.

All this indicates a jovial atmosphere between two people. Now, the good news is that it’s not only exclusive to romantic relationships. Between family members, for example, you can show the others acts of kindness such as being concerned about their wellbeing. You can give them advice about philosophical and even practical matters, such as where to get proper housing.


But why would the card specifically focus on relationships? That has a lot to do with the fact that people are social creatures. Everything in our society is based on the fundamental fact that we need to talk and help each other. This is why the Six of Cups as a card exists. Without it, there would be no such things as housing, or indeed, living as we know it.

In other words, the card pushes upon you this imperative not necessarily for the sole purpose of gaining an advantage, but because you are a human being too. The fact that you are here reading this means that you are capable of understanding others. And when you understand others, you become that much closer to benefiting yourself and the world.

Accordingly, you should make sure that you are generous in your dealings. Though it could be at times burdensome, the alternative is even more difficult to contemplate. Without friends by your side, it will be more difficult to advance life on your own. You will likely have to deal with problems such as housing and finances all on your own, making life all the harder.


If you are worried about losing resources, don’t worry; the card won’t bite and tell you to share what you don’t have. However, it does tell you to at least see where things go and give what you can. You don’t even have to give anything tangible, either. Things that are of great value such as time and advice will be enough to show that you love the people around you.

As long as you are able to carry on the spirit of giving and reinforcing the concept of family, then this card sees a great future in you. Be an important spreader of joy in the world and you will be rewarded for the effort.