You Have Selected: The Star

It is often said that the best treatment for depression is hope.


The Star - Treatment for Depression


It is often said that the best treatment for depression is hope. Thankfully, the reading before you is filled with it. This is because the card in front of you is the Star card. Considered as one of the best cards across Tarot predictions, it highlights the renewing power of inspiration and creativity.

It is also the metaphor used by artists and humanists everywhere-- the symbol to which they must aspire to and reach. The Star card also represents the oneness and unity of all things. This is fittingly so, because it is the very reminder of one’s place in the universe.

Indeed, everything belongs to the culmination of a great order and you have a part to play in it. To put it in another way, the Star card is a reminder to anyone who needs treatment for depression that they are not alone. There is always something or someone out there that can inspire and fuel them in their hour of greatest need.


But of course, there is more to the Star than meets the eye. What makes this card such a hopeful thing for people undergoing treatment for depression? Why is it such a powerful spiritual and renewing force for people all across the world? To understand the answer behind these questions, one must first understand the rationale behind the card itself.

The Star: A Beacon of Hope

The way the Star card is drawn is truly mesmerizing and deep. In the sky, you will notice several stars twinkling alongside one primary star in the middle. The variation between the primary and secondary stars mimics the shapes and sizes of the stars that one can see at night. Some are inevitably more conspicuous than others in this regard.

However, the differences in color is what truly seals the deal. The white color of the seven secondary stars represents tranquility and peace, which itself already adds to the meaning of a peaceful, nightly sky. The yellow hue of the primary star, however, is what draws people to it. Yellow is identified as the brightest and most conspicuous color by many, and it draws attention to itself.

As such, through its color, one notices the true nature of the universe. At night, it is not at war: it is peaceful, relaxing, and calm. It is therefore no coincidence that the water-bearing Aquarius is shown at the very bottom of the card. The water-gatherer is depicted taking water with their left hand and pouring water into the earth with their right. This represents the restoration of life, and by extension, the treatment of depression.


Beyond Gloom: The Star and Treatment for Depression

With the meaning out of the way, it is easier to see how the Star helps with the treatment of depression. Much like the yellow star, you must first recognize its symptoms not only within yourself, but with the friends around you. Many who are in need of treatment for depression tend to act as though everything is okay. Of course, their actions betray their words.

Identifying the problem is therefore a very crucial step. If someone you know intimately is feeling constant gloom, reach out to them. Be the rock that helps pave the way for their recovery by asking them to seek treatment with a doctor. When they are feeling particularly down, do not argue with them. Instead, listen to what they have to say and reassure them that you are there.

One of the many reasons why the Star card’s positive effect is often canceled out is the fact that many choose to force-feed positivity. This happens, for example, when one gaslights another or distracts them from their problem. If you are unsure about what advice to give, it is better simply to be silent about it.

As long as you choose to be the Star that leads other people to recovery, the Universe will inevitably reward your efforts through acclaim and personal happiness. If you are going through your own problems, it’s alright-- you’re already on your way to recovery. Things will get better.