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As human beings, we have a natural preoccupation with strength.


Strength - Credit

As human beings, we have a natural preoccupation with strength. Many of us aspire to become certain things because we see such goals as manifestations of our power. However, there are certain kinds of strength that can only be harnessed by doing things we would normally not do. One such kind is the ability to give credit and gratitude where they are due.

Unsurprisingly, however, the road to strength is a tough one. The act of simply giving credit, for example, is already difficult because we are driven to always succeed on our own. We want the credit because we want the glory that comes with it. The moment we reach a peak, our pride also rises, and it makes us unable to appreciate the true depth of our own strength.

Thus, it is therefore crucial to understand the importance of gratitude by looking into what makes this card a part of the Major Arcana. Once a firm grasp of the card’s truths is within your grasp, the core reading of this particular article will follow. By the end of this, you will have a better understanding of strength. You will also realize why giving credit where it’s due is such a powerful thing for anyone to do.


The Strength Card: How Giving Credit is a Sign of Power

The most difficult part of being strong isn’t taking down an opponent or overcoming a challenge. Indeed, this is perhaps one of the only kinds of strength we are prepared to acknowledge. However, it takes real maturity to see power in what we don’t normally see strength in. Indeed, this is exactly the kind of duality that is revealed in the Strength card.

As you can see in the image, there is a woman seemingly stroking the lion’s mane. The lion is the ultimate allusion to strength and has been so for most of history. It is the symbol of pride and dominance. However, in this picture, you can see that he is being tamed and calmed. One can easily glean that he will not attack the woman due to the lion being pacified.

You may also notice, however, that the woman has no fear in her face. She doesn’t look like she’s recoiling. As a matter of fact, one can see in her a sense of duty and perhaps even joy knowing that the lion isn’t going to attack her. One sees in her a strong sense of purpose and courage, patting an animal typically known for ferocity and bloodshed. On top of her is an infinity-shaped halo, suggesting a cycle.


What this means is that both the lion and woman are displaying different kinds of strength. The lion shows outward strength, while the woman displays inner strength. Here, there is no creature stronger than the other-- they are in complete equality, worthy of each other.

Giving Credit as a Sign of Inner Strength

By now, you probably have an understanding of the deeper kinds of strength that the card espouses. We are already aware of what lies outside, but what about within? This is exactly the purpose of this reading. Here, the card is imploring you to simply give thanks and show strength by giving credit to those who have helped you.

Just as the infinity symbol suggests, no one is alone. Everything is a cycle of give-and-take. However, society often celebrates outwardly strength so much that it’s easy to forget what fuels it. Your family, friends, and neighbors all deserve just as much credit as you do.


These people raised you well and equipped you with everything you could possibly hope for. And in a world where adversity reigns supreme and there is seemingly no end to suffering, what could be more moral than to show your appreciation? Your gratitude may not seem much, and you may think you have no time for it. However, every bit of credit you give will ultimately be helpful to them.

Further still, think of what this means. By giving them the greatest credit and glorifying them, they will further want to help you. The people around you will understand that their efforts are not wasted on you. They will know that when push comes to shove, you will be there for them. And they will also realize that you will honor them and stay true to your bond with one another.

Revere your friends, celebrate them, and show your gratitude. Do not let pride consume you, and instead look inward. For there is strength in credit, and power in thanks.