You Have Selected: The Devil

The Devil is a card of the unconscious and the primary source of today’s reading.


The Devil - Damage

The Devil is a card of the unconscious and the primary source of today’s reading. It hints at the worst aspects of yourself and simultaneously tries to find what is buried deep within your mind. This is because the card is aware that the unconscious can do much damage to you, unless you are able to do anything about it. In fact, in some ways, you can probably already feel this much for yourself.

If you have ever felt detached or lonely, then clearly you understand what this card is about. It shows the worst thoughts in your mind-- the kinds that you do not want others to notice. There is a part of you that’s perhaps dirty-minded, or even selfish and angry towards everything. However, you suppress it with your social conditioning. As you do so, it’s actually inflicting damage to you in some way.

And the reason has to do with the fact that your unconscious is in fact, a facet of yourself. Though you may ignore it, it is a side of you that grows and gets stronger the more you ignore it. As you keep it buried, it inflicts damage upon your psyche because it contradicts the very imperative that society and your upbringing has brought you.


Needless to say, however, this doesn’t give you license to simply give in to your worst impulses. Though the Devil forms part of your subconscious, it by no means is a sign for you to simply go out and fulfill your darkest desires. This is because doing so can damage others. However, what you can do is control and acknowledge it as a part of yourself.

The way to do this, however, is complicated. It requires a thorough understanding of the Devil card, as doing so can help stem the damage already done to your psyche. At the maximum, it can help you improve your life and finally gain the future you want. It may come at the price of dealing with your harshest memories, but the readings guarantee this: you will prosper.

The Devil Card: How to Heal the Damage to Oneself

In order to properly learn the card, one must first realize who the demon is in the picture. The horned devil in this case is the fabled Baphomet. Many people tend to associate him with darkness and destruction, however his role in mythology is actually more complicated than the stereotype. Hideous as he is, he is actually the representation of what happens when good and evil are in harmony.


Before him are two enchained people with smaller horns. This indicates that they have given in to the supposed “Devil” in the picture. It shows that they live a selfish lifestyle, free from caring about the judgments of god or the world around them. They live their lives in excess without any concern for themselves or their safety. However, despite the chains, there is a hint that they do so willingly.

This is because the chains are not in fact as tight as the card would believe. Whatever damage they are inflicting upon themselves is actually the result of their own actions. They can easily free themselves from the Devil, yet they choose to heed their deeper instincts instead. When you think of it in a certain way, this image is actually a penetrating analysis into the way the psyche works.

Many of our self-limiting beliefs, for example, may be there partly because we are willing to keep them. This is your shadow self secretly telling you to stay in your comfort zone. As you do so, however, you don’t realize that you end up missing opportunities, all because you didn’t strive to do better in the long run.


The damage in this case isn’t so much evident in the present, but in a future that you can now only imagine. Thus, one can understand why you got this card. It is telling you to not settle for less and to deal with your shadow self while it’s not too late. The risk of taking too much damage from self-punishing decisions is just too great, and there is always more that you can do for the future.

Unshackle yourself from the Devil, and allow yourself to change your perspective. That way, you can truly have a brighter tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes, and acknowledge the self that you have been ignoring.