You Have Selected: The Empress

If you’ve been looking for an extra push or a sign to finally make that car donation, then this Empress card is what you’re looking for.


The Empress - Car Donation

If you’ve been looking for an extra push or a sign to finally make that car donation, then this Empress card is what you’re looking for. With the arrival of this most charitable and authoritative figure, one comes to understand not only the essence of giving, but what it does for the larger world.

Now, you may be asking yourself: what is the Empress card, and what does it have to do with car donation itself? Firstly, the Empress card is a combination of crucial human aspects: creativity, serenity and charity. You can see this in the way the card itself is drawn.

The Meaning Behind the Empress

Surrounding the empress is a bright horizon of lush trees. Beside her throne is a heart-shaped decor with the feminine symbol. This represents both opulence and refinement-- the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity. This is only topped by her robe, adorned with floral icons.


This, together with the greenery in the background, suggests fertility. Notice further that there is a crown on her head with 12 stars. As a rule, the star is associated with the mystical-- perhaps even divine feminine power.

Coincidentally, this mirrors the concept of heavenly mandate during the Medieval Ages-- the idea that the King is a divine figure ordained by God himself. Truly, the Empress’ image is meant to make a lasting impression and is formidable in its own right.

The Empress and Car Donation: A Synthesis

As to why this is so pertinent in car donation, first, it must be understood that the car is not just a mode of transportation. For a lot of people, it is a social status symbol: a car indicates that you have enough disposable income to be able to buy one. Thus, this card therefore urges you to share your blessings, as doing so will only give you more luck in life.


Not only will people look on you with more respect if you make that car donation, you will also be helping charities throughout the world. In other words, whether you see it or not, the donation you end up sending will inevitably help hasten their ability to send services to those that need it. Your car could be converted into a transport vehicle, for example, or even be a source of funding for more far-reaching projects.

Aside from this, car donation will further reinforce the tranquility that you already experience. Giving a surplus vehicle to charity will simply feel great, simply because we as human beings are designed to help each other when it truly matters.

It doesn’t seem so noticeable on a cerebral level, but once you make the car donation, you begin to see why it’s such a fulfilling thing to do. Have you ever wondered, for example, why you feel pity whenever you see someone in need? This is because it is in your very instinct to help provide to the world around you.


Though your biological instinct dictates that you prioritize your own survival, your social instinct will tell you to go beyond the call and do what is right rather than what is expedient or purely selfish. At times, the latter will contradict the imperative of the former, and in your case, this will truly work to your advancement.

If nothing else, there’s another benefit to actually making a car donation. In a lot of countries, donating a vehicle gives you a tax reduction. This means that you will inevitably be saving money for the year and adding further to your disposable income, which you can then use to either donate money further or pamper yourself. To put it in another way: your donation will become an investment.

With the emotional, reputational, and even financial benefits of participating in a car donation, it is therefore clear why the Empress has shown itself to you. Fortune smiles on those who share their joy, and should you decide to help others, then you shall truly live a blessed life indeed.