You Have Selected: The Chariot

The card up for our discussion is the Chariot. Generally speaking, it speaks of ambition and a drive to achieve victory.


The Chariot - Payday Loan

The card up for our discussion is the Chariot. Generally speaking, it speaks of ambition and a drive to achieve victory. It is an ideal card if you are looking to find success in your life, as it appeals directly to the soldier and charioteer within you. However, it’s also a card that senses someone taking shortcuts or needing to do things the hard way, such as taking out a payday loan.

Now, a payday loan isn’t in itself a bad thing, or even indicative of one’s overall financial status. However, if you are using that as a crutch for something that is relatively unsustainable, then this is definitely a reading you will want to pay attention to. This is because ultimately, this card is about having an aim for the long-term. The Chariot is about making sure that you do not fall victim to short-term gains.

After all, it is far too easy to quickly lose one’s way by focusing only on what’s expedient and quick. It likewise becomes difficult to aim for something higher when you are already well-settled in a place that’s ultimately unsustainable. For this reason, therefore, the revelation of this card has become necessary in a way to actually help you get off simply making payday loans hastily.


But to appreciate all this, one must first see what the card has to offer in terms of its meaning. This will help you make more informed decisions about your life, as the Tarot card in question is full of imagery and strong in value.

The Meaning of the Chariot Card: Making Smart Decisions and Payday Loans

Before we proceed, we must first note that this card is not cognizant of past circumstances. This is the thing with the Chariot: it is a card best suited for matters of the present. Strictly speaking, even though there are past and future readings involving this card, it is one that actively tells you to focus on the now. In other words, on matters of immediate urgency such as payday loans, it is a card that advocates it.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Chariot does not propose any means of preparation. In fact, central to appreciating the present is making sure that we have a solid amount of preparation in store. This is why there has to be a good foundation for every plan and maneuver. And indeed, the card itself draws this image strictly.


Notice how the rider in this image is wearing full armor. In the context of a payday loan, this means that you should not take it out if you aren’t sure what to do with it. Too often, we take formal or informal payday loans in order to fill some sort of gap or need. Unfortunately, many of these things aren’t even worth considering in the grand scheme of things.

Did you, for example, really need to take out a loan for a new phone that one time? Or maybe you just ran out of food to eat, so you took one out for the short burst of food in your tummy. Whatever the case may be, you have probably already taken out huge amounts of money in stuff that you don’t fundamentally need. As a result, you have charged into uncharted territory several times with your pants completely down.

If you have been in this situation before, the card is telling you not to take the same risk again. Too often have there been cases of people taking out loans for short-term gain and going hungry in the process. At the moment, you simply cannot take the risk. If you are to have a good future ahead of you, it is prudent for you to take loans in a responsible manner.


If you must take out a loan, make sure that you have enough money in your bank and you’re doing so for a larger purpose. Should you do this, the card guarantees that your money will be put to good use. In fact, it is highly likely that you will profit off of doing so. In this regard, you have the card’s absolute blessing to take out a good loan and invest in your future.