You Have Selected: Temperance

It is said that one of the hardest virtues to observe is temperance.


Temperance - Loan

It is said that one of the hardest virtues to observe is temperance. Indeed, this is a correct assessment because we are driven by nature to be selfish. All the excess loans that we make and the money we spend are a testament to this. Though there are worthy biological reasons for our mishaps, it is essential to understand this card in order to lead a true life.

In the spirit of knowing the true essence of Temperance, it is imperative that we first understand the underlying meaning of the card. That way, should the reading finally take place, you can become more acquainted with the deeper truths about yourself. The wisdom of this card will likewise equip you to make better financial decisions in the future, particularly regarding loans.

The Virtue of Moderation: How to not Loan Your Future to Chance

Temperance is an age-old value that has been advocated throughout history. In Buddhism, for example, it is encouraged for people to seek an inner balance. Too often is there an impulse for worldly pleasure that Buddhism actively advocates for people to do away with them to achieve enlightenment.


In Ancient Greece, philosophers also advocated for almost the same principle. Aristotle would argue, for example, that the virtuous life is achieved by pursuing the mean or middle. In other words, one should endeavor to have enough material possession, but not give in to excess. One must live life without having too many loans.

And indeed, the Temperance card displays this in full force. Here, we see an angel whose feet are equally balanced between earth and water. Both wings also symmetrically occupy the left and right portions of the card. As he pours water on both cups, nothing is spilled.

Note also that the angel is wearing a white robe. White indicates peace and even surrender. It is the renouncement of war and the invitation of serenity and calm. When put together, all these suggest that the optimal way of life is to have a most balanced one.


When applied to the real world, this becomes even more obvious. If you must have loans, be sure that they are not in excess. If you must take risks, you must make sure that there is something that will balance the odds. When you are having fun, do not give in to vice and throw your life away to procrastination.

The Temperance Card and the Value of Making Proper Loans

Now that you have a strong appreciation of the Temperance card, we can get into why it’s important in your life. The truth is that at some point, we will need to find a way to have fun while working. In fact, it’s actually healthy to pursue fun. However, if you are making loans just to supply it, then something is clearly wrong.

The card also senses that while it is possible you’re not making loans for vices, you might not be tending to them. In either case, it is possible that you are living in excess or want, respectively. Thus, this means that you might be far from the virtues Temperance itself espouses.


The reason why Temperance is such a crucial aspect of life is because it is actually the most favorable position for human improvement. If you are too rich, you can become far more reckless. If you are too poor, you might end up becoming too cautious. The possibilities of the world are lost to you in either case.

However, as terrible as it sounds, you should not lose heart. For indeed, now that you have found this card, you know exactly what you should be aiming for. The faulty loans of the past must now go away. As soon as you pay them off, you should learn from your mistakes and stop making similar loans in the future.

Alternatively, if you haven’t been tending to your loans, this card serves as a reminder for you to pay them. This is because as long as you remain in relative debt, you might never have time to save. A lack of savings means that you will always be in need of money, which means more loans.


As such, bear in mind that you may only ever regain good fortune by living a prudent life. For a time, you will feel that you are denying yourself. In such moments, remind yourself that it is okay. Do not look at your friends’ lifestyles as it might invite jealousy. Instead, look to your own and deliberate upon what matters.

In time, you will regain your prosperity. But for now, there must be sacrifice.